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  2. SA cricket team is the best.

    arguments Tom_Bhayya (alex) makes is an example of why India sucks, and will always suck. more people internalizing such nonsense will definitely lead to 'survival of fittest' scenario. it'll be interesting, definitely. meanwhile, never forget. your 'success' is not because of your fitness. its probably an accident of birth, and some luck.
  3. SA cricket team is the best.

    there's a structure to society that allows competition within it. That's why people took up civilization that allows them to compete without losing too much. Now that structure benefits you (because of your caste), you pretend as if you are some kind of superman. but you are not. if only fittest should survive, its not that hard for people to simply kill each other. I know you meant surviving in sport, when you said about 'fittest', and not 'killing each other', but law of nature applied in that case still means that your privilege is the thing that makes you utter all those arrogant statements.
  4. SA cricket team is the best.

    is that my argument? NFL has lots of black people, because they are allowed to play in junior divisions. white people (other than lower middle class) do they even try to get into NFL? that's why your comparison of SA colored men, and US black men is misplaced. SA disallowed blacks for a long time (until 1997) from even playing in cricket, and even now most players are picked from a couple of clubs that are populated with white players and some colored players.
  5. SA cricket team is the best.

    then why are you forming countries and other sorts of groups? lol. what is the difference between an in-group and person outside of it? why not just let law of nature take over and see who survives.
  6. SA cricket team is the best.

    as usual u go ahead with usual silly arguments nature of law is only fittest survives
  7. SA cricket team is the best.

    Wrong they won
  8. SA cricket team is the best.

    NFL is most popular game in USA, president trump baaga hurt ayyadu kuda when players are kneeling and protesting blacks rights. as per his wish NFL lo nallollaki and immigrants ki ivvodhu aney chance untundha?
  9. Emma Gonzalez speech👏

    Republicans will never touch gun laws
  10. Kohli

    enni feggulu ba ne yavva
  11. SA cricket team is the best.

    this kind of lazy reasoning is why right wing arguments get laughed at in public discourse. the only way to push these kind of arguments seems to be, by supporting a fascist regime, that will normalize all kinds of lazy discourse.
  12. garuda vega...utube good frint....vachindi

    musali youth on fire
  13. garuda vega...utube good frint....vachindi

  14. And i'm not anti-Kohli. He is the most talented cricketer of this generation.
  15. SA cricket team is the best.

    I think because of your 'privilege' that you deny you even have, you have trouble identifying a sport that is dominated by the elite (whites in SA), and denied to the black majority, from a sport that was mostly rejected by the elite (whites in the US) and used as one of the few remaining ways for blacks to climb the social ladder in US. check your arguments brother. nothing in the world is as simple as 'talent wins'.
  16. Awe endi vay

    ikilichindi saalu vay.... sulekaa dorkindaaa
  17. Exactly bro. Flat pitches and quality of fast bowling is not as great as before. Even spin bowlers are not as great nowadays
  18. Feel for ppl with half baked knowledge about cricket (sorry bro have to state it)
  19. From ur comments it appears you started watching cricket after 2004-05 . Because you clearly dont understand how difficult it was when Sachin used to single handedly lead indian batting against some of the best bowlers of all time in their prime like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis , Curtley Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Glenn Mcgrath, Shane Warne , Graeme Pollock, Allan Donald, Mutthaiah Muralitharan and then next level bowlers albeit a lot better than current generation like Darren Gough, Chaminda Vaas, Shoaib Akthar, Brett Lee (I might have missed a few). Kohli is uber-talented no doubt but he never faced bowlers as talented and fearsome as the above mentioned legends
  20. SA cricket team is the best.

    rofl. talent wins only when its given an opportunity. NFL, NBA drafts are way different compared to picking local teams for cricket in SA, and even India (I'm talking state level). if SA cricket had unbiased hiring system in its grade cricket, there would be no need for quotas.
  21. SA cricket team is the best.

    rofl thread majority players in NFL and NBA are kallus sports lo eppudaina sarey ekkadanna sarey talent wins
  22. SA cricket team is the best.

    the right argument to make is: SA cricket has suffered since quotas were introduced in the mid 2000s. it has suffered, but has not completely broken down. team spirit has definitely suffered. you can hear murmurs of discontent the way ABD, du plessis, and all former players talk about it with frustration. They are still not used to the idea of accommodating a player just because he's colored. players like behardien, duminy even had a career because of these rules. It took until a player of the calibre of Hashim Amla to come, for these to somewhat disappear. players like Ntini openly talked about how he never felt comfortable in the leadership group, and how that affected his game itself. other side, assholes like kevin pieterson gave lots of sh1t to SA cricket for this particular decision. still SA cricket stuck to its decision. But I think the decision is somewhat flawed. But within the limited resources SA cricket has at its disposal(not rich enough to ensure grade cricket has this quota system, than the national team), this is the best thing to do. Even if SA loses games, colored people have some heroes (like Amla, Rabada) to look up to. yeah, like Dravid said, life is much bigger than cricket.
  23. Awe endi vay

    Recent times lo gruham, mental madhilo movies nachayi. Last telugu movie seen MCA, awful movie.
  24. SA cricket team is the best.

    right after you stop being a blowhard. btw, I don't agree with him. but that's not the point of this thread.
  25. SA cricket team is the best.

    please kiss and make out na? cant tolerate anymore of "i agree with you but thats not the point of this thread"
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