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    Edaina fans group lo join avvali anukuntunna

    Eeroju Parva dhinam.. thala snaanam chesi thella punche green thundu kattukoni cycle agarbathhi coconut theeskoni dhaggarlo unna godpk temple ki evening velli darshana ticket konukkoni aa brahmandaNayakudini dharshninchi join avvu pawanism lo
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  2. Android_Halwa

    mundu chaduvukondi ra munda

    tarvata visa patukuni amrika vachaka...dallas lanti city lo job vasthe, filmstars ralllies lo panikostadani, ipatinunde practice chestunaru...
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  3. Android_Halwa

    capital free ga dengesi sollu kabrulu em cheptunav le..lafangi yedava

    adi maa capital...free ga dengeysinddu ani dappu kottukuntunaru...pichi yedhavavu... idemi pichi ra ayya meeku...intla kirayiki ki vundi illu naade anatu vundi... meeru mararu ra...mee dappu agadu..naku ardam aindi endi ante, meeku different different topics kavali dappu kottanika...ila okkosari topics shortage avuthe, ila capital denggeysindu ani oka ardam pardham leni topic vesi mari dappu kottudu endi ra ayya.. Republicans of Andhra...!
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  4. Feku

    recnt homme buyers in hton tx

    ven though we normally can answer your questions with the information that most people include in the original post, I just wanted to provide a list of information that the people who answer questions normally will need to give you complete, accurate advice on your chances of being able to qualify for a mortgage. Remember, the more information that you share, the more information that can be shared back with you. 1. Mortgage Credit Scores: What are your fico MORTGAGE credit scores for each mortgage applicant? These can be obtained from a mortgage lender or they can be viewed as subscores to your purchased myFico 3B Credit Reports. Link: http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Mortgage-Loans/FICO-scores-used-for-mortgage-and-where-to-obtain-the... 2. Credit Negatives: If you have any, what negatives are on your credit reports. For each negative, please provide: Type: (collections, charge-offs, late payments[housing/installment/revolving], short sales, deed in lieu, BK's[7/13], judgments, tax liens, back owed child support, student loan, other.) Status: Paid/Unpaid or Current/Delinquent on payment plan. DOFD: Date of first delinquency as listed on your CR if known. Please use month/year format as in: 10/15 Most Recent: if applicable, Date and tradeline type [housing/revolving/installment] of most recent delinquency as listed on your CR. Please use month/year format as in: 10/15 Miscellaneous: Less than 24 months of established credit Thin credit file generally defined as less than three currently reporting credit tradelines Authorized user accounts (which aren't considered by underwriting) Accounts from your namesake with the same exact name because you are a Jr., etc. 3. Gross Income. Gross income (before witholdings, medical/dental, 401k contributions), per your IRS tax returns, is what is important when qualifying, not net income. For self-employed/1099'd people it's your gross income minus expenses/write-offs, adding back in depreciation/depletion. Income is essential to DTIR (Debt-To-Income-Ratio) calculations as well as other qualifying criteria, both minimum and maximum. If you don't want to list your income, and just want to receive advice without addressing that part of qualifying (which is very major), just say you have enough income, no one will pass judgment, but realize the advice given may be limited in many ways. 4. Source of income. Where is the income coming from? List each source. Employment, salary, hourly, overtime, bonus, commission, etc. (list each separately) If you have OT/bonus/commission income, state the history and consistency in which it is received. Pension, Social security, Disability, Foster care, VA benefits, Rental income, Lottery income, investments Etc. 5. Monthly debt payments. This goes hand in hand with income and the new mortgage payment to determine your debt to income (DTI) ratio. Only items on the credit report is the general rule, but also items such as student loans, alimony, child support, union dues and some other work related expenses are included too. Only the minimum required payment amount is what underwriters are concerned with. HOA/Condo fees: both current and new. These do make a difference in DTIR and in "payment shock" considerations. Student loans: If you are on a payment plan and making payments, list the payment AND the total debt. If not making payments list the total debt. If currently deferred, list the remaining months in deferment. This area is frequently changing and varies significantly by lender, HUD, and the FMs. Items such as utilities, cell phone, insurance, etc. are not included in the DTI. If you have a question if something is included just ask. 6. Employment (for those who are employed). Type of employment: self-employed, S-corp, W-2'd (salaried? Commission? Base + commission? 25% ownership), 1099'd, part-time, full time, 2nd job, etc. How long have you been on the job How long have you been in the industry/career field. A 2 year employment history is what most loan programs require. For those who have been self-employed less than 2 years, what did you do before your venture? For those of you who have less than 2 years employment history, did you graduate from a higher education school before you started working? If so, is your current line of work similar to what you studied? 7. Assets/Reserves. This is to determine how much you could potentially have as a down payment and also as reserves to help qualify (for example if your debt to income ratio is high this could help qualify you anyway). Savings, Checking 401k IRA Stocks Bonds CD's Mutual funds Money market accounts Any other investment/retirement accounts Gift Note: If it is a pension or retirement account that does not permit you to withdraw or take a loan against (other than for hardship), and is only able to be used after you quit or retire, then it cannot be used as reserves. 8. Location: This is to determine govt guaranteed loan limits, what special programs might be available for you, how much property taxes & homeowners insurance will likely be, amongst other items. State County(s) City or zip(s) 9. Property Description: Is it a single family house, condo, townhome, attached/detached, 2-4 units, 5+ units, manufactured home, a co-op, condotel, the penthouse of a 45 story apartment building, suburban, rural, a lot of acres, a working farm, a gas station, etc. The condition of the property is helpful, as lenders have certain minimum requirements properties must meet (working utilities, etc.). Occupied or vacant ... and for how long? 10. Property Value. Purchase transaction: what is the home price range you are looking in, narrowed it down to, or are under contract for Refinance transaction: what is the appraised value of the home when did you purchase your home what is the current outstanding principal balance what is the initial/current interest rate. 11. Occupancy. Primary residence How many people living there, incomes even if not applicant, elderly, disabled. (Needed to determine eligibility for some programs) Are all mortgage applicants going to be living in the house? Vacation/2nd home Non-owner/rental property 12. Transaction Type. Is it a purchase, refinance just for better terms, refinance to take cash out, looking for a 2nd mortgage, a reverse mortgage, etc. Of course not all of that covers every person's situation, so feel free to elaborate on your own if you think there are important details that should be known, such as buying your new primary residence in another state, having a co-signer, buying a home from someone you are related to, the home you are buying is on an Indian reservation, you are employed by family, you aren't a US Citizen, your employment will start after you are buying, your down payment is coming from your current home when it sells, the seller is crediting you $5k towards your closing costs... just to name a couple. Even if you think something is not important, don't leave it out, as it might have a bigger impact than you think.
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  5. texas

    BP tho poyetattu unnaru kada janalu AP TG ani kottukoni

    Enduku vaya ee hatred ? Manchiga edo eekend timepass chesukoni, mandu esi enjoy cheyakunda. Ento janalu assalu artham kaaru
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  6. akhil099


    Baa this is not Paid post,neeku kothaga join ayye vuntav ekkada,appudoo jamana kallam lo join ayye follow avthunna ee forum Ekkada fakeid avadeke ame ledhu. Arey enka entha cheppena neeku ardham kavadam ledha,satish vemana gaduu asalu ee pannel lo ledu antee.
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  7. tennisluvr

    Kailkala Satyanarayana About Next Generations

    Chiru anniya philosophy la undi. Anduke simplicity ki chihnamayina Saran bob ala untadu
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  8. lazybugger

    Why does this db love LazyVizagBugger so much?

    sure. neneppudu kaadhu analedhu. nuvvu kooda ee db mental asylum ani oppukunnattey ga
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  9. Kontekurradu

    All India Cheif Ministers Conclave 2018

    maa sambar gadiki ekkadlo kalinid, aa manta ippudapude taggetattu ledu
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  10. Kontekurradu

    hate teachings against hindus in muslim schools of UK

    most peaceful religion in the world
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  11. Merabharathmahan

    India vellipodam ani anipistundi.. but velli em cheyali anedi question

    Do risk in your life at least one time. Most of the andhraites in usa has lots of properties n money in india so don't act like u r middle class ppl
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  12. lazybugger

    Nawaz Sharif's reaction on Gayatri Mantra sang by Hindu girl

    lol minority appeasement. India lo evaranna gayatri mantraanni cinema paata laaga paadathara Nawaz Sharif gaadu, he has to get comfortable with these things more if he wants to appease minorities. A little smile would be nice, asshole.
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  13. em septhunnav ra @badcow
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  14. Android_Halwa

    Manchi chesthe manchi return osthadi

    padu lokam papisti lokam... antha mana talaratha nayana..
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  15. Hercules

    Yogi Adityanath UP CM

    adi already proven strategy kada 40% or more population aye daka wait chestaru, islam ni state religion chesi sharia ni shove chestaru public mida. Ye religion aina sare world lo purpose is enlightenment not state politics. Hindusim lo enlightenment ki path already pave chesaru thousands of years ga, so manam wheel kothaga kanukkovalsina avsaram ledu kani christianity la islam la brain washing tappa enlightenment mida focus chesi teachings undav. Hence already 100% muslim or christian countries lo people are losing faith slowly and are showing their unrest by going after yoga, meditation and other hindu ways. Eventual ga they will realize that hinduism is not a religion it is a way to search and fulfil your purpose in life ani, chala mandi already adi realize ayye himalayas ani ekadekadko poyi mari nerchukuntunaru meditation and stuff. So hinduism or hindutva ki vachina problem em ledu, muslims enta avesa padina end of the day they will realize the fact that it was all a scam of mohammed for power. Already islamize ayina nations lo clear ga kanbadtundi , saudi la oil money dry up ayaka rebellion vachiddi monarchy assam aythadi and eventually janalu malli paganis ki shift avtaru. Enni years ani force chestaru religion ni? evadi ishtam vvachindi vadu follow avtadu end of the day, that is what hinduism is!
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  16. PhillyDotNetGuy

    Atlanta vasulu

    konaledu. Actively looking... Also, cumming side enduku ante Metro acces untundi.... Exit 12 ki metro vastunda. So no loss. Nuvvu konnava or looking? PM me..
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  17. Hercules

    world lo 54 islamic countries ayay

    trukey ni secular democratic nation nundi islamic republic ga change chesaru from past decade, apdu levani noru india ni hindu country or hindutva rules ki marusthe enduk lestondi yeee world motham ekkada free ga valla ishtam vachinattu undaleru hindus without being minority, only nation they got is india, alantidi valla home country ni vallu hindu ga cheskunte tappa mari 54 islamic countries ni secular democratic nations ga marchamanali kada same rule prakaram, minorities aa deshallo temples kattaleru kada. christians ki some 50 countries unay, open ga christian nations ani chepkuntayi appudu levani noru thousands of years ga hindutvam tho develop ayina desam ni hindu nation ga marusthe tappa? em double standards ra babu meku matram quran, bible prakaram countries kavali maku matram gita prakaram country voddu.
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  18. Manikyam

    podupu pics... dedicated to all bachelors and @k2s.

    cow girl
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  19. ParmQ

    H-1B cap won't drop in 2018, despite rhetoric from Trump administration

    One year tharuvatha FB login ayya. TechRepublic updates lo unnayi. Relevant emo ani ikkada vesa..
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  20. katuri

    Prabhas acting gurinchi

    Prabas Will next mega star with 2 but no one will digest I it he higest paid actor in whole south India . Plus he taking bhivaram profits too
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  21. nrikittu

    Prabhas acting gurinchi

    Mahesh gadiki emosthahdi ra biscuit lolbob fan ga fake smile ivvadam thappa, elagaina rela life lo kuda acting ye ga chesedhi aadu
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    ******** Thank you Rajamouli.. Trailer kummi 10gaav

    Ltt for @MUSTANG_302 @Mustang N other ssrians
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  23. Hercules

    Most overrated movies

    gpsk k150 musilolla cinemalaki hadavidi cheyadam endo, prapancham la ekkada undadu e picha . Bana pottaleskoni daughter age pori latho dances, gravity defying fights, cutouts to paper wastage, milk waste, music functions peruto casteist discrimination, actor koduku, manavadu, muni manavadu ki fans -- e culture only andhra tg states tappa ekkada ledu world lo. god save telugu film industry from these rogues.
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  24. khamosh1

    in hanuman temple in alpahretta

    oka pichi P gadiki inko P puvvu gadi support ra
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  25. VizagRocks

    mission accomplished ... achievement unlocked.

    lol. Indian civilization is failure ra pichoda. It was defeated by a much lesser army. Hindu nation will be a huge failure, and will resemble Pakistan/Bangladesh. good luck.
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  26. VizagRocks

    mission accomplished ... achievement unlocked.

    asalu ye nammakam tho you guys think that BJP will develop India/UP? Hindus are not united, and won't be even if BJP builds the Ram Mandir. China/Korea/Singapore like policies won't work in India. Even if we assume that BJP will somehow kick start growth, it cannot control major obstacles like caste, language in its path, without suppressing one group or the other. Which groups do you think are okay to be suppressed for India to achieve China like growth? I'm sure you'll say dalits and STs, and may be anti nationals like Tamils. growth is not an isotropic phenomenon. The difference between winners and losers in this game will be stark. The presence of politics is to lessen the effects on losers. When majority community votes against a minority, it means the country has dropped all pretense of being a republic. It is now a majoritarian autocracy. Even that, it isn't. because the majority community don't really agree on a lot of things.
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  27. micxas

    Gattiga G lo thannesaamu!! LOL..

    They do remote controlling thats one way to control indian politics from West.You are only obsessed with discrimination part where as the issue has so may dimensions and effects
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  28. lazybugger

    Discussion with Narsi will be like...

    lol the level of stupid among people here is only eclipsed by how impressed people are with their own stupid arguments. Like this guy here.
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  29. kiladi bullodu

    UP police beats Telangana ATS all night long thinking they are the terrorists

    androlla kutra
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  30. timmy

    Iconic Meat Choices For 50 States

    Kentucky | Mutton Barbecue This regional favorite can only be found in Kentucky.
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  31. Odale

    Boohb star lacchi pics

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  32. ronitreddy

    Wipro Onsite employee in USA Home got Attacked

    Idi old news and robbery case ani kuda confirm chesaru
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  33. samaja_varagamana

    start ayindi lolli

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  34. Android_Halwa

    best cars

    Yeah there are choices actually, Once I drove a new Kia Optima from Dc to Detroit...I was surprised by the car's performance,handling,comfort and MPG...!!! Since then I started likeing the korean cars, they are better built..
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  35. afmod1

    Ms ammayi or working in hyderabad ammayi

    marry recent graduate man... and if she is interested let her work after marriage in your city ... for a decent married life...
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  36. crazymatta

    Scary Indian Immigrants in Ohio Park

    recnt visit lo ayithe daarunam abba oka vankul white baniyan running short/shoes wid crew socks vesukoni racha chesthunde ganghi taatha park lo
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  37. Balibabu

    No more updates from suchi

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  38. aatadista

    H1B Premium Processing lepidobbinaru

    Daridram poindi. Manchiga kasta padi FT koti oka location lo settel avandi.
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  39. aviator

    Stop being so stupid about gofundme donations!

    Agree. good points
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  40. Android_Halwa

    Srinivas's murder may not be a hate crime technically speaking

    Human emotions run on assumptions. Law can't take emotions and individual assumptions or whats widely reported in media to come to a conclusion. Thats what judge is going to rule finally, apudaina mana medhavulu, khilane waley, khel ne waley , apudu kuda nyayam ammudu poindi ani...legal suggessions teesukodaniki gofund me pedthremo...
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  41. Piscop

    edche yedavallo okadu kuda

    donate chesi undadu,
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  42. fact_of_the_matter

    Anyone here thinks Srinu's wife a fraud?

    by looking at the proceedings after death..I have come to the conclusion that she is taking the advantage of the situation(status wise and financial wise)..you don't need to agree with me...you can live in your sympathy world..
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  43. Android_Halwa

    srinivas wifes letter

    ante dani ardham...disco sarigga cheyu ani..unnessasary words use cheyalsina avsaram ledu ani... anthe kani..pakkanodu..mee odu..maa odu ani kadu... pain ledu emi ledu...nee kalu virigithe, naku etla vastadi bhai noppi...atlane emotional pain kuda...vallani chusi badhapadalsinde kani nijanga enduku vuntadi bhai...chepurra ante vastaru, cinema stories rastar..
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  44. Quickgun_murugan

    Nagarjuna ki 600cr appulu unnaya?

    Pilliki bicham pettani peenasedava eediki appulu endi? eedi ayya kuda anthe evadiki help chese vadu kadu... edo telugu prajala punyama ani legebrity lu ayyaru..
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  45. princeofheaven

    Houston Folks - Urgent Fleez

    TX lo contacts unte gani jab raadu..
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  46. DiscoKing

    Anasuya dominates tuesday star

    The much-hyped Megastar Chiranjeevi's entry into Television screen has failed to score any big Television ratings. The TRP's for his TV show are in the normal range. He took over the anchoring of "Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu" from Nagarjuna for the Season 4 that is being telecast on Star Maa TV. The TRP's for this show in the first week are an average of 5.80, which is very normal rating for a high profile show like MEK. Star MAA TV, which ranks second in overall popularity among Telugu General Entertainment Channels, hoped to score more than 10 TRP's with this show as they have publicised the program heavily. Chiranjeevi delivered biggest hit with "Khaidi No 150" and he is basking in the glory of the movie's success. So, naturally even the analysts predicted of high ratings for his maiden TV show. But he got lukewarm response. No wonder then that recently writer Yandamuri Veerandranath opined that Chiru's anchoring style is artificial compared to Nagarjuna. On other hand, anchor Ansuya's TV program "Jackpot" on Gemini TV got more than 6.5 TRP's. So, Anasuya has scored over Chiranjeevi.
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  47. reddyeee

    Oscars...live links unte post cheyyandi...

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  48. Kool_SRG


    Steve O'Keefe is the Man of the Match
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  49. micxas

    Thatha valla India ki povalsi vasthey ..yem chestharu

    Sampradaayyani tagalesi sRarmani padukobetti neetini galikodhilesi elagoalaga pottanippukontu Bhraantilo bhatukudeesta..
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  50. Staysafebro

    BP tho poyetattu unnaru kada janalu AP TG ani kottukoni

    chinappudu TG AP ani emi telyiadu.. all were equal.. even 10 years back all of them were equal kaani after agitation rendu vidhaluga choodavalasi vasthundi...
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