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    Proved this series. Sachin pakkaku tappukochu, Sachin fans all silent. Sachin miserable failure as a captain and can't lead the team. Kohli thrives under the pressure of captaincy and performed even better.
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    Chandranna vunte chalu CM ga Ika state yemaina makem sambandam ledu....Modi vunna Congress vunna vachedi gundu sunna....So 10 years aithe PPT and Rajamouli, ABN, Dramoji kottina dappu vintu dreams lo brathikesthu...Hyd nene katta Metro nade nenesina road la meeda tiruguthunnaru ani cheppukuntu...Asalu Chandranna lekapothe AP yemavudho ani dappu kottinchukuntu.... Ippudu BJP vuntene yem peekaledu...Yelagu next malli BJP ne so next 5 years kuda peekedem ledu....Anyway aa tarvatha Congress vachina ikkada Congress vuntene yedaina chestharu...So ippudu Congress ki antha ledu...Jaggadu and Pawanalu gurinchi telsinde...So AP situation graphics n PPT n dream machine ye na??? Plz kattappalla behave cheyakandi....Alternte alochidham....Vunnollalo CBN better ani routine cheppi cover cheyodhu...Akkada futer clear ga kanpisthundi...Aha ledu he is good administrative love da ante madichi kurchondi....Vunna AP kuda Rayalaserma and AP separate ane idea vasthadi janalaki ani... Two katappas Discussion in my room on weekend party....Oka kaytappa realize ayyadu...Inkodu alochananalo paddadu...Of course veellu peekedem ledanukondi alochindi.. Nenu full ga tagi fafa tho bumchik...
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    Are they shooting for a porn movie?
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    Sachin was always selfish and cares more for his personal records. up to some extent he helped winning matches, but overall he is very selfish person..Same is the case with Dada Ganguly
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    Sachin doesn’t deserve Bharat Ratna, Khel Rathna is fine. Kohli didn’t face quality bowling like Sachin did. Plus to Sachin here. Kohli doesn’t seem greedy as Sachin. Sachin should have graciously retired 4 years early. Kohli is yet to be tested overseas. Not even close to be compared with sachin when it comes to batting Skills and consistency. Bottom line, Sachin may be one of the greatest batsmen, but not a great sportsman. Kohli, too early to comment.
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    The apps have 2 parts , one is code which is developer managed and checked into git and built as war file and deployed.2nd is env config/server config owned by infrastructure team, this will have db passwords etc..these stick to machine and manually managed.if u want to automate this, these are pushed by chef/puppet and the same chef assigns a jvm parameter which says if its qa or prod.so jvm picks right config file