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  2. Peruthopaniemundhi

    loudalo airindia ..nee yavva

    So 2-3 jobs valla pain intha la untundha.. hope people realize it, 2 jobs anedhi mana birth right la feel avuthunaru janalu..
  3. karthik25

    loudalo airindia ..nee yavva

  4. Epic

    March 2015 EB2 PD

  5. Sreeven

    Miami Lo Manchi south Indian restaurants help

    Eam levu..bawarchi vundi coral springs adi kuda waste..5rh element in pompano Beach few times it will be good..
  6. Epic

    March 2015 EB2 PD

    And EAD will be yearly renewal?
  7. Simple123

    neha sharma opened in public

    aa eyes and assets superb
  8. Thantrik

    March 2015 EB2 PD

    I personally started using EAD from day after receiving and ofcourse 2 jobs but 2 drawbacks unnayi with EAD/AP.... H1 la PP ledu so process might take around 10-12 months with current backlog and e time lo india povalsi vasthe inka anthe cant enter the country back H1 aithe you can go for stamping if it is in process while leaving country... 1 more is AOS denial chance sometimes for issues like eyeareyes or visa denials need to leave country immediately H1 aithe MTR cheyocchu fight being here... to use or not is completely a personal decision
  9. DaatarBabu

    Rashi khanna flaunts her hot body

  10. 8pm

    Lahari shari converted ?

    bajrang dal batch baadhalu avi
  11. csrcsr

    March 2015 EB2 PD

    Ipatlo aithe kaadu bro , unless a bill (which has remote chance of passing) instead of waiting for the unknown if yiur offer is good just take it and njoy
  12. Spartan

    Miami Lo Manchi south Indian restaurants help

    Miami poyi biryani endi chass sea food tinal kaani
  13. DaatarBabu

    jahnavi kapoor

  14. futureofandhra

    Lahari shari converted ?

    devudi plaana lo pater praveen lu happy
  15. 8pm

    loudalo airindia ..nee yavva

    endhi meeting lo beating aa?? wtf man
  16. DaatarBabu

    Friday Pooja

  17. DaatarBabu

    Nora Fatehi

  18. Spartan

    March 2015 EB2 PD

    take new offer
  19. neneno1

    March 2015 EB2 PD

    My EB2 priority date is in Dec 2012. I switched my FT job 3 months back knowing that there is nothing much that will change if I get my EAD. I plan to stick to my my FT for atleast 2 years so no point for me to wait and continue in the previous company for 1 year to get EAD. Stamping, extensions, amendments were never a problem to me for FT jobs in my last 12 years of stay in US on H1B. This would be totally different perspective if you are into contracting
  20. Epic

    March 2015 EB2 PD

    1st thing - ee span lo oka month 2015 ki ochhi malli retrogress aithe - won't he regret? why people choose H1? EAD meeda unte disadvantages enti? Stamping, extensions,amendments etc anni untaya EAD lo unna kooda until we get GC? enlighten pls.
  21. donuts

    Phulka ravi pavla ki nijangane gundu kottinchada?

    jagan reddy is 2nd comming of einstine reddy happy ee ga nuvvu.... PK gadiki gundu kottina juttuvudaledhu antha bro..antha strong PK bocchu..bocchugadu... "Pawala gade P ravi ki gundu kottadu bro...appudu champagne okati vachhi appindhi pawalani" -- e story nnaaku neelanti jaffa gadu okadu cheppadu..vadu ippudu mental hospital lo YSRCP leader ...monnane mental hospital lo yard member kindha gelichadu ...
  22. DaatarBabu

    Poonam Bajwa

  23. Vaampire

    March 2015 EB2 PD

    Naaku immigration meedha grip ledhu. I would go for the fte if the offer is good and company is good. Again it's totally personal opinion from a person who's not upto date with immigration
  24. 8pm

    PERM and 140 question please help

    no issues. paatha 140 copy unda??
  25. Thantrik

    March 2015 EB2 PD

    impossible with SO unless fancy bills passed... good offer aithe go for it
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