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    emo mari neeke theliyali alantivi... ee madhya thega pedthunnaru DB lo poragallu neeku
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    mee cousin ni chinese citizenship theeskomanu... it will get sorted out
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    Sorry bro.. short eskovalante manchi skin color undlani teleka ala ochesthunnam.. atleast store la shop odu aina cheppalsindhi meekammam ani.. won’t repeat bro
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    Ganesh gari greatness gurinchi cheppadaniki naakunna shakthi saripodhu, naakunna VOCABULARY saripodhu.. Endhukante naaku ayana first epusode lo entrance ichina , Panchekattu style aa kalladhhalu aa hundha aa tv.. thanu rj Ani intro cheskunna style chusina ventane, nenu FM ani okati untundhi ani kanukkunanu first-u, vaallaniRadio jockey antarani telusukunnanu. Aa frequency lo tune cheskoni Maya gadu ante emiti ? ma anna level ante enti? Ilanti vishayalanni thelusukunnanu.. Ante oka fm show ni ardhamayyelaage cheppakkarledhu, dhanini ardham chesukovali ane korikanu puttela kooda cheppochhu ani Radio jockey STHAYI ni penchinatuvanti vyakthi. Ante audience ive vintuntaru, vallaki ive ardhamavuthayi kabatti ive cheppali ani kakunda.. Vallaki mqlli malli aa program ke tune chesukovalane thapana untundhi.. Edho andhravfriends lanti dB lo , discussion board lo bb2 thread untundhani Akkada Ganesh Anna ki army untundhani aa army lo join avvalani oka thapana ni reketthinchagaligina sthayi rj .. House lo cheemaluntai vatitho ant park ani movie theeyochhanna creativity ni prapanchanike parichayam chesina vyathi ganesh Intha iruku bb house lo.. Contestants la thaluku IMAGE-u, biggboss thaluku ARDHAMLENITHANAM, Maa tv thaluku VYAPARA VILUVULA, PREKSHAKULA thaluku ARDHAM CHESUKOLENITHANAM, Veetanninti madhyallo kooda oka goppa content ivvadaniki rathrillu, Ayana tread mill meedha ayana kharchupettina kshanalu.. Ayana kharchuchesukunna jeevitham.. Ayana vadhulukunna kutumbham.. Ayana matladaleni kaushal Ayana house maree tho kooda ayana matladaleru, matladuthunte naaku aavesam vacchesthondhi, nenu andhuke dayachesi ilanti threads loki endhukuranu ante nannu nenu control chesukolenu kabatti.. Ayana naaku thelisi endhukante, Prapamcham antha padukunna tharuvatha ayana lesthadu.. AYANA RATHRI UDHAYINCHE SURYUDU.. Ardharathri udhayinche suryudu ayana, ayana padhalu ane kiranalu theesukuni, content ane thootalu theesukuni CHEEMALA meedha vetaaddaniki bayaluderuthadu rathri poota.. "RANDI.. NAAKU SAMADHANAM CHEPPANDI.." cheemalu kuda samadhanam cheppaleni prashnalani vati meedhaki sandhisthadu.. mana tv loki everyday vasthadu.. Mana hall-lo koorchukuntadu.. Mana bedroom lo mana pakkane nilabadathadu.. biggboss ni question chesthadu.. "BLAST BLAST BLAST.." antadu THANA Thoti housemates tho
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    Ee rolll gadini ellanaina10gandi ledha noru theravakunda punshment aina ivvandj ra ayya
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    ela untaayo endhi. ee db lo oka ammayi evaritho anna nude chat chesthey, ela treat chestaru aa ammayi ni. ika anthey aa ammayi ye threads lo thana opinion cheppanivvaru. either shaming or goking her. adigithey, its our right. adhi magalla right to keep asking s3x even when its not welcome. their life is over, once a woman exposes herself.
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    Okappudu ammalakkalu ilanti sollu discuss chese vallu. ippudu us vachina bachelors aa role filling anna maata
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    when things dont go as planned, disappointment is common, some take it personally, something like "all bad things happen to me, i dont know how to handle even simple things, i am unlucky etc", this is common for everyone for few minutes or an hour to max, if these feelings stretch over an hour..they are not worth thinking. you are basically getting into cyclical thoughts, which are negative this this.. every failure is gonna teach you a lesson, learn it record it and dont repeat it best way is to start you day with gratitude.."think about all the good things that happened to you and how lucky you with what you have".. this will change your world in few days/weeks sense of gratitude allows to secreting endorphins in brain that one gets during when someone does things that make them happy you will have a total different outlook when happy than when sad i tried a scientific way..pardon my lengthy writeup
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    Wal ki pay cheyatam em karma . Kapala kuda untaru
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    Here is my conversation my Modi - AR- Paaji, you know Naidu ? MN- Yes of course, he invented fire and IT AR - ohhh really ? MN - after a pause....That’s how he feels AR - Now it makes sense!
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    have been working in the technology field and did not keep myself up to date but being on bench learning all these technologies and its definitely overwhelming Active MQ, Akka, Angular JS, Block Chain, Cassandra, DevOPS, GoLang, Hadoop, Kafka, Kibana, Kubernetes, Linux, MongoDB, Node.JS, Python, RabbitMQ, React, Redis, Ruby on Rails, Scrum Certification, Spring ( Various Modules ) Requesting all my Brothers and Friends to update sincerely and not get suck with the monolithic day to day job, come home and sleep. effing hacker ranks can be cleared by reading the PDF "Cracking the Coding Interview, 6th Edition 189 Programming Questions and Solutions" PM "Cracking-the-PM-Interview-How-to-Land-a-Product-" PM
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    thanks bro you saved my money, billing queue lo ne post chusi Venkaki vacha
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    In a tv studio while debating with babu an astrologer predicted babu's life will see upside down within few months babu didn't agree but it seems true after all these
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    ante chandrudu daakkuntada?
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    Nenu aa bucket water ki bill endhuku bokka ani .. varsham pade roju car ni bayata Park chestha
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    Pattinchukoku brother valla matalni..