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    arey neeku itlanti ideas etlostayi ra babu
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    Modi's speech is like a commercial cinema, It has every emotion possible in the speech, it also has points that should make a speech super hit, like respect to all states cultures and languages to humility by saying he is nothing without Indian people. BUT This speech also had a very important message to US politicians. That American Indians are a major political force, which lot of political capital & real capital. Until now, most of the diaspora is overtly Democrats because of the implicit liberalism of Indian Hindus. I believe this support has been taken for granted by democrats, Recently many democrats, presidential hopefuls, did not blink when talking against Indian interests, vis a vis Kashmir. Worse, many of these Democrats have been overtly anti-Hindu as well, normalizing Hindu-phobia. Now, these politicians would be shitting by loads, most American Indians don't believe to show off their power like Muslims, taking to streets and fighting it out there. But, they are very calculative, they understand everything and take time to come to a decision, With Modi nudging, want to guess what the mood of American Indians would be. For Trump, this is a coup of sorts. This is a coup democrats missed, frankly, until the Democrats come a lot towards center and stop projecting pigs like AOC, Bernie, Iilhan Omar etc, they will be losing our votes in droves. Caveat though is that I understand there are Indians in US hate Modi and they few of those will probably vote Democrat to spite him but the recent anti-Indian stances of Democrats have been incredibly disappointing.
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    hahahah thindi valla evarikanna nastamaaa....cunning fixes kanna nastamaa thidi bothulu....kakiki engili methuku kuda veselaa levu nuvvu ithe
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    adho pichi munja... antha g la pogaru untey kastam thamanna poyinappudi kante , pooo poyinappudu public baga happy feel ayyinru
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    OC lu eam papam chesarura..sc st bc laki matrame farm loans and 12k per year entra...more than 5 acres vunna vallaki ledu okay but less than 5 acres vunna vallalo malli reservations entra...farming chese vallu andaru okate ra lamdike kodaka..
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    sushma swaraj , jaitley ni chusi 2019 lo bjp ki votes vesaru antaav?
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    I saw their love story, She is soo matured lady...and respectful in her words... Bayata andham em undi lawda lodhi...Light banjesta antha okatte... She has a Good Heart, respectful and a very Hard working Lady... Not like Ballaya Babu....
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    Over a period of 10 months , changed dinner from regular annam kura , to fruits and vegetables , rest eating regular dosa , idly in the morning and regular lunch. 5 to 8 days a month weight lifting , 8 to 10 days a month running ( infact training for half marathon ) and another 2 to 3 days long distance biking like 20 to 30 miles and other days are rest days Didn't feel i was struggling or starving and didn't feel weight loss was burden FOR first time.
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    Climax lo.. ma friend @karthikn aithe ee movie ki 28$ kuda thakkuve ani ochheppudu counter Lo inko 22$ ichhesi ochhadanta.. he is almoat crying mathrudhevobava tharvatha malli ippude edavadam annadu 😭
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    I think u summarized perfectly. Mana desi gallaki serious insecurity, jealous, greed and corruption in DNA, no integrity and ethics. Only sheer arrogance and ego to the core. A perfect combo for a disaster. No wonder we were slaves of every possible foreign power. Malla emanna ante maa culture super, memu vedaalu sadivi iragadeesaam, maaku moksham and karma anni telusu...naa matti, naa masaanam ani fake ego gratification display on public forums okati. No wonder people in our country leave in droves to foreign lands and still exhibit the shameless behavior in foreign lands.
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    Good for you, But in my experience, most Hindu hating AsHoles fall back on generic reply like yours when stats start coming in.
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    jyothi silent killer ayna kooda I am happy with what she did today...cunning couple advantage use cheskoni iddaroo save cheskuntunnaru...HMs okkallaki ledu vallani adige dammu including nag raj... varun gadi vakra buddhi bayata padindi ivala...he couldn't argue how her wife is better than jyothi...pellam anduke support chestunna ani cheppadu...he couldn't take her getting nominated....
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    Online match vachindhi Amayi bagundhi..antha almost ok. Email id adigithey ichindhi Password adiga kodiga namakam leda ani mari ichindhi good anukonna Chusthe ade recent ga create chesina email So recovery email chusa dani password adigithy ivatledu Why ante gurthu ledu antondhi ..recovery password for the second email chusthy cell phone same no. Vundhi kada anna Anthe nenu baga anumanam maninshini ani match rejcted anta ..
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    Anduke thanni elakotinaru samara....induke meeku akariki capital kuda leni stage la vunaru.... You people have the least civility and nobility to respect the culture of land...meetho kuda ide kabotundi, desham la evadu kuda dekhadu mimmalni meeru chese kathalaki, mee budhi ki...
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    mahesh edho creativity kaushal laga try chestahdu kani vadu taneesh ani marchipothunadu
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    Luckily no one cried when ravi eliminated- jyo and baba cried little Ravi to nag - 1% kooda expect cheyale nenu eliminate avutha ani , ipudu odilesthae malli bb house loki vellipotha Bigbomb - Should wash everyone's clothes - PU ki bigbomb Ravi Ranking to housemates Tomo promo : Dasara celebrations
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    this is nothing... okasari annagari overaction ni youtube lo choosi navvinandhuku oka thella manager gaadini ucha poyinchadu @psycopk ... vadni rendu pachkad lu dengiii you bloody fool anesariki thella manager draaayar pachi ga ayyi mokaalla meedha nilabadi bhayam tho vanukuthu annagari dhaana veera soora karna cinema motham alage choosthu undipoyadu... last ki saastanga namaskarm cheskunnadu aa maha manishi ki... ee level lo emanna chesthe cheppu anthe gaani ee maata ki maata anadam, aravadalu ...ivanni kids games...
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    Ee movie lo deeni balupu valle bangaram lanti bahubali chanipothaadu.. Ee movie lo message idee... wife sarainadi kakapothee, bahubali lanti vaadu kudaa bali avvaalsindee..
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    Jail ki velli vachina vaadi chethilo chithu chithu gaa vodipoyina baboriki eppudu Siggu vasthadi Mari. Lol . @Migilindi23
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    Sarigga matladata vedhava veshalu veyaku..vado pm nuvvu bakth...vadu ichina okka promise sarigga cheyaledu...swatch Bharat annadu ekkada vundo teliyadu..vade India ni highest pollution country ga chestunnadu..first Delhi lo pollution tagginchamanu..vachi Tamilnadu lo votes kosam chetha vethanavasaram ledu..akkada cleaning vallu vachi clean chestaru..orike rss lo vere social media ads ikkada post cheyaku..vadu ela pm ayyado evadu social media lo India Motham vadi dabba kotti famous chesi vadedo Gujarat lo devudila chupinchi publicity chesaru...i m one of the victim for the same before 2014..economy chudu okasari..business ne nakinchestunnadu..make in india annadu but he purchases everything from other countries..
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    Ok I will answer you. Let me tell you this my dad died in accident in when I was in 9th class, when I was in 10th class my mother could not even afford school ofcourse relatives were there but help was limited. The point I am telling here, a women with out husband( or strong men support ) is treated very badly in society. Many bad men in society will try to take advantage of such women, they are treated badly. I know it personally how mom was being treated in society . Society looks such women very badly. I dont want go in much details , if I put with specific cases whats happening society then your blood will boil... I knew it bcoz I have seen it . Just imagine.. how we feel if some one ask our mother to come and sleep if she goes any govt office ( let it municipal office, revenue office , banks). @Prada_lover said correctly. Its very difficult , such women need to play a smart step. Patience is factor, and this patience is weapon of harassing people. i.e that is women patience (weakness) is bad mens power to torture them. Yes she needs financial support but its not easy, if she is educated she can find job depending on the location where she is living. She has to play smart. Just like sindu sharma a daughter in law judge collected all evidences(videos) of in laws harassment. Step 1) Take a help of people i.e right people who dont take side , these people should also be powerfull( has good command in family or society) .Some cases If I have seen, some good police will call to police station to talk and tell them firstly nicely and then I will warn indirectly. Basically a good counselling is needed for both parties. Step 2) If Step 1) fails after specific time its the legal terms.. to get separated.. Step 2) Is very painful its not just for women, its for men , i mean to say separation is painful spot which stays in heart for life long those who are honest. We see many being cheated by girls.. and such men who loved honestly will suffer alot. Luckily society never harasses men but society people (some people) will harass for women for sure.. For any women these standing on their own feet is very important irrespective of financial status. If you come across any such women if your friends.. just support them , i.e morally, boost their confidence... Lastly guys dont make fun such topics requesting for help , A small moral boost can save a life.I know personally some people who commit suicide . A small phone call conversation can boost their confidence. Let it be women or men.Just try to help.
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    Priyamani sneha kalyani aite levani noru ipudu lestunde
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    Andharu kottukoni aa jyothi ni gelipinchetattu unnaru. 🤣🤣🤣
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    adu evado rasindhi nijam ani ela namalli bro... inko tweet lo super duper hit ani inko person rasaru mari,,nuvu aa post chadivava...aha chadivava... ps: i am not any fan,,just see and decide yourself bro...
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    Daily people singing Raavali Jagan Kaavali Jagan
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    daughter phone choose naaki tippalu
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    Nee PD probably after 2015 anukunta and Inka 6 years h1 avvaledhu anukunta.oka 4 5 6 years ayyaka kanipinchu. Appudu kooda nee feeling idhe unte then we can talk
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    Mestrilu evadanna avochu...kani Mestri dandha ne kotha malupulu thokichina keerthi matram appi reddana de.... Software lo Microsoft entha popular oh...mestri dandha la MicroInfo antha popular Manchi manchi stalwarts vunna Mestri business la late ga enter ayina race lo prizelu anni Anna ve
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    Yes.I did reject a girl.She was pretty and well qualified.I rejected her just because her parents were living in a rural area and she was not able to speak English fluently. I feel that they were not the right reasons to reject her . I feel bad because the other proposals I received after rejecting her were not as good as her.till the time I receive good proposals in future I will feel bad. It hurts as you constantly keep thinking about the wrong decision you made. I may have to settle down for someone who is not as good as her and that's what hurts the most because it is a matter of life. So the moral of the story is : Overlook small flaws in arranged marriage.
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    varun ki kuda support cheyakandi vayaa...vadiki support chesthe indirect ga dhaniki chesinatte...adhi odipoyina vadu gelisthe adhi gelichinatte...vaado druggist
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    artificial pimples and blackheads pettuko
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    Lokesh - Sanskrit pappu - telugu lokesh pappu is a cho chweet guy ...
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    zoo gadu darunam raja ... YouTube lo vadi movies (beginning lo) pai comments lo andaru thittatame veedu hero emitra ani
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    Sacchaka shavanni kalchestharo... patharapedtharo kuda clarity leni jeevithalu... manam poyaka em ayithe enti boss ... dont even think about what will happen after your death.... bathikinanni rojulu baga bathikithe chalu
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