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  2. Guntur Flashmob

    9.30 lol...
  3. enti bhayya gayab aa?
  4. bay area tech boom valla

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  6. Sai Dharam Tej

  7. bay area tech boom valla

    Ammukovachu ane simple point telavadha
  8. Guntur Flashmob

    Anduke btech Ki value lekunda poindi
  9. Girls evaranna untara

    pitta or pittu ?
  10. **** Electronium - New Crypto coming out ****

    Unique features of Electroneum: It is simple, transparent, user – friendly and easily usable in nature. It provides full security by offering offline wallets. It holds a professional team of engineers and developers with vast experience and success record. It focuses on the convenience of the users by allowing scanning of simple QR code. It ensures unlinkable transactions and untraceable payments. It does not need any special type of technical knowledge from the users. It also does not require any special hardware for the mining of crypto currencies like bitcoins (BTC) or Ethereums (ETH). It provides a great experience to the crypto currency miners. It provides an API integration that facilitates third party payments. It offers an unique chance to the investors and also gives several discounts to them. It is as best as bitcoins in the aspects of security and speed. It facilitates anonymous and faster transactions, which can be done even in seconds. It avoids hacking of wallet contents and transaction history from unauthorized users. It holds transaction hashes, which can be accessed easily by the public. It does not impose any charges for the creation of offline wallets. It allows bulk transfer of electroneum coins to the users’ wallets. It provides very quick potential returns upon the investments made by the users. It allows the transfer of currencies between various games and applications. It dominates the market of mobile currencies. It offers special equipments for the mining of crypto currencies. It can be operated at an extremely low cost on 3G/4G data. It makes the mining process easier with the help of an open – source mining pool software.
  11. US to INDIA via london/paris -H1b stamp expired Paris transit info: dhentlo chuste contradictory undhi.. it says If you are not listed above, you DO NEED an airport transit visa, only if you are citizen from the following countries. [8] Airport transit visa is not required for official passport holders. evarikana clear ga arthamaithe chepandi?
  12. bay area tech boom valla

    antha antha high rents enduku kattatam ani kontaaru chaala mandi.
  13. Polavaram

    ade antunna thatha 900 lo ippudu vadukuntunnadhi 220- 250 ish, kaleshwaram vachak 180-260 tmc back pump cheskuntaaru depending on water inflow. ilaa inka share undhi water lo upper states projects kattesthuu pothey , polavaram ki water raakunda avthundemooo ani naa doubt anthey
  14. Girls evaranna untara

    Vuuu keep the flow flowing
  15. Guntur Flashmob

    Oh my badoo..
  16. bay area tech boom valla

    bay area lo house konatam very risky h1 meeda. recession vachi job loss aithe house foreclose authundi
  17. Guntur Flashmob

    ne yavva comedy ni 10ga
  18. Chali kalam start aitundi, couples

    Yeah konnanu keep the flow flowing
  19. Polavaram

    ade kada nenu oka 2 yrs back ee polavaram project gurinchi telsukundam ani chadvinappudu, i was pretty impressed as to how complicated it is , how much water utilization would happen (assuming that godavari river water sent into sea thru dhawalesvaram every year is always going to be 1200-1300 TMC's on avg) ippudu upper riparian state ayina TG thana water vata lo 900 TMC's ni full ga kakunna more than half vadukundam ani choosinaa kooda polavaram project ki water eda nunchi vasthayi pranahitha water ni kooda vidichipettakunda medigadda deggara barrage kadthunnaru , inka only floods vachinappudeyy neelu polavaram ki vasthayemooo should AP govt reconsider? anyone here knows the how much share of Godavari water does AP gets when Tg gets 900 TMC's???
  20. Cost of living in Topeka Kansas

    Too expensive..monthly 150 motham is reasonable
  21. Only dead fish go with the flow

    VUu keep the flow flowing
  22. Polavaram

    hm.. chudali... adi okati unte chalu.. dubai is already has huge connectivity to the world.. we can use that to connect with world..
  23. bay area tech boom valla

    dexxmma together $300k na vammo
  24. Only dead fish go with the flow

    go with the flow ane concept anitlo pani cheyadu ani kavi bavam
  25. Only dead fish go with the flow

    Whn u go with the flow u get herpes
  26. **** Electronium - New Crypto coming out ****

    you are mentioning,just throw some amount in there and forget. Kani problem endi ante, ee madya rojuko kotha ICO vasthundi... what is special in ETN compared to others anedi general doubt....
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