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    ee banisa bathukulu marava? mee athmagourvanni thakattupedatharendukuraa? manushullani preminchandi gani pujinchakandi..murkullara?
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    Pitta retta esinattu undhi
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    Bongu emi kadu its waste lot of sodium and preservatives !!! Health kosam tindamu anikunte ganaka stop cheseyi !!! Oats are good only if they are steel cut and organic!
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    venkesuku vachedi endi ra yerri puvva.... nenu abhimanche vallu chala mandi unnaru.. vallalo Legend NTR okaru.. mee lanti labour fellows tho disco enduku timewaste ani respond avtam ledu..... this is my last reply to you folks..
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    First di thappakunda jaruguthundi.. Rendo daniki konchem changes cheyala, NTR ikkadiki ravadam kanna villane akkadiki pampithe pola ? adhiripola?
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    Iroju and ninna nijamga group lo entha fud create chesaru,, raithu bridda ni aithe gruddalo tannali seriously anni laddulo postlu esadu endo physchoism. I myself lost money during fud in the past because of panic selling and stupidity.. DB lo chala mandi sensitive people undi untaru and newbies andaru edo try cheddam ani vacharu papam,, andarilo almost 50 - 60 % panic sell chesi untaru kachitanga news nijam emo anukoni based on the outside observation and db,.. Money might be very important for them and starting lone major losses unte they might say good to Crypto thinking this is nonsense.. Nijanga entha erri fook postlu esi savadengaru.. pakkodi money ante enthaina manaki chinna chupe kadha. maazak okati rondu sarlu aithe bavuntadi and every other minute ki total shivering postlu esi mental 10gicharu kadha.
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    https://www.npmjs.com/package/angular4-translate Check this
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    If you are true lover of NTR. then you should be disliking CBN for the amount of insult he did to NTR in his final days. Do you ?
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    ntr gadu motham MGR ni copy chesi... Telugu vari aathma gouram ane word tho andarini munchi only valla caste vallaki Govt jobs and lands ichi.. andari G lo pettadu.. vadu oka karana janmudu... ee thopas caste gajji yvs cammode gadu vadini praising.. marandi ra ayya.. kulam valla rupayi upayogam ledhu..
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    Nice movie man, I don't like love stories but this is something very different. Definitely worth watching atleast once.
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    nagappagadu gajapathi bob gaadu jiddarth gaadu kama kukkalu
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    andaru annitini 'misuse' chestharu. netflix passwd sharing, amazon prime sharing, ivanni andaru chestharu. its upto the company to find ways to make sure it doesn't happen. quickgun lanti white people slaves anthey, prathi chinna vishayaaniki Indians ki neethulu cheppataaniki bayalderuthaaru. pattinchukoku.
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    this 'treatise on s3x' is about 2000yrs late. It was called Kama Sutra. This one is the cry of a man who's no longer able to attract young things to stick his penis into.
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    this is not the way guys..vachinaa pratidi konalante kastam and you dont know which is good or bad. do research and pick few and go big on them. that's how you make money.
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    immature deluded pubescent minds abhimaanam , amma, nayana, chelli/thammudu meeda undaali, vallu lekapothey nee life and its quality drastic ga change untundhi kabatti paisa ki upayogam padani drama artists galla meeda endukuu, vaadu/vallu ee bhoomi leda nunchi ee instant lo kanapadakunda pothey , nee life oka beat kooda skip cheyyadu.
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    Prasnusita prasnista antadu maa Pk. 25 crores remuneration matram dobbutadu
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    I don't want to undermine the tragedy to the family and want to give my full sympathies to them A well settled man with insurance should be able to cover most of this , only he will responsible for Out of pocket maximum which should be maximum of 6000 dollars or may be 10 k His mom , they might have got a visitor insurance for his mom if bought here should cover 50 % of bills and remaining can be negotiated with hospital for pay out I am guessing the trauma of the Injury is more horrifying for the family and i feel very for the family but I don't think financially they wouldn't be burdened more than 20 to 30 k dollars , which a well settled man should be able to pay off , i think most of you guys can pay off who are able to afford BMW / AUDIS / TESLA and no need to beg for it
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    Two people were injured after the driver of a car, who was apparently speeding, crashed into a Santa Ana building and somehow ended up in the second floor, Orange County Fire Agency officials said Sunday morning. A car remains lodged inside the second floor of a Santa Ana dentist office after the driver crashed into the building on Jan. 14, 2018. (Credit: KTLA) The car remained lodged inside a dental office along at 319 East 17th Street until about 7:50 a.m., when crews were able to get it out. Debris from the building lay scattered on the floor below what appears to be a white sedan. The Santa Ana Police Department said that the driver was driving at a very high rate of speed down French Street when he or she hit the center median. The OCFA tweeted that the car "went airborne and landed into the building." Police said the driver admitted to using narcotics and was expected to be admitted to a hospital for observation. Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said police will be submitting the case to the Orange County District's Attorney's Office after running toxicology tests to determine possible charges. Crews remove the car from the second floor of the building about 7:50 a.m. on Jan. 14, 2018. (Credit: KTLA) A fire was quickly extinguished after the crash, officials said. Both people inside the car were able to get out safely and suffered minor injuries, according to the OCFA. Orange County firefighters, along with a Los Angeles County search and rescue team, removed the vehicle from the building. Public works officials also responded to the crash to examine the integrity of the building.
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    Asalu meaning vethukkovadam enduku ra ayyaa...just live and enjoy as you move along.. U will never get answer to anything...even if u know something pedda thedaa em raadhu jeevithaaniki....karma...realization..ivaanitheory lo baagane untaayi but practicaly cant apply...anduke anubavinchu raaja
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    dying?....you are already dead before you are born!...what do you mean by the word "death''?..isnt it complete emptyness or nothing?...well do you remember where you are before you are born?...yes..you are dead before you are born..so no need to be afraid of death
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    Happy for you bhayya....eppudu evaro chepthe vinadame kani thelisna valla lo crypto lo gain chesinshi naku thelisina vyakthi nuvve.....millionaire in making.....congrats bro you rock....
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    Fandaga foota fani faata ledu va....faatha muchatlu fatkostav faltu gani lekka...
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    Good that you clarified and I quote you "it's actually not a debate". Because it was not and it clearly is not anywhere close to being "the greatest debate" by any stretch of imagination. Of course I understand that this is your subjective opinion and you are entitled to it. Because a good debate entails two equally good, resourceful, eloquent, intellectually incisive polemicists. Here clearly one guy seems to lack an effective style of conveying his ideas even though he has some really solid arguments on his side - the Anarchopac guy and the other one seems to revel himself in obscurantism. Overall a mediocre fare and I have been part of many more skilled and intellectually sophisticated debates than this bland offering. Nevertheless it did make for a good listening and intellectual churning - thanks for sharing.
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    lol. grow a spine man. who cares if people hate Indians? if you are so concerned, stop calling yourself Indian. say you are srilankan, cuban or bangladeshi.
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    Inko Important question cricket aadatam vacha ? 140 vunte h1 extension vachinattu. Dallas lo cricket aadatam vasthe career growth automatic gaa vachesthadi
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    Vellu vellu mee is bralayya blessings isthunnadanta.. velli vaditho thengicchukko
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    అమ్ముల పొదిలి లో ఆయుధం రెడీ గ పెట్టుకున్నావు అయితే .. ?
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    We took at cvs.. they will know the rules, when applying if u go to post office they will make sure that photo is right.
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    Master’s ammayilu don’t listen to no daddy. Oka range lo cinema kanapadathadi
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    Book hotel and close the freaking deal manwhat insta what WhatsApp chat like kiddo
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    abababa emanna fit gaa unda..............
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    every tech and framework will have a hype cycle , ippudu react and node di nadustundi. basic ga javascript and oka manchi server side language (preferably java) vaste ivanni easy ga pick cheyochu.
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    Avu nandi babu...godari jillaki velli...kobbari thota lo...jeedi pappu esi...eti..jeedi pappu vesina upma tintunte vuntundandi.... andhra language perfect ga matladutundu bittiri...manchi kalakarudu
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    Look at Go Network, Orchid Protocol, Gems, Dadi etc. They will start in Jan end or Feb.
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    aa matram ee goud gadiki teliyadu anukunava... #naakenti anna logic meda pressmeet petadu..
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    vundanapudu mari enduku a edupu ? tanni elakottina inka budhulu matram maraledu....TG la MLA gadu vadiki istam vachinatu sestadu, andhrodu ki emi pani ?
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    no idea.. do a query select univname where indian_roaches_per_sem < 100;
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    aa yeddu place lo musali na kodukuni kurcho petti yeddu ni musali na koduku place lo pettali..
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    decided on APEX(Jan 15th white list)/ELA(white list done)/NEX(coming soon..date not announced yet) bought HPB(exchange lo) and Lamden(in ICO) recently. let me know if you have any good ICO's in the list.
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    trading lo mee athram aapukondi perugutundi kada ani prathi chinna coin koni chethulu kalchukokandi ...ikkada hype create chesina still DYOR
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    No.. it is a bubble.. it is like buy iPhone for 200$ when the actual price is 1000$. The person who owns the iPhone will sell it for 100$ and eventually once the price reaches 2000$ he will resell and price drops to 200$ instead of 1000$ Bitcoin kooda alane, someone who has large amount of Bitcoin is controlling it's inflation. Most probably China and all... Rbi is strictly against Bitcoin investment. At one point Bitcoin will collapse.. you never know..it might be end of today. Invest at your own risk
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    Next article will be on Megastar may be...because there is a news that he went to a Nepal and did some pujas for kahaidi 150 .Voxspace writers will put their wild imaginations and will say chiru sacrificed each child for each one mega hero in their family .When sacrificing a child for Allu sireesh the child escaped .Thats why Allu sireesh is unable to get success .Allu Arvaind pressured Surendra reddy to shoot Dhruva especaially in Nepal so that Charan and his team can track down the missing child in their spare time after the shoot ...These click bait websites can write any type of nonsense like these silly articles