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  2. Mahanati HD print released

  3. Woman Truck Driver in India - great story

    Respect !!!
  4. monna bore kotti bumchick video chusthe

    feeeem me fleeeez bro
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  6. ante enti bro. Can you create another sample id for fun bro?
  7. Names released anta kada?

    Yeah undi, kishan modugumudi ni piliste lokesh babu free... Kavala
  8. monna bore kotti bumchick video chusthe

    Pm flz
  9. monna bore kotti bumchick video chusthe

    pm plz... ty...
  10. G O A T

    it wouldnt be an easy decision, theres other things that need to be considered like family as well, for now his son is enrolled to a school in la, but that doesnt mean he is gonna do with lakers, could be clippers as well, on the flip side, it would be kwahi mostly with lakers, this is almost confirmed when gs got durant why not lakers get khawhi and lj to get that tiltles go on for lakers, after all they got a poor team now. Huge lakers fan!!!
  11. DB BIGBOSS2 participants ki nominations shuru

    Nuv aalthava lol
  12. G O A T

    Cavs mida vesko
  13. monna bore kotti bumchick video chusthe

    Pm plz
  14. G O A T

    maa kaaada mutton biryani chestham KCR panchuthunna gorre la lanti freebies thoti weekly. maaku telusu GOAT ante ento. Nuvvemi teasing seyyakkarledu maakaada.
  15. Frontier and Allegient Airlines Mix

    Frontier and allegient mix undi flight next week nee yavva.......Endi vayya lolli..........Jara experiences shares jayundri.......under the seat personal luggage gurinchi.....Thanks in advance....andaru sallaga undaley.........
  16. monna bore kotti bumchick video chusthe

    Pm pls
  17. Drupal7 online training @SelfpacedTech. SelfpacedTech provide training with real time industry experts. Training will be provided globally in Canada, USA and India etc... Free demo will be given before training.
  18. Live immigration debate
  19. G O A T

  20. G O A T

    With James’ future more uncertain than ever, BetOnline has released odds on where the King will end up for the 2018-19 season after he becomes an unrestricted free agent. The Lakers are the -150 favorites, with the 76ers (+450), Cavaliers (+500), Boston Celtics (+700), Rockets (+800), San Antonio Spurs (+1600), Los Angeles Clippers (+2500), Miami Heat (+3300) and Golden State Warriors (+5000) listed as the next likeliest candidates.
  21. Family members ni drag chesey candidate kooda posts vestaru ethics gurinchi karma ra babu
  22. G O A T

    MJ is the G O A T !! LeBum is a b***ch Asssss !! He is a great player but worst Leader ! Stat padder ! No one wants to play with him .. Cant make any one around him better .. Cry Babby ! Flopper I REST MY CASE
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