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  2. tennisluvr

    Kumar uncle Update

    I don't think that's the reason, if anything he thrives on such comments actually whom he refers to as "haters"(with a very weird pronunciation, where the hate rhymes with hat). I think his current employer might have asked him to delete them or make them private, he said he did the same thing in the past at the behest of his employer.
  3. tennisluvr

    Kumar uncle Update

    I don't know man, is he back to the US? Good for him, hope he focuses on doing some real "work" instead of thinking he's doing some social service by posting mostly incoherent videos that no one really benefits from online.
  4. tennisluvr

    Finally Irish GF Left

    Dude @seal_breaker I predicted this to happen a long time ago, the very first time you posted this experience of your's. It was plainly obvious that there could have been a connection but due to your inexperience and haste, you didn't quite let that develop into a relationship. So you have yourself to blame, but then it's okay since you didn't have a lot of experience in these issues to begin with. Plus I have seen your post where you seem to have taken offense at how some of the DB members were trolling your story, one thing you have to understand is that this DB attracts some of the lowest of the low users since it's mostly an un-moderated troll forum. So don't expect them to understand things from your perspective or sympathize with your plight, I understand that you posted here because this is probably the forum you frequent the most but that still doesn't mean it's worthy of attracting comments which aren't of the lowest common denominator.
  5. tennisluvr

    RX100 on Amazon Prime

    Is it already on Amazon prime?
  6. lifesucksbad

    Big boss 2 trolls matrame mariyu pulihora

    kaushal baba ninna nominations ki emmana emanna sollu reasons cheppada....he is gud at sollu reasons...keep the sollu kaushal baba...
  7. tennisluvr

    Calling Keto people

    Coconut oil might be a new fad in the "western" populations but it's been used as the primary source of cooking in a lot of cultures since hundreds if not thousands of years. LOL at the article and that mortality vs dietary fat graph. Unless the study encompasses decades of observation among people who consume such diets and magically filters out other "external factors"(hereditary predisposition to illnesses that might indicate early mortality, personal habits) it's impossible to lay the blame only on dietary saturated fat as the cause for high mortality.
  8. ranku_mogudu

    Pros and Cons of your City and State

    She is sailaja
  9. tennisluvr

    Calling Keto people

    LMAO, the sugar lobby is in full swing with their paid articles and inconclusive "research" based opinions.
  10. ranku_mogudu

    Pros and Cons of your City and State

    City: hyderabad State: gold telangana pro:kcr, ktr, sonia con: cbn, venkaiah naidu, modi
  11. aithey_enti

    Big boss 2 trolls matrame mariyu pulihora

    Nenu already cheppa ga...... Sutthi ga unde episodes badulu Kalabahirava serial better, adi maram desham ki freemake ayyina kuda Gym area performances undavemo kani Repu pelli haadivi antha veedidhe emo.. Bhayam ga undi em chestado emo.....
  12. ranku_mogudu

    Dobbhi sampadisthunnaru ga social service?

    Basic ga dobbi evaru sampadisthLey andharu then gin chukuney sampadisthunnaru... irresptive of place
  13. Luke

    Jagan anna can change Modi's fortunes

    😁 veediki script writer mana @AbhiRama emo
  14. Luke

    Sye ra Teaser out

    bgm bagundi
  15. Luke

    Just landed from

    em excercise vayya idi
  16. ranku_mogudu

    Dobbhi sampadisthunnaru ga social service?

    Vallu in place ki volunteers panpara? Tell the NGO name( pm me) ... i will collaborate with them
  17. Luke

    Dulqur Salman gadi SOLO movie

  18. Luke

    iphone .. call .. ni..

  19. ranku_mogudu

    Dobbhi sampadisthunnaru ga social service?

    I am volunteering here in live... so better get educated in reality! UK/ US lo vochina money ni cm relief fund ko vallu inka vadatledhu man!
  20. ranku_mogudu

    Serious question: how long penetration should last

    In sixties its common anta @samaram uncle tolded
  21. Goose bumps after watching teaser. Esp when the old man voice says "sye ra narasimha reddy....." at the end Phulkas go side and play. Veelaki devarakonda hit kottina thattukoleru. Mega family hit kottina orchukoleru. Kula gajji jealous fellows antunna @ARYA
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