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    aa psycolk gaadu modi ni kcr ni ammanaa bootulu tittachu.. kulagajji lanjee NTR lantollani em anakudadu ikkada.. lavada lo eshalu pichi **** naa kodukulu
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    Don’t go, sir!: TN students cling on to their teacher, refuse to accept his transfer The students created a barrier with their love and affection for Bhagawan as he walked out with his transfer order, one student even hugging him from the back, refusing to let him leave.
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    no point asking them to do something man.. valla side tappu etha gaane calm aipoyi thread and id leputaru.. anduke aadangi mundalu ani tittedi @psycopk lantollani
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    vadiki profession meda intrest poye varaku ila transfer chestu ne untaru... aa frustation vadu pillala meda chupistadu future lo.. what ya..