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  2. filterKaapi

    why is zoo more popular than kalyan ram?

    black la money teeskovadam enduke, ila daanalu cheyadam enduku.. white la teeksuni taxes kattamanandi first, aa tarvata they will get my respect vaa
  3. Allarinaresh10

    My EB predictions for this fiscal year

    Thanks. Right now date of filing is not valid kada uncle. Thatha ban lift chesina taravatha ... dates retro avochu...
  4. Somedude

    Stock discussions

  5. sunnylives

    Dallas girl suicide over breakup - Facts

    AFAIK they got some differences and the boy suddenly started saying he needs time.
  6. Somedude

    Nandamuri Mental Bala gaadu maaradu ga

    YS family ki nuvvu elago vaadu Bal bob ki ala unnattunnadu. Both are on the same spectrum in two different slave camps.
  7. Apparently, one among Ramaraju and Bheem would lose eye sight while the other would lose the walking capacity owing to a severe injury to legs. Thus, one protagonist turns visually-challenged and the second turns physically-challenged. How they both fight the baddies owing to these challenges is going to be very engaging and thrilling. It is heard that one protagonist climbs on the other, while the protagonist who lost eyesight would take the help of the other using his eyesight, the other protagonist who couldn’t walk would be carried by the other who could walk but cannot see. With the
  8. They don't come. They are too embarrassed to defend this decoit. Their work is to bash CBN and try hard to equate him on par with Jagan. Best example @kdapparao. But they are unable to see that this decoit had spent 16/17 months in prison and was booked in 30+ cases and going to courts every Friday and to the BJP high-command every two months.
  9. BattalaSathi

    ***ENGLAND TOUR OF INDIA 2021- NZ vs AUS T20Is***

    mallee 3 rojulallo ayipoindha...thoo deenamma jeevitham...weekend emi cheyyaliraa oh my KA Paul ani @VictoryTDP vaapoying ...
  10. AndhraneedSCS

    Tesla stocks super dip coming soon: investors be ready

    400 kante takkuva unte I will be a buyer.
  11. yskokila

    why is zoo more popular than kalyan ram?

    Zoo Ntr is way superior to every other star in TFI at the moment, no doubt in it. Kalyan Ram has a face that does not show any reactions and emotions. N.B: Mocking apart, recently I came to know about the very soft hearted nature of our TFI heros. A majority of them do a lot of donations & Charitable deeds to persons as well as Organization. I used to hate MB a lot but after coming to know about the heart surgeries sponsored by him and Namratha and a very secretly kept Orphan Management Organization that MB supports, I stopped putting any negative remarks against him on any Social Med
  12. soodhilodaaram

    Tesla stocks super dip coming soon: investors be ready

    scheme is called ElonWay, core concept is each stock holder makes 3 others to buy, they should use PPT's to convince others that TSLA has alien technology that cannot be bettered or new concept may not ever be coming again TSLA has a billion miles of data under its a$$, but no other one has this for whatever reason when people are not going to travel much anyway, what makes EV cars so attractive than regular cars, these cars are so cramped, feel like sitting in civic when driving a Model 3, energy needed to charge a battery does not come from air this is like saying beef is 5$
  13. NiranjanGaaru

    YsR develop chesinattu sendral sir enduku seyyaledhu

    For nellore politics expert @Ryzen_renoir
  14. jawaani_jaaneman

    Nandamuri Mental Bala gaadu maaradu ga

  15. veerigadu

    YsR develop chesinattu sendral sir enduku seyyaledhu

    Naaku chance vasthe nenu inka ekkuva sampadistha. I love money and money is power. 2009 nundi 2019 varaku party nadipadu ante only cos he is loaded va...
  16. NiranjanGaaru

    YsR develop chesinattu sendral sir enduku seyyaledhu

    Moreover satti gadu English... Ki raadu otherwise he would have became much powerful in Congress... Ysr poyaka every leader was made by ysr ani sakshit lo paatalu padyalu esevallu Sattigadiki sirak dengi sakshit channel ban chepinchadu from 2010 ,baboru vachina tarvtha sakshit malli vachindi in dist
  17. veerigadu

    YsR develop chesinattu sendral sir enduku seyyaledhu

    Sonia gandhi gave lot of free hand to YSR. Ever since she took over the party in 1998. Power lo lenappudu ysr became PCC president then CLP leader. Power vacchaka twice CM. Antha kante EMI kavali. Edho Jagan meedha negative sesaru edho seppi akkada pizza vaunty dal lo leg vesindhi.
  18. NiranjanGaaru

    YsR develop chesinattu sendral sir enduku seyyaledhu

    Sattibob is turpu kapu, usually east west kapus are pedda kapus, marriages cheskoru itu pakka vallu atu pakka Adigadu gani that didn't materialised, apatike sattibob daughter eloped with her lover, she married a rich chakali real estate business man, chala godaval jarigai, after sattibob grand ga marriage chesadu Yeah they have liquor business since 1990's and he use to hold 150 shops at peak in 2011 ,viziangaram pw market lo rice selling business kuda undedhi,
  19. Somedude

    YsR develop chesinattu sendral sir enduku seyyaledhu

    Satti bob was competing againt YSR for PCC president before YS became CM. Congress lo kontha mandhi leaders cabinet lo undalo ledho highcommand decide chesthadhi. YSR can't be credited for Satti's cabinent berth.
  20. veerigadu

    YsR develop chesinattu sendral sir enduku seyyaledhu

    Liquor barron ani seppakunda satti bob gurinchi disco close seyyalemu emo. Btw appatlo ram charan gadiki satti bob daughter ani adigadu anta. Satti bob was very much interested but it just didn't materialize for some reason. Probably megay gadu appatlo apollo was better deal anukunnadu emo
  21. macha

    Tesla is pyramid scheme

    End of 2021 new cybertrucks will be on road which is produced by Austin.. ya people who looking to multiply fast are already getting burnt.. this is the story of future 2024-2030 this will be triple from highs and you will never agree to that and that’s fine..
  22. Somedude

    RRR about Jaggadi kisses - Raju gari satires ghoram

    Agreed. But @kdapparao thinks except ABN, TV5 and Eenadu all are patthitthu channels including his favaourite channel Sakshi.
  23. Good 4 years ante. I understand your gratitude and loyalty towards this pyramid scheme. I'm sure you benefitted decent enough already. I'm just worried that newbies that might fall for this tesla crap. People like @psycopk are very innocent and they are easily lured by media whether it's in politics or stock market.
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