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  1. Reddy86

    Attorney cleared all questions for me- will clear most of the fake news

    Ee roje maa attorney tho company wide call lo matladam. She clarified every thing. nenu next week Europe velthunna for vacation, so vellacha leda ani adiga. Documents thisukuni vellu no issues anindi. International travel ki emi problem ledu if u have H1B stamping, lekapothe plan in advance as dropbox is cancelled indefinitely. Documents anni pettukuni vellandi like employment verification letter, paystubs, i-797 original etc. Domestic travel ki asalu no issues, aa question adiginanduku navvindi. Aaa min wage 100k or 130k valla manaku peddaga effect undadu. More paper work for employers. Exempt H1B and Non-Exempt H1Bs untai. Masters unna, 60K salary kante ekkuva unna exempt H1B ki file cheyachu eppudu. Aa 60k ni 130k chesi masters lepestharu anedi bill. We can go for non-exempt H1Bs, mee employer gadu US citizens ni fire cheyakunda undi and hiring chesthunte no issues, just some additional paperwork for attorney and couple of extra interviews for employer.Amendments ki emi problem avadu ani cheppindi. maa attorney bill antha chadivi cheppindi, not like some kulfis in social media or telugu media. Executuve orders tho most of the immigration visas ki changes cheyaledu anta, daniki bill congress lo approve avvali, senate lo avali, avakamundu comments ki vellalli just like mana i-140 EAD bill lage. Ee 132K bill pass avadam ante BJP governament lo Congress MP pettina bill pass avadam antha kastam, just like AP special status bill by KVP laga. H4 EAD gurinchi kuda adigam, inka bill ee pettaledu, bill pettaka aa thatangam antha jaragadaniki time paduthundi like comments ki vellali and chala untai. It will take time as i-140 EAD ani cheppindi. Inka konni cheppindi naku gurthu ravatledu chala mandi chala question adigaru. p.s. mine is FT but memu mostly client location lo work chestham. It is a Oracle Implementation partner.
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  2. tennisluvr

    Oka pend marriage and later dilemma essplained today, marriage antene bhayam ga undi ra bhai

    Adigina nee pendlam ante peelings unnaya inka ante levu iga edo bandi nadipistunna annadu. pendlam di kooda same case manodante edo ATM ane kaani vere em peelings levu ani chepesindu. Poni ra bhai nenu paisal istha mee chelli ni separate ga roommates to undamanu mana privacy ki ante ledu kudaradu mem sister chaana close benga padathadi anta. Sare maa odu adigindu malla repu jaab vere jaga la osthey gappudendi paristithi ani. Gappudu okay jaab osthey potha ani septhadanta. Endo eella logiclu. Maa odu divorce alochincindu kaani intlo aa maata ethithey oorukunedi ledu ani intla nundi full warning ochindi. Sare gadi cheyaledu ila bakra gadi la brathakaledu ani badha paddadu.
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  3. Batman_fan

    Amazon ki entha apply chesina...

    Amazon will sponsor for most jobs. Make sure the resume is just 1 page and don't put all the technical stuff. You need to convert the work you did into some awesome numbers such as "I saved XXX dollars to client", "I save YYY man hours with my automation", so on. No one cares what you do with Java/Python etc.,Tell them what your work did to client. Otherwise you are just one of 100 people who apply for that job. Differentiate yourself.
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  4. BoilingStar_Bablu

    Excellent Actors From Neighboring Industries

    superu superu
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  5. Hercules

    russian teen model industry....time unte dekhandi...

    @jbourne uncle russia, siberia ki oka trip eyu. You might find a beautiful bride too good unaru kondaru models. pawan kalyan kuda russia lo found love
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  6. Batman_fan

    Star bucks CEO Schultz's 10 rules

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  7. VizagRocks

    Burnool moment for BJP haters

    lol. your(our) ancestors lost to the turks, to the afghans, to the british. they basically lost to everybody. what was so great about them?
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  8. batanee

    India's 'Indus OS' nominated for Global Mobile Awards

    India's 'Indus OS' nominated for Global Mobile Awards by GSM Association http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/indus-os-nominated-for-global-mobile-awards-2017-117022200305_1.html
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  9. lazybugger

    AFDB style debates have crossed the final frontier.

    please kick both these assholes from this db, and save this wonderful db for the rest. plsss mods.
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  10. lazybugger

    AFDB style debates have crossed the final frontier.

    like all 'debates' on AFDB, I call it a draw. Only because Tarek Fatah was not punched in the face
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  11. kiraak_poradu

    Gurgoan businessman used Facebook to dates 5 women on v-day |

    Paisa main fafa fooks
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  12. JollyBoy

    R programming language training needed help pls

    knw one.. 10k online class kavalante cheppu
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    Pelli Ayyaka Eh Feeling Enti Babai ?

    U made the right choice bro .. couple of years back I was also almost thinking in the same way like you.. but neeku love fail ayyi evarokarni cheskundhamanukunnav.. naku pelli meedha good opinion Leka evaraithe entani cheskunna.. na wife kuda non IT and small town lo perigindhi.. initial ga few years konchem kastam anipinchindhi.. like financial.. ikkada andharitho easy ga mingle ayyedhi kadhu.. parties ki pothe padi nimishaalake ochhevaallam thanaki aa env nachhaka.. but it won't take more than 1,2 years bro tharvatha everything will b normal.. easy ga nee mind set ki ikkadi social culture ki alavatavutharu.. mellaga h4 ead ochhaka testing lo training ippincha .. starting lo kastam unde Ippudu v both are earning financial ga social ga personal ga everything is great.. hope u will b having same feeling by next year
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  14. trent

    Calling halwa

    ne halwa comedy ni denga, nuvvu e ap meda hatred thone poyela vunnav
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  15. Kalam_Youtheman

    Mc d papa tho sarasalu

    masters which year lo chesav bro
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  16. Mundhu spell check use cheyatam nerchukomanali
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  17. jbourne

    Bed bugs

    Sci channel lo ostaru kada exterminators ani vallani try cheyali bhagat ankul
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  18. godfather03

    Bed bugs

    Tappadu..padey furniture antha..
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  19. xxxmen

    Bed bugs

    it works bro 5 days antunav kabbati Amazon lo liquid order ichi motam spray chesi full heater on chesyi 1 day and mini heaters kuda on chesi petey go out sastay [email protected]
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  20. Yuvatha

    Bed bugs

    gp.. antha ekkuva ayye daka em chestunaru aprt lo ? 1-2 kanapadagane ALERT avvali
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  21. vendetta

    Bed bugs

    +1 I faced almost for 4 months
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  22. Bangaruu

    Bed bugs

    Starting lo valle chesi istaru ..Manam unnappudu bugs vaste maname cheyyinchukovali treatment 500-800$ avutundi ...Old thread undali bro bugs medha google lo search
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  23. tennisluvr

    how is market now . Bench babulu ravali.

    As it is ga undi
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  24. Android_Halwa

    Tableau practise

    I never tried it on MAC, but try to download huge sample sets of data first.. if you are good at excel, pivot charts, Tableau is just an extension of excel...before working on tableau, familiarise with how to import/export datasets from excel, what is the principle of pivot table and how do you estimate and determine the tables and charts in excel first.. In ameerpet, there are people who provide access to databases for different domains, like banking, financials,insurance, etc usually charge $40-50/month and give you remote access to the servers...download tableau and connect it to the database and start practicing... first and foremost, practice on excel and understand the principle of pivot tables and tableau becomes very simple.
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  25. ManchiDonga

    ******** h4ead aunties tho vyavaharam

    repu nee pellam kuda join aithadi... dont worry.. doesnt matter about status.. lolll
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  26. Spartan

    Chilara NRI fellows .Hardward Univeristy lost respect of inviting uneducated PK

    suicidal thoughts and attempt to suicide aite true.
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  27. samaja_varagamana

    New technology nerchukundam anukuntunna

    yup bro AWS nerchuko take material from @k2s
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  28. tennisluvr

    Amrican guys commitment

    The fact that you are using a person's skin color or race to determine what sort of a long term commitment he would have towards his significant other, instead of using his character and persona to arrive at a conclusion shows that you aren't ready for any sort of an emotional relationship. Even worse, you feel conducting an opinion poll here would give you a conclusive answer. You are delusional beyond belief.
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  29. chinnabhai

    monthly expenses..** up man

    Ya man..its been like almost 2 years..with the above expenses iam spending
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  30. rudhra

    Every day runners , joggers marathon runners suggest shoes

    Veedi location ne daggarlo unte vellu ne leg ni assess chesi shoes suggest chestatu. Nedi neutral running pattern a stability running pattern aa? danni batti shoe chudali.. Medium ayite Asics gel cumulus, gel 360 , nike vomero, nike lunar glide etc good stability ayite gel cumulus good..inka brooks ghost series bane untai
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    Sweet, Simple & Graceful - SaiPallav

    sekhar kammula heroine
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  32. mekapichal_mnthmkura

    Rajinikanth, Aamir Khan & Mohanlal in Rajamouli’s Mahabharata

    aa movie lo unna senior citizens lo sagam mandi potharanukunta movie aypoyelopala..
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  33. Android_Halwa

    Vendor gadu mail pampadu with list of candidates

    Mounika Goud...Business Analyst, ....Pakka h4 EAD...
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  34. mekapichal_mnthmkura

    my POE experience

    true baa.. idi telvaka andaru edo edo analysis lu cheskuntunaru.. 10gey mante .. 10geyyali .. antha kante em peekaleru ani telusthaledu eellaki.. love da
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  35. LivingLegend

    Rotta movie

    They all might pre-programmed their minds before entering in to theatre just bcoz it is Nani's movie. Few might be laughing bcoz others are laughing. Trailer chustene Naku bore kottindi cinema ki ela vellav uncle
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  36. Bangaruu

    Alia Bhatt - Vogue photos

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  37. babu_bangaram

    Priyanka Chopra LASHES OUT against Donald Trump

    deeni fate next POE lo decide avuthaaadi ......
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  38. krishnote3

    Canada - New Home for immigrant Muslims

    vidiki eppudu theliyadhuu...sanka naki pothadhi candda
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  39. i_sudigadu

    Lol feminist - nsfw audio

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  40. kiladi bullodu

    nfl superbowl 51 - winners fixed gattiga

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  41. lazybugger

    We will punch some people in the face...

    Wow... the left has woken up from its deep slumber.
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  42. lazybugger

    Tokkalo gola..incase travel ban Muslims meeda kakunda H1 valla meeda petti unte

    KCR ran against the established order, which was full of Andhra people. That is why he made those statements. Trump also ran against established order, but it was not full of muslims/mexicans/immigrants. It was full of white people. He ran against white people, by talking sh1t about muslims/mexicans. you see the difference?
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  43. psycopk

    deniki matladatam kuda sariga radu.. inka mimickry anta..

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  44. nani80ss

    అడ్డంగా బుక్కయిన చంద్రబాబు

    ఫోర్మ్యాట్ ఇలా ఉంటది తెలుసుకొని Read This Registration: Please send details of your CEO/Sr Executive (who would sign the MOU) and an accompanying senior official (limited to twopersons)from your company who would attend the Partnership Summit by 23 January for us to organise delegate-passes. The persons attending the summit needs to carry an original Government issued ID card, as desired by CII:మీకు ఇంగ్లీష్ వచ్చు గా పైది అర్ధం అవుతది కదా
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  45. lazybugger

    when will bollywood idiots make a movie on real life stories like these

    kaadhu ani evarannaru? But Hindu vulu tolerant ani pathith veshaalu maanesthey koncham baavuntundi. anthey.
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  46. nandananditha

    calexit kottesam .... mama... maku pandageee

    Kittaya as fox cnn kante Sakshi better emo
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  47. server_sarvam

    ARJUN hyd konda ga come here man

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  48. Android_Halwa

    MS DASHes Killing Billing rates

    architect gadiki dikku leka 95 ki chestundu...veedi veshaloo..veedu nijanga architect ayivunte...veedi ida padi edichisavakuintunde...edaina paniki vache pani chesetodu.. veedi edupu...a 42 billing fake gadini peekesthe, vadi pendlam ni h4 ead midaki ekkinchi udyogam lo pettinchali ani plan ...just midd..a place oka fake gadu vachindu..ie architecxt gadiki kalutundi...emi cheyalekapotundu.. idaki vachi orlutundu...emi peekutav ra..nalli kathalu padi complain chesi peekidobbutav a poragadini..peekeyu..inkokati chusukuntadu..
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  49. naidubava

    Special status is a joke born out of jallikattu

    Teluguodu antene joke.. Siggu leni telugu jathi...chi chi..Siggu paduthunna.. intha ghoraama...
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  50. BUDDY

    Leaked executive order on legal immigration ...

    this could be the reason for deleting those posts http://www.recode.net/2017/1/25/14375750/google-adsense-advertisers-publishers-fake-news
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