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    Simple . Valla intla pergina atmosphere tho mentally affect aipoi intlo dora kani care Pranay deggara dorkindi kabatti atu tilt aipoindi purtiga. It’s a lesson to all parents to keep family as number 1 priority and spend time with them. Otherwise itla ne untadi situation.
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    Unna vallalo kaushal best ani manam eppudo anukunam kada.. he deserves to win among 16 contestants
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    agreed, kaushal ki konchem selfishness undi, aa rakana akkada andariki selfishness undi
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    This is heights of immaturity purely driven by hormones
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    It’s a complete package no?? Mamtha, anuragam, prema, abhimanam annee gelichindhi
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    Very immatured pilla. Too far from being practical
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    Kau gadu kummestunadu ga as expected
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    Asalu migilina Hm's maree biscuit vundabatti kaushal aadhipathyam nadusthundhi..... Geetha antha waste candidate inkokalu leru....Thanaki vacchina support ni slow gaa wrong game plan and jealousy tho dobbettukundhi
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    emulada rajanna.. tirupati yenkanna.. yadadri narasanna.. shiridi sayanna..
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    My daughter said at the end ............ Bigg boss saved Samrat so that he can take selfie ...... because he is tall and he only took selfie all the episodes..... if Samrat is out .....Roll cannot take selfie as he is very short ...................... Lol ........Lol