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    ee cinema ki 1500 crs ekkuva bhayya....motham marketing magic ee cinema hit ayindi.. uber moment laga there is a gap for VFX movies in Indian market.....Rajamouli cashed that market anthe.....abboo ee cinema ki 1500cr chala ekkuva bhayya average movie bahubali
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    hindus lo inni devudla gurinchi pujalu chesina open ga debate chestam avi fantasies o leka stories o leka biscuits ani. kani muslims asal kanisam question kuda enduk cheyaru? guddiga enduk follow ayi sastaru? religion ni follow avadam oka ettu aithe desam lo okkadu kuda native arab ki puttinodu kadu even arabs treat indian muslims like some dogs. Aina kani degarki cheradisi life ichina desam india , india ala ivadaniki main and only reason is its majority hindus. Hinduism lo ye religion ni aina support chestam, accept chestam, antenduku mosques ki poyi allah ki mokkamana mokki ramzan ki fast chesi biryanilu tintam kani muslims ramudi gudiki vachi mokkoni mana prasadam tintara? adi teda. e issue hindus ki migatha ye religions ki ledu undadu kuda except those abrahamic religions endukante vallu religion ni ruddadam to agaru valla devude undali migatha devudlu asal undakudaku ani behave chestaru 35% majority datagane ye desam lo aina, already indian sub continent lo pak bangla india lo unde muslims ni okati ga count cheste almost 600 million ante almost 3/4th of hindus unaru. already pak, bangla radicalize ayayi complete ga vitiki malla proofs evadu adgadu kuda. inka pote repu vallato india lo unde 200 million muslims kalavaru ani guarantee endi? 1000 years ga multiple times same behavior repeat chesindru , malli cheyaru ani guarantee endi? oka vela cheste hindus ki world lo asal inkoka desam antu unda? mandai ani anadaniki aina? ilanti simple logics matladte far right , bigots, radicals antaru, ne yemma indian soldiers talalu nariki pampinchina kani e left mundakorlu mararu ra, me valle desam 3 parts ayindi ipdu malli ade situation ki vastondi e roju kashmir, repu bengal , tarvata kerala, hyderabad, UP, ila annitni malli me vedhava left policies to islamize cheyandi hindus malli slaves laga bathutam , ne yemma okkadiki kuda telivi ledu 1000 years slavery chesinarra mana ancestors melukoni savandi, day dreams nundi
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    vacheyandamma...bhajana batch..oka 2 days ki saripoye clothes,night wear, pulihora packets, water bottles anni teesukuni vacheyandi... full work meeku...
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    Yeah, I got it. This is a copy paste from KAMMA-SANGHAM email thats in circulation, one of which is forwarded by my KAMMA friend. Earlier as well, they have defended Balayya in shooting episode.
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    A Roadmap to become a Devops Engineer Leading organizations across the world have adopted DevOps methodologies to overhaul their performance, security and team dynamics. With more and more companies jumping onto the DevOps bandwagon, it has emerged as a highly sought after skill to master. This DevOps training is designed to make you a certified practitioner by providing you hands-on training on DevOps tools and sharing DevOps best practices about Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, including Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment and finally Continuous Monitoring of the software throughout its development life cycle. These activities are possible only in DevOps, not Agile or waterfall, and this is why Facebook and other top companies have chosen DevOps as the way forward for their business goals. DevOps is the preferred approach to develop high quality software in shorter development cycles which results in greater customer satisfaction. What is Devops ? Firstly you need to understand, Devops is not a technology. It is a culture which combines various tools and technologies for faster delivery of software and feedback loop through Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment, Continuous Testing and Continuous Monitoring. For achieving CI/CD, Continuous Testing and Continuous Monitoring, a good number of tools and technologies will be used. Having a good knowledge and hands on experience in these tool chains and understanding the devops culture is what is required to be a good Devops. Below are list of tools/technologies which you need to know at minimum to become a proper devops. For each roadmap stage, you’ll be provided with online courses which you can make use of to learn and gain knowledge. Most of the courses are paid one but they are worth spending for to sharpen your skill set. You might be rewarded later on in you career for what you are investing now for your learning. Remember, No good thing comes without a price. If you are already working as one of the bellow : Systems Admins Developers Testers Solutions Architect Release Engineers Cloud Professionals This is the course for you “DevOps Online Training“ If not: The Devops Career Roadmap: Linux – Scripting – Configuration Management Tools – CI/CD tools – Monitoring – Cloud Stage 1: Knowledge about OS ( Linux ) This is the most basic and important skill which you need to possess. Without this, you cannot go any further in the devops roadmap. An intermediate level of administration knowledge is required specifically in Linux Distributions, since you’ll be working on Linux servers that runs the application and other components day in and day out. If you feel you need to improve on your Linux skills, then you can enroll for the below course list that will sharpen your Linux knowledge Linux Admin Live Online Training Stage 2 – Scripting knowledge Having a good scripting knowledge to automate things is required. Scripting language can be of any preference, however bash scripting most times will be a common one. If you are good with scripting in any of bash, python or perl will be more than sufficient. Some course list to help you out in scripting. Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python Team Treehouse – Python course Bash Scripting and Shell Programming (Linux Command Line) Stage 3 – Configuration Management Tools Configuration management tools are plays a vital role in managing infrastructure as code. Experience in any one of the configuration management tool such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt etc is expected out of a devops practioner. Configuration management tool helps to automate your entire infrastructure by just managing it through code just like a normal software. Some useful course to get hands on experience in configuration tools. Chef Fundamentals: A Recipe for Automating Infrastructure Mastering Ansible Complete Devops Training ( Covers Configuration Management Tool ) Stage 4 – Git By far, the most widely used modern version control system in the world today is Git. Git is a mature, actively maintained open source project originally developed in 2005 by Linus Torvalds, the famous creator of the Linux operating system kernel. Knowledge about git is essential and this is mandatory if you are managing your infrastructure as code using CM tools. Git Complete: The definitive, step-by-step guide to Git Complete Devops Training ( Covers git ) Stage 5 – CI/CD tool ( Jenkins ) CI/CD principle is what Devops revolves around and knowledge on build pipeline tools like jenkins, Hudson, Travis etc is required. I would recommend to go with Jenkins first since that is the widely used build pipeline tool. Some recommended course for learning Jenkins are The Complete Jenkins Course For Developers and DevOps Complete Devops Training ( Covers Jenkins ) Stage 6 – Monitoring Continuous monitoring is part of Devops principles. There are various monitoring tools in the market and most companies use multiple monitoring tools to monitor their environment and alert when there is a problem. Tools like nagios, icinga, datadog are used for infrastructure monitoring while tools like AppDynamics, New Relic are used for both infra and application monitoring. Tools like splunk, graylog, ELK are used for centralized monitoring of logs. Getting to know any of these one tool will help you to understand the principles of monitoring and easily understand other products. Some blogs and courses to help you kick start with monitoring are, Centralized logging using Graylog (Blog ) Infrastructure monitoring using Icinga2 (Blog) Complete Devops Training ( Covers Nagios ) Stage 7 – Cloud Providers Cloud has become the most trending word in the recent past. Knowing extensively about the various services provided by different cloud providers is essential. You should be good with at least any one of the famous public cloud providers like AWS, Google cloud, Azure, DigitalOcean etc. AWS is the most popular and widely used cloud provider. Completing AWS certification might help you gaining an extensive knowledge about AWS and the services it provides. Below courses might help you out in learning AWS.There is more to Devops than the above said things. The aim of this article is to just give a starting point for the people who are interested to move to Devops and to equip themselves technically in order to better adapt themselves when the situation demands.
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    congratzzz all Winners....
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    Rank Members Subs Left Points 1 Selva_AdichaSixer - 23,726 2 Shravan07 - 23,625 3 Randhawa_De_Pathe - 23,554 4 Blitzz11 - 23,321 5 IronBirds_XI - 22,652 6 Sunny - 22,642 7 EmperorofBeasts - 22,384 8 Gachibowli.Diwakar - 22,283 9 Jayhawk11 1 22,180 10 SiddiqueAnzaf 7 22,158 11 Gachibowli_Diwakar - 21,939 12 Shyam_FantasyXI - 21,680 13 andhra_alludu - 21,130 14 ChampsInMaking - 21,070 15 HydkaMattaGidesallu - 21,035 16 Trophy_Stealers - 21,032 17 GillyDB - 21,026 18 Sudhir11 - 20,948 19 Rohel - 20,888 20 Falkonz 5 20,502 21 WINdiesXI - 20,445 22 manne 1 19,990 23 afdbbond - 19,901 24 IsmailBhaiKePatthe - 19,726 25 Assaam11 - 19,684 26 Champions2017 2 19,502 27 Singhmzp - 19,408 28 Debrup 1 19,356 29 MeraBharatMahaan 3 19,342 30 Andhrababu85 8 19,252 31 hydvikings - 19,235 32 SuperCrazy11 3 19,141 33 Abhiz_champs 2 19,086 34 MiddleDropWarriors - 17,540 35 .mahesh. 8 16,945 36 nani88 - 16,448 37 Kontekurradu 3 15,901 38 Bharat_XI - 15,879 39 Dravidiaan 8 14,970 40 srs_b221 8 13,836 41 KrazyD 8 13,451 42 Nihards 8 13,194 43 NAZEEM1 8 12,156 44 MUSTANG_XI 8 11,705 45 AfdbSalividi 8 10,675 46 RamWarriors 8 10,460 47 afdb_bestXI 8 10,395 48 victoryrunners 8 10,207 49 Join_My_League_LOVS 8 9,540 50 TeamSafari 8 9,103
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    motham violence kanapadindi bhayya
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    Telugu version..
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    Gif lo em vulgarity undhi... nee kodi medhadu vulgar ga thiskunte ...no one is responsible .. that u a gif...
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    enni cinemalo chupistharu ra a scene....athanokkade kalyanram movie nunchi same scene repeat. WHY ane bgm okate highlight, kani adi kuda vade chota vadaledu, like trailer lo vadinatlu .Interval bang earth shaterring aa bongu em kadu normal ga undi, katappa episode ayithe next scene easy ga ardam ayipothundi. first bahubali chusinappude telisipothundi evaru plan chesi champistharo thati chettu fight matrame highlight, monsters madhya fight tisinatu tiyaledu full headache vasthundi climax fight ayithe. konni prabhas scenes matrame highlight both the bahubali's. so ee cinema motham prabhas matrame highlight
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    I read few, a habit I learnt really late and I regret for that. nenu chadivinavi mostly non fiction and most of them are biographies and philosophical books Timeless Steel on Rahul Dravid Being Different - Rajiv Mlahotra Breaking India (konchem chadivi break icha) - RM The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - You know by who Shankara Vijayam (Telugu) Oka Yogi Athma katha Chanakya Neethi My Turn - Johan Cryuff (football player) inka konni evo chadiva ipudu gurthu ravatle ipudu recent ga ramakrishna paramahamsa bio chaduthunna... one of two parts.. it will be a while before I can complete it.
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    ok fine ya girls kuda untunnaru le ila bagane emadya, safe ga divorce tiskondi india velli telchukondi leda aa ammayni usa tiskochi divorce file cheyandi , edokati chesi baytapadandi india aite marriage duration batti alimony decide chestaru leda mostly mutual ki settle avandi, usa aite mutual ki max try cheyandi leda ex parte tiskochu, I suggest India aitene best ,usa easy ankuntaru kani its not easy life is short and its precious, unhealthy environment, unhealthy minded people toh unna kasta kalam ni waste cheskokandi live the present , gadichina kalam tirgi radu, be happy
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    no good match kakunte 1 year older preferred vallu manakante 3 years elder la alochistharu anduke age thakkuva pelli cheskunedi abbayilu same age ante koncham prob not in all cases
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    I applied in last year August baa, sarigga rfe padinappudu project ipoyindi.....just before April 1st premium ki upgrade chesukunna......a taruvatha kotha project confirm ayyindi....ippudu already motha project location ki lca is on the process.....kani ippudu ilanti tym lo ext denial ayyindi
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    Lokesh ni annappudu ekkadapoyindayya mee decency ?
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    super excellent developer.... i need help.. personal project
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    I love your replies @VizagRocks
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    orey sampu enduku ra ee post cheppu...emundu ra deentlo deeni valla ee db janaalaki origedhi emiti ra sunta
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    worst movie...sodhi routine story and comedy... sarwanand ki bisket ayyindi ee flop tho...
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    For the majority money itself is a motivation. Creative minds like Rajamouli, I believe won't have his thirst quenched with the amount of money made rather he will become more motivated to prove himself as BB1 & BB2 were not mere chance but by sheer dedication, creative thinking and relentless hard-work.
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    Americans take anyone coughing at work very seriously, it may not be a contagious as in your case but they would still feel concerned around being someone that is coughing a lot. Esp if the matter has been notified to the prime vendor, it's best for you to look for alternatives.
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    Yes but do you alone need to have that 200k or can you partner up with someone to have that 200k together as a joint venture? Also you need to sure of your business plan, just because you invest 500k doesn't guarantee the success of any business and if you end up losing your money, need to know you can recover that amount.
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    Your problem might be with the mucus accumulated in your system, milk adds to it. You might also be lactose intolerant, a lot of Indians are lactose intolerant yet we drink milk related drinks and eat milk related products without knowing this fact. So get yourself checked for lactose intolerance. In any case best to quit milk and milk related products for good to prevent any further accumulation of mucus. Alternate with Coconut milk, or Almond milk.
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    meeku point ardam ainattu ledu... ide post VizagRocks/Lazy begger gadu Hindu priest meeda vesi unte ila undedi ani vesadu...
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    sr ntr poinappudu LP vadina intha kantey ekkuva edhindi mastaru... but cbn was happy inside....
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    vaanara sena ki M batch apt avutaru migatha cast finalise cheyali inka
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    since u've used it i have 1 question how does it look , in a properly lit room, faded out picture laga anipinchada? room dark ga unte projecting effect untadhi ani vinna
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    ee DB lo chanakyudi la feel ayyedi nuvvokkadive
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    neet or mci decide cheyledu aa 21 lakhs, Karnataka Tamil Nadu lo kuda merit seats anta levu , they are below 12 lakhs e high fee decide chesindi CBN(CHANDRA BABU NAIDU) government and that Jaffa kamineni Srinivas siggulekunda degrading health care
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    E year nundi convenor quota fee 3 lakhs to 6.9 lakhs chesaru so 3 years ki anni kalpi 21 lakhs avtundi e fee decide chesindi ap government by passing g.o neet qualify aynavallake seats ani pettaru management and nri too soo pvt colleges vallu fee cq di penchesaru so merit student won't opt for cq due to high fees,so avi cq to management nri convert avtay avi ammukuntaru pvt management so full avakapote cut off reduce chestaru ,so moddu students esp rich kids join avtaru e fee kudA mci interference lekunda penchesaru highcourt lo case vesaru doctors chudali emavtado
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    Modhu ante evaru, Lokesh babu ae kada... vadini ie thread ki sambandham endi ?
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    Yes man , brains ki padunu pettandi . It's high time
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    mottam.lobbying untadi..pro bjp states ki istaru
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    hyd is cleaner than vjwd
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    vaarini.. ipude, just ipude papam bhajana sena rest teesukuntunaru.. alanti time lo ilanti posts vesthe, papam vallaki nidra vundadu.. posts vesetapudu kastha time chusi veyandabba...vallu manushule kada..
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    300 movie lo "this is sparta" kick bahubali2 lo prabhas chesedu anta kada bahubali1 lo aa chettu bark pattukoni snowboarding as it is ga XXX movie nunchi dimpinappudu kooda naku intha goosebumps raale... veediki copy mowli ani peru pettali...
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    2 kids one single pamily house with 30K savings
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    entha mandi pillalu , enni house lu konnav US lo ani sitti tweeted uncle
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    aa eedio lo aadu evaro London srinivas antundu vadu verena ??
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    1 to 1. With out any others, with out your mobile, with out computer...
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    Very good interview. He answered about Q of Nikhil like if god exits, spirits,inventions,if ramayana and mahabharatha happened, rama setu etc. Please watch.