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  2. no ray.. November lo EAD camed. GC filing done.
  3. nenu fresher ga pani chesinappudu nenu client ki 3 yrs exp pettincharu India lo.... thokka aevaru athithulu kaadu ani telusthadiiiiii
  4. To be honest, I have no info how it helps individuals in the job search. Based on what I hear from my ex-boss, who started his own Analytics firm, AWS is the future on Analytics side. Basically no firm wants to have huge CAPEX when they can get cheap solution through AWS pay-as-you-go. They did POC for a MLB team, everything using AWS.
  5. SQL DBA interview, please help
  6. correstey ntr gadiki acting raadu serrygadiki dance raadu anniyya fans chepparane prp pettadu
  7. Ayna vastharu samayam ledu mitrama ranam aa leda saranama
  8. Yuvi uncle ki MOM ichara?
  9. yes.. naa maadhatthuu neekaa !!... yeah waste fello vadu !!
  10. vaakay... good deal..
  11. yeah... adi hold chesi pedhta... bankrupt aithe pedda bokka... ledante hope it will raise soon..
  12. Hope so kani neku oka vishyam telusa bhayya NASSCOM is setting up meeting with trump administration for the deal or get ease of thier rules in the proposed h1b amendment bill. Basically NASSCOM is acting like broker between trump adminotration and so called desi MNC's
  13. Janet Yellen Says the U.S. Is Close to Full Employment
  14. Shame on such idiot. Dont spread such vides. There is "pakki Pani" in US. There is only "Pani" . Let it be any work its a work..for pay what is shame on that. Who the hell asked her to come ..
  15. The EAD will only be available to I-140 beneficiaries in limited, “compelling” circumstances, and for a limited duration, making it of little practical use to the large majority of I-140 beneficiaries waiting to file for adjustment of statu
  16. my bad dada
  17. K
  18. ala kottinollu chala mandhi unnaru vayya... nu cheppe ketagiri lu konthemandhe unnarru.. MS chesina andaru kaaadu..... Ni kanna aekkuva salary lo pani chese vallu chala unnaru(not to hurt you but FYII) adi bro ni alochanalu alagae untayi first job kottu dani tharavthae ani.
  19. gattiga sakshi vadu vesthe abn veyakunda untada, wait 30 min programme achudhi weekend kala
  20. no chance malli NPU ke vastharu
  21. She is friend to my colleague.
  22. 10gai
  23. +111 Bengali paapa ki manchi introduction ichadu
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