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  2. they hate mus leems, and they have a feeling that all browns are mus leems, no body is suffering cos we're a hindu,,,its 2 things that hate's happening,,,one is they think we're mus leems, and the other is they have a feeling we're immigrants and try to steal their jobs....again not all think we steal jobs, but most of them have a feeling that we're like aliens, i was a victim myself lot of u want to spread that sign one on the top, doesnt make any difference is what im saying....
  3. salt and pepper rest. parama boku di, saale gadu fan eyadaniki kuda sachipotadu
  4. bro. my mistake. I meant to quote murugan @Quickgun_murugan
  5. Dude capital lo ippudu farmers ki plots allotting anta, 1000 yards 1cr anta konacha? Chustunna a side . Any suggestions?
  6. It's a basic decency to respect other side of argument even though you don't agree with them uncle. Thanks anyways for replying. I am not asking you to agree.. nor I will take it by face value or by reading some fancy words..
  7. I am not cherry picking bro. Just simple choice. If they find their profession economically viable, they just do that. Otherwise, they go for greener postures. And about discrimination, I have already provided you the answer.
  8. what I meant was they are not regarded as a good. Not exactly like someone making fun all the time. There are hardly any purohit families or businessman unless they are extremely rich want their sons to continue the tradition. So basically societal strcucture is moving from largely diverse to easily breakable path due to monopoly largely due to corporate.
  9. oka thellodu ma intloki vacchi god pic ni choosi iyaney naa me allah annadu.. vellaki bottu pettukuntey Hindus ani etla telusthadi vayya?? 80% people ki teleedu
  10. why did you do cherry picking man
  11. card details cheppu...check chestha money vunnayo ledo....
  12. Bhai.....cheppukooniki cheyyaa........
  13. @dakumangalsinghMonna edo body weight workout program annavu kadaa adi choosthey online $47 pay cheyali anochindi bro. Nuvvu already konnava aa program?
  14. ye market lo kottesav vunkl
  15. Cafe du monde nenu vellaledu kaani I heard it's very good. Enjoy.
  16. An outstanding phone with latest Android™ and immersive entertainment 5.5” bright full-HD display Immersive sound with Dolby Atmos® 16 MP camera
  17. India ante diff religions are all equal.... Gosh kaadi g lo gunapam petta
  18. Mana vallaki direct experience ayite kani telidu le adi.
  19. Been to Europe? Europe ante chala countries..which country are you talking about?
  20. Nenu nee subject line tho ekivabusthunnanu
  21. Yooh.........Uncle.....U agree or not a BIG my generous suggestion........pls come out of your rabbit hole for good (provide if u wish for a better world) .......
  22. nuv rojantha bourbon street lo undi gipudu complain cheste etta bro
  23. Vakey done potunna edo cafe du monde povali antunnar ani inka daniki potunnam
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