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  2. FOIA....time frame entha ?? Any idea...

    Ok, caution lo unnav.
  3. FOIA....time frame entha ?? Any idea...

    Good info.... Thnx.
  4. FOIA....time frame entha ?? Any idea...

    Agreed....on same page.
  5. Bitcoin discussions and knowledge share

    Will ripple increase in near coming days?
  6. Cooking pulusa fish...paid $35 for 2.5 pounds...

    First emo no migration Ani cheppav... Ippudu malli ee statement... Emani prove chedam anukuntunav ?
  7. ArjunReddy director ki caste picha ekkuva

    Madyalo bapanolla meeda paddaventi baa mana target vaallu ladhu kadha
  8. Roja bandla gadini public lo chepputho kottali

    @care ur dumb sentiment Respect, respected.......period...........
  9. Hydlo IT developmentki CBN peekindi emledu

    logics deniki rod man...jst cry noo
  11. welcome me as i am a responsible citizen of this country

    Arey vp ga pk n fans ni emaina ante nee pucchakaya palguthadhi.. dB ki vasthe vacchinav sakkagundu
  12. Hello Friends , I have over 5 years of IT experience on different level of platforms. 4 years of experience on Middleware Infrastructure and support engineer. 2 years of experience on devops/AWS platforms . Please let me know if you need any support on the platforms.
  13. "I want Dalits to mercilessly vote against the BJP in 2019."

    Abbo caste religion gurinchi nuvvu mee stand batch e matladali iga
  14. Today
  15. Ee congress ollu budhi undadha...Entha sepu caste..region..religional politics thappa inkem raavaa..... Okavela raajyadhikaaram vasthey scams and shemes.. Memu vasthey reservations isthaaam- idhi kaakundaa inkemaina chesthaaraaaa
  16. Vallu enni avasaralatho a pani chestaro..vallu a profession ni kavalam select chesukoru...why only ammaila photolu..police lu kuda ki manishi life value vundadu..vadiki breaking news kavali...
  17. ఐటీ 'కల'కలం

    Idhi antha sollu vayya. Maa CBN and ChinaBabu are bringing 5 lakh IT jobs per annum since 2014. If you dont want to believe, see the PPTs in AFDB. Just because of KulaGajji, CBN efforts are not highlighted.
  18. Hope he remains in politics even if he loses badly in the elections. Keep challenging BJP's dumb spokies and shaming Modi on TV debates.
  19. Since Dalits, more or less, have supported the Congress in Gujarat then what is your role in the state's electoral politics? Making the anti-BJP Dalit front even stronger through my struggles on the ground and raising the material issues which unfortunately has not been the agenda of the movement of late. Everything I've done in the past two years has got stunning media coverage because I can articulate. I've got a lot of space on television channels where I bash Modi every day, very often below the belt. I'm a rogue on television debates. The Dalit population of the country is seeing one of its youth leaders giving gaali to the BJP all the time. This will help in 2019. The national election is my concern even more than the Gujarat election. Alpesh and Hardik may not be able to do much outside led Gujarat but I can.
  20. Will it be tough to bounce back if the BJP wins Gujarat again? If the BJP wins again - after the Dalit movement, the Patidar movement, the ASHA workers, the anganwaadi ki behne, the farmers' movement, Alpesh - it will be a setback to the poor people of this country. I will be sad. I will be sad because I can visualize what I could have done. I would love to be in the position to give an incredible boost to the Dalit movement.
  21. What is your plan after the election is over? I want to immediately give a call for 160 Dalit youths to commit 15 days of their life to me. I will ask them to go to 160 nagar palikas where sanitation workers are denied even minimum wages. I want the sanitation workers to go for a massive strike. Even if there is one-fourth success, it will ensure minimum wage to at least 15,000 people. I will launch a program for the Valmikis who are the Dalit among Dalits and I want to launch platform for Dalit-Muslim unity. I will be plunging into movements. I'm 90% an agitator.
  22. There is no “affair proof” marriage

    In her famous essay “Seduction and Betrayal,” she described the terrible wisdom vouchsafed to the betrayed heroine of classic literature: she “is never under the illusion that love or sex confers rights upon human beings. She may of course begin with the hope, and romance would scarcely be possible otherwise; however, the truth hits her sharply, like vision or revelation when the time comes. Affections are not thingsand persons never can become possessions, matters of ownership. The desolate soul knows this immediately and only the trivial pretend that it can be otherwise.”
  23. welcome me as i am a responsible citizen of this country

    hi, i am responsible citizen of biryani
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