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  2. H1b stamping hyderabad

    +1 5 month back same position, same qualification, same lca and contract ki approve ayindi ippudu RFE yesi dobbadu. Asalu team lo sagam mandiki paddayi. Evadi luck vaadidhi.
  3. SRH should look for Rayudu in middle order, now he is playing for HYB in Ranji....High chances he will be released by MI.
  4. Lokesh oka vedhava

    not necessarily, CBN voted in Hyderabad in 2014. Still MLA from Kuppam. U can have a voter id in any place in India to contest in any location, just need couple of locals to attest the EC form.
  5. Jai Balayya

    navvaneeki emundhi vayya
  6. So this is almost pakka as I predicted earlier. Most of the other teams wanted anything between 3 to 5 (including retention and Right To Match) while salary cap will be raised from Rs 60 crore to Rs 75 crore.
  7. Lokesh oka vedhava

    lokesh ante ne lokaniki melu chesevadani ardham.. assalu entha vision tho alochinchi CBN aa peru pettado meeku telsa
  8. Lokesh oka vedhava

    @TOM_BHAYYA mundhu aa title marchu.. lekunte neepaina section 698-A, 133,245 B / F, 420 paina case lu pedtham..jagratha
  9. Regina In USA

    manchi gif istivi
  10. Nivetha..tamil fafa....
  11. Jai Balayya

  12. Is Duryodhana good or bad

    So Duryodhana is bad anukundam, then pandavas is also not that good. As per books, Duryodhana and Karna went to swargam with wild card entry Pandavas has to pass some tests to go to swargam So who are good then ?
  13. Electroneum Xchanges

    account lo ki login avvaleka vunnam kada electroneum daniki
  14. Bitcoin

    Ipudu konadam entha varaku wise? Experts throw some input
  15. Lokesh oka vedhava

    I don't think so there is such compulsion...
  16. Lokesh oka vedhava

    NRA ante nenu Tupaki gurunchi anukunna 😀
  17. Jr NTR Warning to RGV about his Instagram Post

    ala aithe balayya ninchi omkar anniyya varaku andaru pani maneyyali
  18. Two owners wanted IPL 2018 player auctions in England, majority reject it The idea of having players' auction in England could not find favour with the majority of the franchises rejecting the suggestion during a meeting with the BCCI. Kings XI Punjab want the retention policy to stay at two players. (Source: BCCI) Two IPL team owners on Tuesday floated the idea of having next edition’s players’ auction in England but the suggestion could not find favour with the majority of the franchises during a meeting with the BCCI in Mumbai. “Yes, there were discussions whether we could shift this year’s auction abroad. A couple of franchise owners suggested England as this will be a big auction with most players back in the pool. However majority of the members want it to be held in India,” a senior BCCI official told PTI on conditions of anonymity. Rajasthan Royals have made a suggestion to do away with retention policy as well as Right to Match (RTM) while Kings XI Punjab wanted the retention policy to stay at two players. Most of the other teams wanted anything between 3 to 5 (including retention and Right To Match) while salary cap will be raised from Rs 60 crore to Rs 75 crore. It was after a long time that majority of the owners turned up for a discussion over lunch with the IPL governing council members. “The meeting was well attended. Delhi Daredevils owner GM Rao, Mumbai Indians’ Akash Ambani, Kolkata Knight Riders’ Shah Rukh Khan and Jay Mehta, Kings XI Punjab’s Mohit Burman and Ness Wadia were present. Rajasthan Royals was represented by Manoj Badale while CSK’s representative John George,” the official informed. IPL Chairman Rajiv Shukla, however, did not divulge any information after the meeting got over. “The meeting went off well. The idea was to invite actual team owners and solicit their views now that 10 years have concluded. Lot of things like retention, salary cap, squad strength were discussed. Majority of the owners want player retention. I think we will be able to finalise the details in a fortnight,” Shukla said.
  19. Lokesh oka vedhava

    kani lokesh AP ki minister ga unnadu.. Amaravathi lo untunnadu.. prajala bagukosam pagalanaka, rathranaka kashtapadthunnadu.. devansh ni chudaka 1 month avthundhi.. meekem telsu.. meeru untara pellam pillani vodilesi prajala kosam
  20. Lokesh oka vedhava

  21. H1b stamping hyderabad

    there is fear, just look at the murthy law firm and trackkit for all the RFE's the Uscis is requesting....two weeks back chicago port of entry deported 5 persons....doesn't come in news, but the reality is it is going on
  22. Greencard undi Hyd road lapiana biccham etthukuntunnaru

    nedhi inthaku mundu MS narayana DP undeda?
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