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    Easy and best solution for your problem, seperate kompa teeskoni okkadive undu. Ni range ki ah matram afford cheyyagalav.
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    nenu oka gunta tho skype call lo nenu taaguta neeku ok na ani adigaa.. ya thats not a big deal these days ani seppi.. valla ayya tho vaadu taagubothanta naku oddu ani seppindi.. vaalla ayyemo maa ayyaki seppadu.. final ga ma parents ki aa gunta valla nenu tagutha ani telisipoyindi
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    Arei singles..mee anta happy life evaniki undadu ra..be like that...have good goals in life and carry on...Pelli bongu em pettukokandi...mee career bokkaloki poyinatte...ededo cheddam anukuntaru...pakkana unnadi sanugutu untundi..adenduku idenduku family important ... blah blah...inka emi cheyyaleka unna chote undi edo job chestu undipovalsinde...oka age vacchaka fire anta poi aa inka peekedi emundi le ani lite teeskovadam..inka chaala chendalam chudalsi vastundi...pelli ayina M gallu cheptaru ala em undadu happy life ani..vallandaru 40 years ki Engineers or some lavada witch managers ga work chestu...atu bacchalu kaaka itu topulu kaaaka..edo saagistu untaru jeevitam..valla maatalu vinaddu SINGLE unnanta happy edi undadu..no one to question..your life your rules...
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    Appude alarm mogi 9 aindhi office ki vellali ani ardam aindhi
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    Visionary CBN cheppinatu chesarruu... Yellow sunglasses teesesi current affairs chudu....
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    Cyclone ni control sesi , cyclone meeda win ina nuvvu ippudu nee home flood ayyi Brand Image motham poyina Hyderabad ki paaripovatam endayya
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    adi pettinchindi meme ani oka ppt release chestham
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    Already Akada nag gadu Manmadhudu2 producers meda fire lo undu anta correct ga kobbati matta release time lo enduku release chesaru ani
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    pellaina kothallo choo chweet eshalu estey ilanee aythadi mari
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    Firstly, Telanganites are not rude. The way of taking or responding to someone or something is usually mixed with wording or clubbed with an emotion or a gesture respective to the situation and Andhra's have a different way and they comment it as 'rude' just like you did... This is the way Telanganites have been living and this is something called as the behaviour of the region and if someone cannot respect this, they should either keep quite or stay away.. anthe kani, 'rude' anadam manchi vidhanam kadu
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    Alane border cross chesi pak ki dobbeya manaali
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    As it is ga undi.. aa walking shot lo army dress thesesi suit veste maharshi, t shirt veste srimanthudu, formal shirt veste BAN
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    xvideos lo grandpa fcuks young girls videos choosinattu undi antunnaru mari
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    Friend valla intiki mandeddam ani ochina, valla wife ledemo ankoni. Vadu pilichadu tagudamani, so thought so. Ochaka ame undi, and maku e brand konalo cheptundi. Ponile ani urkunna, ammai valla parents video call cheste eeme mammalni chupistondi tagutunnarani. Valla daddy hi cheptunnadu. Valla mammy peanuts fry chesi ivvamani cheptondi. Etu potondi ra samajam.
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    Db lo intha mandi cheppaka kud nee la act cheste niku naku theda undadhu...nenu ivvalsindi gattigane icha...inka nee chavu nuv chavu! adollani ane mundu mee amma kuda adadhe ani matram gurtu pettuko...nuvvu em vintav le, mee amma mate vini undav block chesi lite tiskunta inka Thanks for the advice folks! Like u said I don’t want to stoop to his level!
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    vara lakshmi vratham chesukodaniki
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    anything new comes with its own set of pros and cons, right now your brain is only worried about negative or uncertainty start you day with gratitude by saying it yourselves - "I have a project, I thank for the opportunity and blessed to learn something new and improve my life intellectually, spiritually and economically" anuko, you will have entirely different day
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    Paddathiga how much Ani adiginapudu price cheppu, time kaadu. Cheppalenapudu ee sodi thread vesi dm me anadam enduku. Public forum lo cheppalentha price pettinara.
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    kadupu nindi.. luxuries ekkuvai.. guddha balisi..
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    Mostly unmoderated forum, can't blame the mods as they might only be volunteering in which case they don't want to spend too much of their time moderating comments here. Edo kastha oorata ki ochi poye forum, can't expect people to maintain civility and decorum here at all times. Some users take it to extremes can't deny that, but that doesn't mean they are abusive people in real life. The cloak of anonymity does sometime make people say things they won't normally say in outside world, even if they were to regret saying such things later. However, the problem lies with people who take this way too seriously. If you are very thin skinned and easily offended by what people say here, I have an advise for you. Please stay off the DB as this will affect your psyche in the real world and it will show in your interactions with people.
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    neeku fiancee undi annav kadha bro...udaynne nidra lechi ade pani ga every day ame ni boothulu tidithe okay na mari? nuvvu cheppu le bro..idi anonymous place ga mari inka roju ade pani ga morning to evening cheddam. Plus inkollu vachi nee personal details unnollu, eyana details na deggara unnai ping me ante okay na ala thitte vaditho ? endi vaa idi ikkadiki fun kosam vastunnam ani mods ki chepte...tirigi vallu boothulu tidithe okay na? nuv okay ante cheppu bro mari...vadini palla piluddam ani bratimiladudham mods ni..nee fiancee kuda anonymous ye kabatti lite Plus virtual world aite ammailni rape chesta anacha ? roju konni months nunchi oka telugu heroine, ex cm kutu, america president kutur, db lo ammailu...ade pani ga okay na? niku okay and cool emo bhayya...chala mandiki chiraku pedutundi...chala mandiki ala every day ammailani thittatam kosame oka db naduputunnaru ante nachadu. calm ga ammailni trap chesi db la lo, valla personal details and names tho create cheskunnollu lera? ade abbaila mida kuda chesaru e db lo fb links vesi...vallu cheskunna time waste kante idi takkuva kadhu le bro...calm down fb,reddit,insta,twitter ila ekkada evaru spend cheyara ? okadu evado ammailani, america ki respect ichevadu unnadu..vadiki kalindi...vadini and pellanni roju tidithe...1 hour spend chesi idi antha chesadu! Daniki thin skin adhi idi antunnav...mari vadevadino sambandam leni vadini, vadi pellanni,vadi amma ni anataniki roju 10 hours spend chesevadini evaru anakudadha!
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    over hype chestunattu unnaruga punarnavini.Himaja , sri mukhi looks far better than punarnavi .punarnavi hero pakkana gumpu lo govinda roles, heroine pakna freind roles ki tappa deniki paniki radu .potti petite full attitude navi mam
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    Pandaga puta kuda pellalu meda edava pote em poindi.. Oka roju gap ivvandi Repati nundi edavochu malli routine ga
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    HINDSIGHT ANALYSIS 1. Water basic need should not be sold ..... but if they are selling then they should have control cannot money for water which was stolen/snatched 2. Ali - did wrong by putting hand into girls pant ..... she was not comfortable he should have stopped (its just 100 rs). Ali should say but he did not. 3. Hima - she did whatever possible to save herself and money ..... when she recovered she did not want the "hand in pant" any issue because it might back fire on her like Bhanu in BB2 4. Actual issue .... because Hima brought subtly that she was not comfortable Ali putting hand in pant, Ali thought that she will play the girl card and hence rechipoyedu ....... to save himself ...... now when he started making big issue of him kicking him ..... Hima got scared that Big boss might eliminate her as violence in not permitted in the house and hence she gave up and said and fell on the feet . That is what happened .................. 5, Hindsight she should have made big issue of Ali touching her pants and thrown the money away and then also she should have told that Ali is not the theif to steal things ....he is just a member and can sell stuff for money ,,...... Ali should have locked water up after this and charged 500 per glass to hima and 100 for others ..... So both of them did not play intelligently in that fit of rage 6. Srimukhi played very good .... she stole money from Beppam (Varun) and broke the glass ..... she was the most active ...she should be the best player. She also made a point that noone should touch her .....also warning to Rahul (she did not want another geeta madhuri ...... in the house by hugging for everything)...she knows her limits ....limited hugging ..... voice okate control cheskovaali 7. Ashu - is playing mind games ....she has some brains ..... 8. Mahesh vitta - he is the Vibeeshan of the house ..... 9. Baba/Shiva jyothi ....they played their roles normally ..... pass marks 10. Ravi - broke with bare hands will compete for best player ......else he was luke warm 11. Rahul - did nothing but to provoke Srimukhi and he lost that battle 12. Rohini - took sides (ali's favor) she lost points in my opinion .... she should have been neutral like Sri mukhi and Jyothi 13. Navi - glamour queen .....no contribution ..... worst player from game angle for today but she has glamour to play with 2-3 angles pictures she will be saved ..... i am voting her ...Big boss please give her some good clothes during the games as well ..... 14. Vritika - Ammo cunnning fox ..... she does not care about varun and she is blaming him in front of others ..... i feel bad about Varun.... then she saved all money and started acting in the hall saying Ravi got hurt and crying ..... chumma show ....... she is suited for Serials ...... thos 1000 episodes ....hope she gest some good offers 15. Tammanna - entha thakuvaa maatlaadthe antha thakkuvaa ..... it is oka pscyco laagaa vundi ...eppuddu manchi avuthaado eppuddu chedda theleedu .... today she was good supporting hima ......
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    do u have nay sense ? do u know the history of hyderabad, do u know hyderabd was rich than India at time of independence. people of hyderabad are warm and welcoming. 10gi tinnadi memu kadu meru. ma neelu ma state lo okka project katta kunda anni andhra ku tesukoni poyindi meru. nagarkarnool cheruvu gurinchi telusa ? after so long full water unnayi people are very happy eppudu edupu tappa em ledu
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    emi chesaro teliyadante neeku santosham ante koda teliyadu.. chill
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    NASA —> Sandral saar ISRO—> IT NRIs Its like CBN saying to NRIs, “Mee andarni nene US pampincha..”
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    Yeah best profession is in some madharasas manchiga piece loving people ni develop cheyochu pavithra yuddham ani cheppi
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    Highly controversial topic .. HANDLE WITH CARE! Mastes Janalu: More cultured and adapted to US culture. Have matured mindset, pakkanodi tinnada leda ani minimum alochistaru Valladeggara unna lekunna ... friend/telsinavadu adgithe always on toes to help Office lo buttering buddhi undadu.. just valla work cheskoni velpotharu.. vadidi veedidi cheeke alavatu undadu Onsite/Non Masters janalu Opposite to all that above Emails rayadam kuda radu .. ( typo's and worst sentence formation ) Pilliki kuda bicham veyyaru.. Vellu edo thopulu laga feeling .. worst dressing, poor manners, smell ivanni valla sontham !! Dignity of labor ante meaning teledu End of the day,, all indians are my brothers and sisters.. JAI HIND
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    Correct Anna the time line of the comments on TG state 1) Before state formation TG valaki chaduvu raadu, naxalites will take over the state, minorities will be dominant and rule the state , 2) Hyderbad lo manam lekapothe ovadu untadu it will be desert Antha mana valle , oka sari state form aithe hyderbad will be desert 3) once CBN takes over Andhra state next moment all the companies will move based on CBN influence already articles published in some Ajyothi , ni company will be there 4) No power no current all industries and households will suffer slow ga after 2 years 5) , Ipudu em telustadi le power konukoni power istunaru oka 4 years aithe mottam potadi daily edupu daily edupu 6) Amaravathi will be Singapore no comparison to Hyderabad ani loki and his batch comments 7) Bongu aitadi kaleshwaram 87k crores , slow ga project 50 percent complete ayaka new edupu power ekadi Kelli testadu vala bonda , now dabbulu free ga vasthe ekadi ninchi aina nilu testaru project Mari em ayindi 6 decades ninchi ek se ek Madhavi okadiki kuda vision leda cbn start cheisna devadula em ayindi?? 8 free ga vastunayi paisalu emina kadtharu, Hyderabad mida roju 9) Free ga center money tho polavaram still issues no body knwo what percentage of project is complete , no body knows day 1 ninchi Edo oka edupu enduku bhaiyya just look the things they are, appreciate the hyderbad growth , appereciate the water planning and projects, appreciate the administration , law and order of the great cosmopolitan city, where Muslim majority is high, appreciate the people’s harmony where every body is united for Tg state way better than deekshalu, publicity , bulldzoing buildings etc etc No doubt Dora is making blunders in panchudu and buying Mlas everybody is against it, no harish rao in cabinet etc just question those things Daily edichi manaki emi raadu don’t claim andhra vale kattaru, if that was yes ipatiki hyderbad lo half City aina katali kada centers money tho andhra lo katalai kada , it’s just nature of Hyderbad , the govt Lands it has , ability to grow in all corners SCS ivaledu ipatllo scs ante Gmida tantharu modi and shah , Vizag is already a great city , andhra will flourish people have to be united ,
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    Localki 75% jobs gaavale..andhrollu TG Ni dochukurru...but Trump matram immigrants em anakudadu
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    divorce ichi, single ayipoyi em sadinchalo sadinchu. pelli kaka mundu single e ga appudu em sadinchavu. don't have a complaining mentality raise above that then u have an opportunity to achieve what you want to. good luck.
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    2013-14 lo state division appudu veedu chaala vetakaaramga vaagaadu andhra gurinchi. Inka vankaragaa answer chesthoo 'andhra vidipothey andhra ki laabam' ani navvuthooo.. Ipdu eediki thelindhi baadha etla vuntundho sentiments ni hurt chesthey and veedu esp rajyasabha lo nela meedha chepa pilla laaga gila gila kottukuntuntey aaahhaaa entha haayiga navvukunnaano.. 😀🤣🤣 Ps: i have no hate against telanganites but felt bad at that time due to long attach
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    good job ra lavdakor mods
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    Thanks Sri Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao garu to show the way to these folks
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