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  1. Reddy86

    Attorney cleared all questions for me- will clear most of the fake news

    Ee roje maa attorney tho company wide call lo matladam. She clarified every thing. nenu next week Europe velthunna for vacation, so vellacha leda ani adiga. Documents thisukuni vellu no issues anindi. International travel ki emi problem ledu if u have H1B stamping, lekapothe plan in advance as dropbox is cancelled indefinitely. Documents anni pettukuni vellandi like employment verification letter, paystubs, i-797 original etc. Domestic travel ki asalu no issues, aa question adiginanduku navvindi. Aaa min wage 100k or 130k valla manaku peddaga effect undadu. More paper work for employers. Exempt H1B and Non-Exempt H1Bs untai. Masters unna, 60K salary kante ekkuva unna exempt H1B ki file cheyachu eppudu. Aa 60k ni 130k chesi masters lepestharu anedi bill. We can go for non-exempt H1Bs, mee employer gadu US citizens ni fire cheyakunda undi and hiring chesthunte no issues, just some additional paperwork for attorney and couple of extra interviews for employer.Amendments ki emi problem avadu ani cheppindi. maa attorney bill antha chadivi cheppindi, not like some kulfis in social media or telugu media. Executuve orders tho most of the immigration visas ki changes cheyaledu anta, daniki bill congress lo approve avvali, senate lo avali, avakamundu comments ki vellalli just like mana i-140 EAD bill lage. Ee 132K bill pass avadam ante BJP governament lo Congress MP pettina bill pass avadam antha kastam, just like AP special status bill by KVP laga. H4 EAD gurinchi kuda adigam, inka bill ee pettaledu, bill pettaka aa thatangam antha jaragadaniki time paduthundi like comments ki vellali and chala untai. It will take time as i-140 EAD ani cheppindi. Inka konni cheppindi naku gurthu ravatledu chala mandi chala question adigaru. p.s. mine is FT but memu mostly client location lo work chestham. It is a Oracle Implementation partner.
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  2. tennisluvr

    Oka pend marriage and later dilemma essplained today, marriage antene bhayam ga undi ra bhai

    Adigina nee pendlam ante peelings unnaya inka ante levu iga edo bandi nadipistunna annadu. pendlam di kooda same case manodante edo ATM ane kaani vere em peelings levu ani chepesindu. Poni ra bhai nenu paisal istha mee chelli ni separate ga roommates to undamanu mana privacy ki ante ledu kudaradu mem sister chaana close benga padathadi anta. Sare maa odu adigindu malla repu jaab vere jaga la osthey gappudendi paristithi ani. Gappudu okay jaab osthey potha ani septhadanta. Endo eella logiclu. Maa odu divorce alochincindu kaani intlo aa maata ethithey oorukunedi ledu ani intla nundi full warning ochindi. Sare gadi cheyaledu ila bakra gadi la brathakaledu ani badha paddadu.
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  3. Batman_fan

    Amazon ki entha apply chesina...

    Amazon will sponsor for most jobs. Make sure the resume is just 1 page and don't put all the technical stuff. You need to convert the work you did into some awesome numbers such as "I saved XXX dollars to client", "I save YYY man hours with my automation", so on. No one cares what you do with Java/Python etc.,Tell them what your work did to client. Otherwise you are just one of 100 people who apply for that job. Differentiate yourself.
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  4. BoilingStar_Bablu

    Excellent Actors From Neighboring Industries

    superu superu
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  5. Hercules

    russian teen model industry....time unte dekhandi...

    @jbourne uncle russia, siberia ki oka trip eyu. You might find a beautiful bride too good unaru kondaru models. pawan kalyan kuda russia lo found love
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  6. VizagRocks

    Burnool moment for BJP haters

    cheppindhey enni saarlu chepthav. nathhi naa neeku?
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  7. micxas

    Wow ..... Telangana-CMOffice exposing Telangana Govt

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  8. lazybugger

    AFDB style debates have crossed the final frontier.

    as long as Hinduism is there, there can be no 'humanity' to escape from. everywhere Islam turns, it only sees inhumanity, and has decided to stay put, and participate in the inhumanity with its own sets of rules.
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  9. Batman_fan

    Job Chesthu MS chadavaccha?

    Everything same as FT - professors, assignments and final diploma certificate.
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  10. AndhraNizam

    Employer pay ivvakapothe - what is the process to complain

    Bhayya apatlo nenu same sitaution lo vuna, employer around 10k eggottadu.. employer location vuna state labor dept ki oka cover letter explained my situation and proofs like time sheets approvals and bank deposits avanni bundle chesi oka e-copy and oka mail packet pampa, they took around 4-5 months but last ki check vachindhi nenu anthithe file chesano aa amount. i was very happy not because i got money, the system is working good and employer gadiki system ruchi telsindhi... Lawyer dagariki velatam not suggestible unless if that is a big amount andkante vadi fees courts ke sagam time and fee bokka. simply go to that state labor dept file case and print that copy, you will get a case number ... from there fallow direction mentioned there
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    Spectacular Photos of The Himalayas

    The Himalaya (which literally means "abode of snow") or the Himalayan mountain range in Asia, is home to the world's highest peaks including Mount Everest and K2. To comprehend the enormous scale of this mountain range, consider that Aconcagua, in the Andes, at 6,962 metres is the highest peak outside Asia, whereas the Himalayan system includes over 100 mountains exceeding 7,200 m. The main Himalayan range runs west to east, from the Indus river valley to the Brahmaputra river valley, forming an arc 2,400 km long, which varies in width from 400 km in the western Kashmir-Xinjiang region to 150 km in the eastern Tibet-Arunachal Pradesh region. Some of the world's major river systems arise in the Himalayas, and their combined drainage basin is home to some 3 billion people (almost half of Earth's population) in 18 countries. The Himalayas have profoundly shaped the cultures of South Asia; many Himalayan peaks are sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. http://jankovoy.livejournal.com/
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  12. ee baadhithulu andariki katnam case ey gurthosthundhi 1st place lo... ladies thakkuvemi thinatledu ee kaalam lo.... US lo Attha enni rojulu vuntundi.... maree too much...
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  13. jbourne

    Bed bugs

    One week bro but 2 days aithe picha strong ga vuntundii
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  14. argadorn

    Bed bugs

    for temperory remedhu ...oka bed konu daniki bed bug cover untundhi walmart 25 to 30 dollars ki adhi vastahy asalu bugs ekavu bed medhai and bed lo unavi bayataki ravu...
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  15. surya_tej

    Bed bugs

    500 ante dead seapu...naaku $3500 engadu leasing office odu
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  16. Barney_Stinson

    Bed bugs

    throw all ur furniture -sofas beds where there are hidden places for bugs to replicate spray ur luggage bags and expose them to sunlight wash and heavy dry ur clothes then pack them in laundry bags treatment cheinchadam better ledantey passport n other imp docs teeskkni illu maripo
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  17. sri_india

    Thu Deen*** Assalu edi ammayi naa

    bro ... manam kuda assalu thaggadhu ... aa ammayi kanna mundu nee pelli kavali ... vuuu ... debba debba , ammayi abba
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  18. GunturMirchiBajji

    Bed bugs

    No. Bed bugs won't travel through the walls. So, It won't come from adjacent apartments. Did check the apartment when you signed the lease? Mostly they spray chemicals to kill bed bugs when they give apartment to new tenants and you can also check with them before you sign the lease. They might have come from anyone who enter your apartment having bed bugs in their luggage or dress they are wearing. Even one bed bug is enough to cause the damage. It will multiply like anything within less amount of time. I have gone through this bed bugs and it was horrible and can't sleep during the night. I have thrown all my furniture and called exterminating company. That's the only way we can deal with the bed bugs. You can get bed bug powders or spray from Walmart but that won't kill it.
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  19. Bangaruu

    Bed bugs

    Bug treatment
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  20. silvermani

    Excellent Actors From Neighboring Industries

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  21. Shyam_Sunder_From_TD

    Ninna eeroju mee fb wall lo padina cho chweet yaak thu post some veyandi va

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    Any one went to Rome Or Venice

    i did some research for this one. rome: 1-1.5 days, max 2 days( full ga tiragaali) florence and pisa: 1 day trip ( morning to evening via train) Venice: gondola ride and walk around should be fine 1 day deal.
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  23. lazybugger

    H-1B reduced computer programmer employment by up to 11%, study finds

    okay. Go Make India Great Again. First solve the water problem.
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  24. Popkatapetapotapulti

    SQL experts

    if you do this what happens is you will get as below..it wont concatenate 1 No 2 Yes 3 Alright
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  25. ajay1920

    DOT NET JOBS IN TEXAS..Help plzzzz

    Koncham Prime Vendors details message cheyyandi.... friend 2 months ninchi Bench...7+ years of real time experience....family in Dallas... No jokes plzzz....
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  26. Hercules

    monthly expenses..** up man

    waste of money your car has no value what so ever. Already you lost 30% of its value and now you are rushing to pay more on monthly payments. You can use the same money to make even more. Just imagine that amount being sent to a NRI account every month and by end of this year, you will be having around 12 lakhs sitting there. You can literally start a business by jan 2018 with a little effort in Hyderabad. May be a food truck lol.
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  27. all_cinema_abhimani

    panneer selvam or sasikala

    Need Ajith or Rajnikanth ASAP...
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  28. sanjaysahu

    Watch Cricket live on Iphone

    Download IOS App Universal Sports HD TV and watch ...its free
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  29. vokatonumberkurrodu

    Veedendi ila matladeystunnadu

    asala ee turaka naa sons ki back of the mind lo extremism untundhi... edho paiki memu refugees me, asylees me...memu war nunchi paripoyi vastunnam etc etc.... but fact of the matter entante they have it in their faith... aa feeling raavdam late avvochu emo gaani raavadam mathram pakka
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  30. k2s

    Vendor gadu mail pampadu with list of candidates

    mee emplyr gadiki siggu ledu. neeku buddi ledu aa list ikkada esinanduku
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  31. Widow_Queen


    zurich em untadi bokka... interlaken, lussanne, luzern and bern... geneva and zurich picha lite... serious ga akkada food truck plan cheyyi... picha click aitadi
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  32. dasara_bullodu

    Thatha titter lo

    Twitter lo tweets ki vacche replies are utterly disgusting. Thatha reason tho post veste okkadu kooda daniki sambandhinchina reply ledu. Only vulgar bashing. Completely mad janata. Just a matter of time ee desam den'ipodaniki. bama sankanakinchesadu.
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  33. mekapichal_mnthmkura

    final batting done with D e s i

    Offoo.. Enjoy your trip baa.. Yes weekend anthe. Panama poreelu and whiskey with mekapichal fry tax works kuda unnay. india trip etla nadustundi baa?
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  34. Shakthi_Man

    Priyanka Chopra LASHES OUT against Donald Trump

    Free Fame.com
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  35. Doola

    Idiotism of Amreekan Liberals

    ori den** eeshalu
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  36. Batman_fan

    contractors Vs Full-timers - Enduku vaya intha partiality choopistharu.

    Based on my experience it depends on the culture too. If you have manager from countries like South Asia, Nigeria, South America (any country that is non-Whites) where most people are rude and demanding and have no empathy for employees, you will see this problem. Basically we don't trust our sub ordinates or when it involves exchange of money. Whites generally are less demanding and knows how to make people work without being rude.
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  37. aipoindi vaya...antha aipoindi...oka IT engineer ante izzat lekunda poindi..pizza delivery cheyadam better..thu, kamandalam.. anduke vaya, h1b ni 100k cheyali, h4 ead peeki dobbali, India kelli imported apeyali and MS gallake quota penchali...apudu kani rates malli normal stage ki ravu..
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  38. lazybugger

    Tokkalo gola..incase travel ban Muslims meeda kakunda H1 valla meeda petti unte

    There's no country in the world that lets you be yourself, culture wise, and still somewhat succeed. Ofcourse let me add UK, Canada too. No other country does. They may have legislations to support your right to practise your culture, but you'll never get the kind of freedom you'll get in these three countries. if you want to experience a new culture, then any country in the world with a stable economy is a decent choice.
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  39. alpachinao

    Kongress & Commies makeUp to Tipu Sultan ..... LOL

    Thuppu patina inapa mukkala vunadu
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  40. samaja_varagamana

    interview--collegue bharya vs h1b porodu ?

    Ne yavvaa collegue wife ni bumchick lagava devudivi raja nu
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  41. Doola

    Yo Na tadu enduku lepesaru

    mod is god
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  42. lazybugger

    when will bollywood idiots make a movie on real life stories like these

    nee hatred mundhu naadhi entha.. thooch antha!! nuvvu sachipo, good for entire human race.
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  43. Planned ga hindus ni sc/st/bc reservations antu divide chesaru brother so that we fight between ourself and develop hatred towards each other and never come together. In the mean time Muslim population perigipoddi, once they become majority, aa atrocities ki haddu undadu...
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  44. vendetta

    Opt Situation. evarikaina marketing calls and jobs vastunaya. Help

    OPT market mast undi
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  45. ArjunHYD

    SADIST na MS gallu

    Emi ra mee badha h4 ead vunte meeku problem ento ardham.. meeru fake vallu fake.... emmana ante memu skilled... meeru skilled ithe meee jobs avaru thusuko leru.............. dash naa dash take it as competition, don't cry like hijara......
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  46. kasir7

    **Girl from India or Girl from here**

    Bhayya India kelli vasthe Manchiga untadi ani guarantee asalu ledu. Adi antha boku bhayya and ikkada masters kelli unte edo thopu ani kuda ledu. Antha mana kismat anthe. All the other suggestions are crap. Ammai ni kalisi abhiprayam telusuko mundu anthe. Mi expectations and ammai expectations iddaru share chesukondi apudu ok anukunte go ahead. To be fair edo India lo village kelli vachindi anagaane innocent ane rule ledu. I dont understand y do you people expect your wife to behave like how you mom was with your dad. First grow up and think a little better. Office kelli vachi mi wife ki koncham help chesthe emi aina cheap aipothaara. She is your life partner, not a house maid to clean and serve everything. My suggestion is don't have any prenotion abouts girls whether they are from india or USA. End of the day everything depends on your fate (Kismat) entha jaagratha padda edi raasi petti unte ad aithadi period.
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  47. kevinUsa

    No jobs

    no jobs currently. no c2c all w2 entrylevel positions kosam u need u have us work experience anta ** up badly.lowda desi vendor phn chesi nee h1 copy pampu anta vadiki ansible spelling radu vadu naku chepadam wasrte fellow
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  49. KABALI

    watch this video and know why muslims are hated

    Thx for sharing
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  50. BaabuBangaram

    Next monday nunchi Indian mnc companies annitiki kiskamaska starts

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