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  2. @MRI
  3. Ayite correct track lone unnav daling
  4. Oh atna
  5. mari antha vayyaranga maatladthunnadu Tamil ni. manodu basic ga baaga introvert anukunta. camera action anakunda, anavasaranga gonthu waste cheskodu emo.
  6. tokka em kaadu all his schooling ikkade chennai lo
  7. maa chennai lo english mastu matladataru
  8. 27 year old pebbi already ikkada
  9. Ee Buddidi super chesindi assalu
  10. Oh my balio...nuvvu inka young daling..appude pelli enduku neeku
  11. It reminds me of my childhood too.. i remember it made me cry when he said stay at the end 🙄
  12. darling nenu Btech 2011 passed out
  13. Mari Kakapothe 2007 enti daling...nee age endi kinda gaze endi
  14. He licked his tears in mid lol 😄
  15. the problem is not with his English, but with his personality. I don't even think its a problem. Its a part of his charm.
  16. soofer fafa..... figure top class...
  17. pasi pilladni anukuntunva nannu
  18. may be Prabhas is shy with everything, and speaks more legibly among friends.
  19. so did Allu Arjun. I have no idea how.
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