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    bottom line..it seems that you understand each other well and love each other..
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    juttu unna amma enni koppulu anna peduthundi naa lanti bodi munda ke kashtalu anni
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    I would like to give you one suggestion: neeku kopam ekkuva thittesta annav kadha, please don't do it infront of your kid, meeru entha kottukunna kids mundhu kottukovadhu, it will have a very drastic affect on your kid you are missing one key point, PATIENCE. late ayite kopam vasthundhi thittesta antunnav, late avvani, nee family kante time ki povatam important kaadhu. kopam chala dangerous man, it can destroy families. ma dad kopaniki nenu ma thammudu chala affect ayyam man, personal experience tho chepthunna. meditation try cheyyi, first lo weird ga untundhi, but eventually it will relax your mind. chinna chinna vishyalaki suicide endhi man. you are overthinking it. bayata valaki chinna chinna vishyalu laane untundhi, but barinche vaadiki telusthundhi anukoku, please start meditation. you are not just a husband, you are a father. nee kid ki nuvve role model, so you better act like one
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    It's not a good career option, I will be very honest. Too many tools and too may ways to automate things so DevOps has a different meaning for each company out there. Instead of learning so many tools and jumping so many companies, better to be a Developer or something like that. I don't recommend DevOps, it's a passing fad. It won't be in demand an year from now.
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    ikkada chala mandi anthe bro. villu chese tappulu ville realize avvaru, inka kids gurinchi emi alochistaru?? kids ni kaneyatam fb lo photos pettadam birthdays cheyyatam. inthaka minchi villaki alochinche antha scene ledu. konni examples istanu-- @kittaya veedu rape victim videos xvideos lo chudalanukune type. but buildup ki satsangam, temples gurinchi post estadu. @perugu_vada eeyana chala kalam nundi unnadu, pelli ayyindi emi upoyagam, xvideos lo videos kavalanta. emcheptam. @Android_Halwa eedu oka gajji batch. opposite batch ni eda chance unte aada, avatalavallaki chirak vachela posts estadu. page lu page lu essay lu rastadu. avi half rupee upoyagam kuda undadu. aak pak karepak type. eediki manager post icharu, india lo unna valla meeda frustration chupinchi pani chepistadu ani. veedu login ayyadu ante india lo vallaki ucha anamata. veedu pillalu vishayam lo entha goppaga untado oohinchuko. @Quickgun_murugan eedu biggest hypocrite in this db. chesevanni dummara panulu. ninnu tidatha antadu but hurt avoddu antadu. nenu munde cheppanu kada hurt avoddu ani antadu. mamoolu athi kaadu. @vendetta eema aada ladies anta. yerakamga anukovalo telvad?? vesevanni worst posts. 24hrs edupu on lo untadi, prapancham antha aame kosam puttindi anukuntadi. aame parent ayithe pillalu ela untaru?? intha dikkumalina mindset unnavallu inka pillalu gurinchi emi alochistaru?? indulo chala mandi ekkuva kalam nunde unnaru ikkada emi upayogam. so villa deggara nundi inputs avasarama???
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    Oka pori poraadu love cheskunaru pori maa intlo nadavadu , chal saalu teey mana yavvaram bandh seddaam ani break up chesindi,,, pori married one Andhra guy, poraadu oka 2years depression lo undi , chivariki oka arranged marriage cheskunnadu oka Andhra girl ni Twist enti ante that pori marriage cheskunna andhra guy and poraadu marriage cheskunna andhra girl are Siblings ippudu vaadi lover vaadiki chelli varasa autundi, vaademo thu deenamma jeevitham antunnadu pelliki 10 days munde telisindi ee matter, anduke em cheyaleka marriage cheskunnadu Okappudu chitha kaarthe kukkalaga thriginollaki all of sudden gaa relation change ayipoyindi Veedu gaaa andhra pori tho matladali ani chustunte she is avoiding him anta
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    i get atleast 4 msgs on Linekdin, 3 vms on phone on a an average every week for postions dont spread rumors here
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    Just get the fck otta here you dumb fuckin piece of shittt!!!
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    Your problems are very common. Everyone faces them. Job pote husband ni face cheyalekapovadam is little immatured. Ikkada andariki jobs potayi vastayi. Just keep ur chin up. You are just overthinking. Have some activity , go to gym or pursue a hobby to keep yourself busy. Basically jsut husband to time spend cheyalanna focus lekunda have a world for yourself too...anni set ayipotai.
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    discovery, invention kaadu Discover antaru
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    ncbn rocks anthe. aina cheppadam valle telisindi IT field gurinchi
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    BAJRANG DAL for one definite ga terrorist group adi aithe. movies chusi nuvvu terrorist ante guns and bombs use cheyyali anukuntunnavemo definition chudu --the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.-- veella hindutva vaadana anti feb 14th squad is enough for civilians to worry which is indeed terrorism.
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    Manollaki kinda paddanu ani chepteney ishtam.... even if you were transferred on a promotion they dont want to hear that.. they gonna create a rumor that you were fired and humiliated at your previous job so you moved from US to India... few of my friends faced it ... and they came back to US within a year...
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    by analyzing the pace at which 5 applications are handled on a given day... dwara predict cheshna... USCIS has 30 different levels of non-immigration and immigration applications to process... indulo GC vi process chesey time undadu vallaki... they are understaff overloaded...
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    Road pakkana railway track pakkana chembu tho kurchune sight seeing miss ayuntadu
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    My definition of devops: “If you really understand Devops you wouldn’t work as Devops engineer” learn programming if you want a good career in IT. I realized this bit late
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    unnappudu happy ga bathkutham kada ... ani public logic
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    Don't buy just any crpto coin..If a coins is 'Owned' by oany group,they have thier interest and not yours.(Bitcoin is anonymus an dno one owns it.)The owners of these are only the benficial users in this..they 'create coins' for free and even if they dump a billion coins at 1 cent each..they will be millionaires overnight Buy 'Bitcoin' or 'nothing'. (I am into bitcoins from many years..I first bought bitcoins when they were trading at $30 ish and seen many coins come and go..pure dumping..I was also one of the partner in famous DOGECOIN,once traded over $5 which is now less than 0.00001 cent.We used to give away 100s of free coins just for promotion and agetting more people into the game)
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    Andhariki Anni ichhi aayana maathram kattubattalatho amaravati ki vellipoyaadu.. @ARYA @dalapathi @Picha lite
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    rain/bad light won the first day of the Test
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    A person who is really genuine wouldn't belittle anyone. He would have empathy and will understand whether it is job or in any aspect of life. Nachaka pote silent untaru belittle ayite cheyaru. Period.
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    akada jamoon vuncle relangi mavayya types ani declaration kuda gived nuvu emo bumchik bum antandav. endi vuncle
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    Are you seriously suggesting that women should avoid film industry because its not safe for them? How about advocating for making the industry a safe place? How about suggesting the men to keep their junk contained in their pants? How about shaming and blaming the harassers? Why are we normalizing sexual harassment? It is a serious issue.
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    Wow. After so much discussion, all you people could talk about is HER. Like the guy who harassed her doesn't even deserve an iota of blame.
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    heroine oriented movie- mahesh bo0b
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    dont need i think. Naaku telsi, electronic gates pedatharu, with out scanning it you can't enter or exir form station, aa gates deggera assistansts ni pedithe saripoddi, London Tubes laaga
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    Comparatively Sunny aunty baguntadi kaka.... Mia aunty kantey.. mia aunty battalu ippitheney baguntadi... Sunny full covered ayina decent ga untadi
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    Mamulu athi kadu ga nidi niku multiple offers vunay ani db janalki teliyali anthe ga
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    Never ever in real life.but nakeppudu one lion ma family hunt chestunattu dreams vastuntai
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    Greatest Hits ata nenu ade eddamunkunna
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    india lo appatlo (of course ippudu kooda) oorike pakkinti pillala tho comparing...vadi rank chudu, vadi score chudu, vadu adhi, vadu idhi, love da lo eamcet time aithey maree ghoram, especially sri chaitainya, narayana batch student parents, weekly monthly test scores ki kooda racha racha...comparing... , engineering ainaka placements lo kooda packages compare chesina parents kooda unnaru....vaadiki chudu antha vachindi anta...etc etc same jabbu ikkada kooda konni pamilies paakisthunnayi...comparing....evo kumon, best brians lowda lasan ani unnai kada..akkada desi parents always talk mee abbayi ki idhi ela vachindi ..blah blah.... maarandi raa arey.....pillalni champakandi..mee mohalu manda..
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    how do we get to see heroines then? vallu undedey songs kodam kadaaa choreographers pottakottaalani choosthunnava ??
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    aishwarya ame name
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    vaalla bhayam vaalladhi... ala compare chesi pressure pettakapothe ee maathram sadhuvulu kooda lekunda cycle tyre patch lu eskunta bathakalsi vasthundi ani... prathokkadiki fashion aipoindi parents ni anadam
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    peragalante emi cheyali laadu lodi , mee mokahalu manda
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    anna ne edupu ki borders unnava ra ?
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    Sare nuvv seppe sollu vintam sevilo ettukodaniki foolu doodhulu thechukuntam le modalettu nee pittala dora puraanam
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    18k kashtam .. bongulodi... 5% kay geekkuntunnam ...inka 18% antey.. malla future la 401k untado oodthado telvadu..
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    areyyy maku kooda reply ivvu ra plz ra
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    niharika ki maga vesham esinattu unnadu
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    Yeah man India lo pelli kagane visa apply cheyagane ee RFE lekunda ala ichestharu..Entha kastapadithe ala osthundi man visa? Nu denikante ekkuva kastapaddava cheppu ? Kastapadi 22 hours travel chesi ikkadiki ochi ragane em documents avasaram lekunda entho kastapadi irrespective of your degree, vallani vellani adigi forms fill up chesi..costco velli 2 passport size photos digi..cvs pharmacy lo oka money order tiskoni, USPS mokana padesthe kani H4 EAD raadu..adi raganee ee employer restrictions lekunda .. IT/Non-IT ee sector ani chudakunda ee job aina nen unna nayannama antu rates negotiate cheyakunda ekkada osthe akkada ki poyi job chesthunte meeku aasha maashi ga unda man?
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    andlo antha navvukotaniki em undi..ivala repu mana h1 lu teda oste..last ki wife h1 meeda h4 ga ravalsinde...