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    bottom line..it seems that you understand each other well and love each other..
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    juttu unna amma enni koppulu anna peduthundi naa lanti bodi munda ke kashtalu anni
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    I would like to give you one suggestion: neeku kopam ekkuva thittesta annav kadha, please don't do it infront of your kid, meeru entha kottukunna kids mundhu kottukovadhu, it will have a very drastic affect on your kid you are missing one key point, PATIENCE. late ayite kopam vasthundhi thittesta antunnav, late avvani, nee family kante time ki povatam important kaadhu. kopam chala dangerous man, it can destroy families. ma dad kopaniki nenu ma thammudu chala affect ayyam man, personal experience tho chepthunna. meditation try cheyyi, first lo weird ga untundhi, but eventually it will relax your mind. chinna chinna vishyalaki suicide endhi man. you are overthinking it. bayata valaki chinna chinna vishyalu laane untundhi, but barinche vaadiki telusthundhi anukoku, please start meditation. you are not just a husband, you are a father. nee kid ki nuvve role model, so you better act like one
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    It's not a good career option, I will be very honest. Too many tools and too may ways to automate things so DevOps has a different meaning for each company out there. Instead of learning so many tools and jumping so many companies, better to be a Developer or something like that. I don't recommend DevOps, it's a passing fad. It won't be in demand an year from now.
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    paapam bandla the VP...adiki ee rakam ga ina M and A pamilies dates vastai emo ani hole deggara cbn la waiting
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    Oka pori poraadu love cheskunaru pori maa intlo nadavadu , chal saalu teey mana yavvaram bandh seddaam ani break up chesindi,,, pori married one Andhra guy, poraadu oka 2years depression lo undi , chivariki oka arranged marriage cheskunnadu oka Andhra girl ni Twist enti ante that pori marriage cheskunna andhra guy and poraadu marriage cheskunna andhra girl are Siblings ippudu vaadi lover vaadiki chelli varasa autundi, vaademo thu deenamma jeevitham antunnadu pelliki 10 days munde telisindi ee matter, anduke em cheyaleka marriage cheskunnadu Okappudu chitha kaarthe kukkalaga thriginollaki all of sudden gaa relation change ayipoyindi Veedu gaaa andhra pori tho matladali ani chustunte she is avoiding him anta
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    i get atleast 4 msgs on Linekdin, 3 vms on phone on a an average every week for postions dont spread rumors here
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    Just get the fck otta here you dumb fuckin piece of shittt!!!
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    Respect fellow dbians
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    Your problems are very common. Everyone faces them. Job pote husband ni face cheyalekapovadam is little immatured. Ikkada andariki jobs potayi vastayi. Just keep ur chin up. You are just overthinking. Have some activity , go to gym or pursue a hobby to keep yourself busy. Basically jsut husband to time spend cheyalanna focus lekunda have a world for yourself too...anni set ayipotai.
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    discovery, invention kaadu Discover antaru
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    ncbn rocks anthe. aina cheppadam valle telisindi IT field gurinchi
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    BAJRANG DAL for one definite ga terrorist group adi aithe. movies chusi nuvvu terrorist ante guns and bombs use cheyyali anukuntunnavemo definition chudu --the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.-- veella hindutva vaadana anti feb 14th squad is enough for civilians to worry which is indeed terrorism.
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    Manollaki kinda paddanu ani chepteney ishtam.... even if you were transferred on a promotion they dont want to hear that.. they gonna create a rumor that you were fired and humiliated at your previous job so you moved from US to India... few of my friends faced it ... and they came back to US within a year...
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    by analyzing the pace at which 5 applications are handled on a given day... dwara predict cheshna... USCIS has 30 different levels of non-immigration and immigration applications to process... indulo GC vi process chesey time undadu vallaki... they are understaff overloaded...
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    Road pakkana railway track pakkana chembu tho kurchune sight seeing miss ayuntadu
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    My definition of devops: “If you really understand Devops you wouldn’t work as Devops engineer” learn programming if you want a good career in IT. I realized this bit late
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    A person who is really genuine wouldn't belittle anyone. He would have empathy and will understand whether it is job or in any aspect of life. Nachaka pote silent untaru belittle ayite cheyaru. Period.
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    May be andhuke ee pane pakodi news create chesaru anukunta Desi Baana Potta Batta uncles
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    @Quickgun_murugan @Android__Halwa @sattipandu India trip super enjoy chesa... Full to full fun... Koddiga 4 days health bale. Rest is good. Nenu vellina restaurants. Srikanya- 2/5 Fried piece biryani, chicken 95 and Apollo machili. Chicken 95 is really good. Flachazo - 4/5 Buffet ... Super undi. Fried food em ledu. Chaala healthy gabtasty ga undi. Highlights: Pan ice-cream Shadab: 4/5 Biryaniand mutton curry. Too good both super. Vijayawada sweet magic. 4/5 Ulavacharu, prawn fry and sweets. Pan is good too. Too good Anni. Film Nagar club dinner - 3/5 Both veg and non veg. Veg bagundi kaani bendakay fry lo kobbari vesadu gabbu nayalu. Naaku kobbari vesthe chirakochindi. Non veg too good. Mutton, veg palav and dum ki biryani. Super. Hyderabad Golf club - 2/5 Anni chetha okka paneer starter tappa. 7 restaurant - on the way to Bezawada 3/5 Too much hype. Pedda goppaga em ledu. Babai idli bagundi. Annitikanna intlo amma cook chesi a food aithe 5/5. But bayata health upset ayyi ekkuva tinadam kudarledu. Mandi ki velladam kuda kudarledu. to disappoint db members. Flechezo , Shadab and sweet magic highlights ee trip lo.
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    2 years lot of time man ask him to file Perm with some mestri and start marketing. Once he gets client he can transfer to that mestri
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    They say angels are often disguised as daughters and a girl named Pooja Bijarnia has, in fact, proved that. When her father needed a liver transplant, Pooja Bijarnia came forward to save his life. The loving daughter donated a part of her liver to her father. The picture is shared by one Dr Rachit Bhushan Shrivastva. He writes that Pooja's selfless act for her father is an answer to all the bigoted minds who think sons are superior to daughters. Source: facebook In the picture, which has now gone viral, the father-daughter duo can be seen with similar stitch marks on their abdomen. Pooja seems really happy and proud to be able to save her father's life! No doubt that the father-daughter bond is filled with unconditional love
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    ok ayyam le kaani click matram cheyyam
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    I could not agree more…. and why stop at just leaving the state. Most Indian techies work in a 50 square mile area of the Silicon Valley… they must all be outfitted with an ankle bracelet that will call the cops the moment they step out of that zone. Two strikes and they also get an electric dog collar that will stun them so they cannot move too far away from their “work area”. On the other hand, there is this document…. the declaration of Independence… perhaps you have heard of it. It provides: "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness - Wikipedia for all human beings subject to the laws of the United States. This is one of the guiding phrases this country was founded on and we really do not have any mechanism to control how people move across state lines anyways. Perhaps you should read it in your copious spare time or start a movement to amend it as follows: Life, Liberate and the pursuit of happiness except for H1B workers who must pursue this happiness in the state of their employment and H2A workers who must always remain on the farm they are employed on etc etc. Good luck in your endeavors Okkadi Response
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    Comparatively Sunny aunty baguntadi kaka.... Mia aunty kantey.. mia aunty battalu ippitheney baguntadi... Sunny full covered ayina decent ga untadi
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    Hindus lo tinaru kada ekkuva andukani asked... i know it has nothing to do with telugu or tamil
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    needaithe neevaraku vasthundi. raaledu ante adi needi kaadu. neededo neekosam wait chesthuntundi
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    uncle calm ga undu academics matladithae above avg student ani cheppu inter, btech and Ms aduthu paduthuu did i enjoyed a lot etc ani cheppu 5 years kelli job antunav inka em kavala uncle neku......... silent ga pelli chaesukooo bagupadthav pilla talented antunav (amae medha depend kamani antaley thalisina ammaye kabbati chaesuko antuna ) Good luck
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    one off pedithey mana vallu gelavaru ani telisi.. 3 matches pettaru. em chestaro choddam
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    matter in 2 lines please
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    Agree.. You guys are in very good relationship...Kopam thagginchuko anthe Take it easy go for a vaccation, you guys are absolutely fine
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    Bro dhaya chesi ilaaanti movies ni kuda atleast overseas lo aina good movies anakandi va... asalu aa story endho aa director gadu em anukundo.. thuuuu bro.. gunna gunna mavidi kosam theatre ki ponavasaram ledu movierulz lo b undhi.. ee movies ki aa site ye ekkuva
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    trivik ki appatlo parvathy melton tho kuda links pettaru..adhi oka big shot ni cheskoni settled.. idhi kuda anthe.. trivik tho evariki links pettina avi rumors kindhane lekka...
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    I just talked to my employer.. he told me that this applies to L1s not H1s.. in fact he told me that it's better for H1s as it might reduce the fraud EB1C gc petitions and let the priority dates move quickly for EB2 and EB3..
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    Gavanni maak thelvadh... prathi roju tanchanu ga steel balls moginchi dannam pettukovadam okkate thelsu...
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    Arey @uttermost niku na bochu telsu, edo city lo putti perigi nalugu pustakalu sadivi , faltu news papers sadivinav nuvu. Enni yers ayindi nuvu india poyi? Okasari oorlaku poyi sudu.gullalo evadu agra kulalu potleru, mottam sudarolla rajyam .pandagalu ooregimpulu anni valle
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    Aavu vyasam telsuga topic edaina raagam okkate
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    http://machinelearningmastery.com/machine-learning-in-python-step-by-step/ good for beginners. https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/python/ brush up python basics CMU machine learning class free course. http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~ninamf/courses/601sp15/lectures.shtml learn while doing a project https://campus.datacamp.com/courses/kaggle-python-tutorial-on-machine-learning/getting-started-with-python?ex=4