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    eee lavada thread ni pin kooda chesthaaraaa?? idemi yellow paithyam ra saameeeee
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    @psycopk 1 line agenda.. CBN ni pogadali... CBN inka pogadali ... CBN ni inka inka pogadali... endhuku chepu...emyana secretariat lo post istha anada...
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    ee banisa bathukulu marava? mee athmagourvanni thakattupedatharendukuraa? manushullani preminchandi gani pujinchakandi..murkullara?
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    This is a real problem amd my sister went through hell with her son. At 3 the doctors diagnosed him as autistic because he had repetetive behaviors and he was not talking. After that he was in lots and lots of therapies for 3 years Speech, ABA and OT. Now he is talking well and his repetitive behaviors have greatly reduced.. He is very intelligent and very ahead in school in math and english but in some ways he is still different. He doesn't make a lot of eye contact and he wants everything organized. He likes only some colors and foods etc.. My sister and bro in law went back to India for good last year.. In India no one cares about these things and he has improved a lot with playing with other kids and social behavior. He started speaking telugu too. Now he is 8 and only if you really observe him very closely you can tell that he is different, otherwise people will just think that he is a shy kid. On the flip side he is very bright and intelligent. He memorized the whole table of elements and symbols in chemistry at 8.. Even Bill Gates, Mark Juckerberg, Albert Einstein are believed to be on the autism spectrum..Autism is a spectrum and on the higher functioning side you will find a lot of shy/intelligent people.. Now when I think about it, naa BTech lo topper I think is on the spectrum. He barely talks, doesn't make much eye contact but he is very bright.. If you have any doubts start therapies right away.. With right therapies most of the kids on the spectrum will turn out fine by the time they are around 7 or 8 but they need a lot of attention between 2 to 6/7.. USA lo they expect the kids to be a certain way and if they are not, they will label them with autism.. India is more accepting of shy people who wants to stay in their own world..If you close your eyes and think you will be able to think of some people that you grew up with that might be on the spectrum.
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    chudu kaka nee decision reflects who you are... chachipoavalanipisthe chachi po.. life values thelsithe thought raadu... cheyi ki debba thaaki wound ayithe cheyi narukuntara evaranna?
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    aithe endii ankul. reject avvadame better. visa lu chusukoni pelli lu chesukoni em saditharu anta.
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    isonti lafoot threads kuda pin chesudu endi psycopk kaka....nandamuri fans db anukuni ie DB lo pin chesinattu vunnav...
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    Eeedi 4 inch dyick tho nalla daaani bodduni kooda satisfy cheyyaledu lite teesko ts
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    Bro meeru sarigga leni marugudhoddi ni selfie dhigi whatsapp cheyandi 1100 ki .. we are using real time governance using black chain
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    Those are days of less educated people, awareness, low living standards, less reachability - news, information etc, high morals Now we are in Information Age. More awareness, reach ability fir news coverage, better living standards, less morals but more opportunism. so those type of fans will never exist now or in future for anyone.
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    First night antaru gaani but most of them don't do chex ani vinna........... is this true???
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    http://freepdfpost.blogspot.com, http://www.freebookspot.com/ http://4ebooks.org/ http://www.free-ebooks.net/ http://manybooks.net/ http://www.getfreeebooks.com/ http://freecomputerbooks.com/ http://www.freetechbooks.com/ http://www.scribd.com/ http://www.globusz.com/ http://knowfree.net/ http://www.onlinefreeebooks.net/ http://www.memoware.com/ http://www.zillr.org/
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    Hi, ninna ee points edo post lo esanu, pedda traction raledu ani malli ikada seperate ga posting Wrong pellam oste my dear friends ila untundi life. 1.Friends thagutharu 2.Career meeda interest podi 3. cinemalu eku chustav kanisam silence untadi ani 4. mandhu ekku thaguthav 5. avi thagi health issues 6. aapudami chustav apalevu 7. Final ga untav ante untav , poina parledu ankuntav.
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    asalu veturi garu, sirivennela gaaru raase paatalu loni sahityam sarigga ardham chesukunte chaala meaningful ga untay. ippudu chaala rare. malli cycle eppudu reset avuthundo, malli goppa lyric writers eppudu vasthaaro ?
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    post ki ne reply ki emanna sambandam unda muttonbiryan ani tidutunna ne gorre logic to edavadame
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    check this guys....video not supporting for me https://www.c-span.org/video/?441042-1/senate-debates-daca-border-security&live
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    Tension emi undadhu kaka until you get 35 years and realize you still struggling to know where to settle. Kids koncham pedda ayyaka you realize you are not only screwing your life but their's by letting them get good education but you don't have a status to support them. After master's everyone thinks it's not big deal. Age will tell you this indeed is a big deal.
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    Love da gallu vallu matram copy rights konakunda free makes chesi, vadi daggara veedi daggara scripts kottesi rotta movies teesi $30 per ticket 10gocha..??
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    Mind your words man. At least give respect for his age.
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    Nee creativity ni kakulu 10ga. layoff ani edvochu ga.
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    naku card approve chesinapudu 300 ichadu ..............ichi sir congrats sir u have been approved anadu
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    he is working now for future generations.. so your kids have everything Ready.. Set..Go...
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    ee tea lu pakodilu amukune chillar naa kodukulu kakaunda evaru unna bagane untadi... ani chekka gadu prove chesadu ga
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    MANODIVE ani telisela Jai balayya and Jai Lokayya jai Chandrayya ani oka 2 times cheppu..Appudu consider chestharu
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    Bro , is you mom a working lady in India or a home maker? Don't take offense its just a simple question.
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    Vinevaadu balayya babu aithe, cheppe vaadu sandra babu ani enni ayeena chepthadu
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    bankruptcy file cheyachemo I dont know
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    According to Wikipedia : Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao (born 17 February 1954) : 64 years
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    phone vibration lo undi kavochu chusuko okasari
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    Ankul .. better oka whatsapp or telegram group create chey interested vaallaki.. will meet and greet Lokesh .. mana ideas theeskuntadantava ? Btw lunch free ye ga?
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    MBA made more sense in the days corporate structure controlled everything, when hierarchy meant everything at the corporate level. It still might be the case for the most part, but in this digital age you don't have to necessarily be an outstanding people manager to climb up the corporate ladder even if your only aspiration is to stay in the corporate rat race. In today's day and age, there's a chance for you to however be still successful and independent without being another rat in the corporate rat-race. And you don't have to be a corporate bitch to have a decent lifestyle.
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    PK meedaki Mahesh kathi gadini odilav.. Kammolla meeda oka song compose cheyinchi, online lo vadili, divide and rule chedamanukontunav.. aa vidoe choosthe telustundhu entha tailored ga undho. youtube lo YOYO tv lo nee lanjesh kathalu. .dhayiram ga edurukoleni M leni lambdi ga... nuvvu enni prayathnalu chesina CM kalveu, ee Janma lo kaavu.. neeku two options either Jail or pavurala gutta
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    Pitta retta esinattu undhi
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    Enti samaja bcom lo physics la vunav? Pythos is 20 yers back language not 2
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    Rolex IWC Patek Philippe Omega Tag Montblanc
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    Yeah man Loki is from Stanford TG vallaki edvatam thappa inkemi raadu
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    Wrong pellam ani neeku etla telusthadi man... right or wrong is just your perspective... if you think she is wrong.. try to go in her way and set it right.. appudu emi chese pani undadu.. and dont be too much emotionally attached to anything... detached attachments undaali life la.. pichakuntla lolli ki.. taagudu cinemalu chusudu endi..
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    nuvvu assamed man...NJ = Dallas = Freamont inka suttupakkala ane concept undadhu yekkadaina manolle
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    Thanks mama ! Affairs lantive chadavataniki , chudataniki bavuntai ( movies lo ) but real life lo ayitey , u will be guilty as hell
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    vadileyi friend, don't worry, daanam chesanu anuko nee 15k, inko 6 months lo earn cheyi aa 15 k ni dachi pettuko
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    next YSRCP in power....? ippudu resign chesi elections face chese dammu ledu TDP ki kani other parties ki kani...
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    Hi, Training Curriculum for Regulatory Affairs – Drugs. S.No. Topic - Hand Out 1 Demo and Database Introduction 2 Database 3 IIG assignment discussion 4 Controlled Correspondence 5 Specifications and STP 6 Validation and CoA 7 DMF introduction 8 DMF complete 9 Stability and Module 1 10 CTD of Drug Substance 11 Impurities 12 Drug Product - P1 - P4 13 Drug Product - P5 - P8; 32R 14 Guidance discussion - RTR and Stability 15 Guidance discussion - Shape/size and other guidances 15 Post-approval CMC changes 16 General guidances 17 Work on Model Resume 18 Work on Model Resume She is one of the best trainers i have seen, If interested please email her at:[email protected]
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    anthey unchukuntey ediko poyetodivi kaka nuvvu
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    Why jealous rey, bcoz top univ MBAs are getting 200k and becoming executives before they hit 40? But I agree. Eh db lo janalaki MBA not a good idea. daniki vere caregory vundi ley.