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  2. 500 + deaths in single day Guys don't take risk , stay safe situation going to be worse
  3. Sucker

    S386 latest updates

    mundhu job vunte ade 10K
  4. fasak_vachadu

    No check for non resident aliens?

    False news aha am22 gadu create chesadu vadu akkada ikkada sadivi rasthadu mana desoli girella laga nammesaru...aha Anil guptha gadu lawyer kuda kadu....last 20 yrs much aha news, Murthy blogs, inkka etc follow ayi 2 sites runnning truvisa and am22 sites advertise money vasthai and Website hits/traffic kuda Anduke fake news bags crate chesthadu like h4ead and e check vasthadi ani
  5. perugu_vada

    Trump Thatha MBBS drug yemaindi ?

  6. Use common sense. 1) the lost 3000 citizens, why would they kill their own citizens, 2) If other economy lost what chinese gets here? 3) China is helping all other countries from their pocket money
  7. perugu_vada

    Air India rescue operations usa

    Kids almost US citizens autharu, valla ki entry isthara incase rescue operations chesina ?
  8. tom bhayya

    Air India rescue operations usa

    its niranthara prakriya
  9. Sucker

    Trump Thatha MBBS drug yemaindi ?

    IDI miracle antava mari ? Trump last week said he was instructing the FDA to fast-track testing of hydroxychloroquine and a related drug, chloroquine, as treatment for COVID-19. Giardinieri said he contacted an infectious disease doctor about the drug. “He gave me all the reasons why I would probably not want to try it because there are no trials, there’s no testing, it was not something that was approved,” said Giardinieri. “And I said, ‘Look, I don’t know if I’m going to make it until the morning,’ because at that point I really thought I was coming to the end because I couldn’t breathe anymore,” Giardinieri continued. “He agreed and authorized the use of it and 30 minutes later the nurse gave it to me.” After about an hour after taking the pills, Giardinieri said, it felt like his heart was beating out of his chest and, about two hours later, he had another episode where he couldn’t breathe. He says he was given Benadryl and some other drugs and that when he woke up around 4:45 a.m., it was “like nothing ever happened.” He’s since had no fever or pain and can breathe again. Giardinieri said doctors believe the episodes he experienced were not a reaction to the medicine but his body fighting off the virus.
  10. tom bhayya

    Air India rescue operations usa

    amen god save america
  11. perugu_vada

    Finally the Richest Cricketer Donates Generously

    To this Vikrant Gupta comments, “Such a shame people are trolling MS Dhoni for the 1lakh donation to an NGO. The NGO wanted to raise Rs. 12.50 lakhs and MSD added to the amount they needed. He isn’t the kind of person who would tom-tom about such things. For all you know he might have donated more somewhere else already.” uri k prathi dhaani medha negative comment cheyatam fashion aipoindi janala ki twitter undi kadhaa ani without knowing the facts it is a donation, it doesnt matter how much they donate, its their own hard earned money
  12. r2d2

    Trump Thatha MBBS drug yemaindi ?

    Recovery takes two weeks... it doesn’t switch off the virus just like that...😀
  13. i dont see he mentioned virus / bio war in the vedio... he is saying a war most probably iran..etc and more like to me stock market prediction..
  14. Biskot2

    Angels in Saree

  15. cheap country cheap ga untaayi, rich and great country aa mathram numbers undalsindhey ani @Polise briefed njoy your holidays in public places don't act like cheap countries like india ani kuda salaha ichaadu
  16. Denamma week ki 5 times peruguthundi trend prakaram. Inko one week ilaney untey 500k-1million reach avuthamemo. folks take care. Stay at home as much as possible
  17. malla daridram yentante ye drug vunna kuda adi NY patients meeda ne try cheyyatam
  18. Biskot2

    Ruhani Sharma Latest Stills

  19. fasak_vachadu

    Pillalu evarikina sambogam jariginada

    Okka Riki kuda adristam varincha leda
  20. A Washington state emergency room doctor who spoke out about what he called a lack of protective measures being implemented against the coronavirus at his hospital has been fired. Dr. Ming Lin wrote in a Facebook post on Friday that he was terminated from his job at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, Wash. The firing of the 17-year hospital veteran comes after he made public pleas on social media and through the news media for his employer to acquire more safety equipment to protect staff during the COVID-19 outbreak, which has hit Washington especially hard. Lin, who worked in a trauma center near the World Trade Center in New York City during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, told The Seattle Times that he was preparing for work Friday when he got a message that he didn't need to come in because his shift was covered. When he called his supervisor, he was reportedly told, “You’ve been terminated.” Lin said he was told he would be contacted by human resources staff from his employer, TeamHealth. The national firm based out of Tennessee that contracts with PeaceHealth’s emergency department. “I’ll be OK,” he told the outlet. “It’s a blow to my ego more than anything.” A spokesperson for PeaceHealth St. Joseph confirmed to The Seattle Times that Lin had been terminated by the hospital but declined to provide comment. In a statement to The Hill, a TeamHealth spokesperson said Lin has not been terminated by the contractor and that the company "is committed to engaging with him to try to find a path forward." "Now more than ever, we need every available doctor, and we will work with Dr. Lin to find the right location for him," the spokesperson said. Lin had been regularly posting to his Facebook page about the conditions in the hospital, accusing PeaceHealth of failing to quickly protect workers. He told The Seattle Times that his supervisors threatened to fire him earlier this month after he spoke with reporters, but the doctor refused to take his social media posts down when asked. Lin alleged that PeaceHealth St. Joseph refused to screen all patients outside the hospital, bringing potential COVID-19 patients into the emergency room waiting area, which is frequently crowded. Two emergency department workers told the newspaper that they shared Lin’s concerns about the possible spread of the virus. In a YouTube video filmed shortly before his firing, Lin said nurses triaging potential COVID-19 patients exhibiting cough or fever weren’t provided masks. “I’m not sure what St. Joe’s motive is. I’m not going to comment whether this is some financial issue or whatever it is,” Lin said in the video. “I think when a hospital to me is not just responsible for the patients there, but it needs to stand out in the community as a leader to protect the unwanted, to protect the homeless, to protect the elderly.” Washington state was the initial U.S. epicenter for coronavirus. As of Friday night, there were 3,700 COVID-19 cases confirmed by the Washington State Health Department, with 175 deaths.
  21. Biskot2

    Gayatri Pics.. not Herione

    what an angle
  22. Sucker

    Sheers ra vuncles

    ivvala stella vesthunna kaka
  23. adhey kadha FDA approval lekunda ey medicine padithey aa medicine ee desam lo ekkada isthaaru?
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