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    sure. I know you wouldnt have an opnion... nothing more can be expected from a blinkered person like you.
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    kathal cheppe batch meeru unnaru ga... naku ravu avi...
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    Movie lo hero heroine ni chudagane muddhu petti propose chesthadu.. bayata ala chesthe cheppucchukkodtharu ..
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    legal matters PK sachi poye varaku kooda settle kaavu. But free publicity to PK till that time.Thatha tactics almost.
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    Telugu people already annoyed with media , he is cashing on it. And this incident united all mega family again , inturn getting more kaapu's support.
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    yea.. target acheived.. by diverting media main focus from CBN deeksha.. but it also proved he is a dummy and he lost his credibility by his cheap acts..and he again proved as sagam panula sannasi yedava
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    Not modable bro we are labor batch..used camry accord with paschi mokaniki suit avvanai googles pettukoni free ga fm lo vacche bruno mars gani pata vini yevaraina nee fav singer yevaru ante bruno peru cheppi fb WhatsApp lo same thing update chesi like kottinchukoni..Friday peruki friends ane nalugiritho kusoni desi chicken chivas taahgi same old balayy chiru and caste kosam kotlade chillara desi batch bro
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    already post chesaa, 1990s rojulu kaadu ivi, media ante abn,etv,sakshi ane rojulu poyinaayi
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    12) Appatlo ma ? a. Teacher b. Wife c. Friends d. Nannagaru
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    nenu konchem vere la cheppa... nuvu straight forward ga same adhe cheppav... hope sagam kaalina pulkas get this point
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    Chusthunnam ga. Next baahubali, janatha garage, rangasthalam lanti cinemalu vasthayi under the production house of this guy. Mesthri gallu next gen producers of Tollywood.
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    mana daridram alaane undi mari. assembly level lo ee caste vaallu ekkuva unte vaallaki ticket istaaru ga mostly. pillalu sadukunte anni pothaayi anukuunnaaru mana peddollu. manam sudukoni global level ki teesukellam daanni
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    endhukuraa sri sri ni quote chesi aayana paruvu theesthaav !!
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    Where is biryani city ?? Hot breads ...??
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    Cheap politics by PK ammani addam pettukuni...vaalla amma age entho kuda telvadhu yadava ki 70 years anta...Sirio gadike 63 years unnay ra labbesh ga
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    Pillalu, Don'ts : 1. Don't talk loudly in local language in office lifts 2. Don't stare at other people in office 3. Don't talk in local language before other language people 4. Don't be late to meetings 5. Don't be rude 6. Don't grab more than one item if freebies are offered 7. Don't act like the world will end if you don't get the freebie 8. Be respectful , never criticize someone publicly , it will spoil your relationship with them and will make it much harder to work with them everyday 9. reply all with a thank you email , send only to that person if needed. Do's 1. Use deodorant 2. Copy your manager in important emails 3. Train and delegate work if you have any new joiners in team , helps you grow to the next level 4. Show initiative , if you don't opportunities will rarely knock your door 5. If you are not learning anything new in your role for at least 1 month , then it means that you need to up skill 6. If you have to say anything negative , talk to them privately (start with a positive , Ex: I liked what you did with x etc...) 7. Compliment people , believe me , this works wonders 8. Act like a team , don't say he said , she said when you are representing your team to customers 9. If you want to bring a problem to your manager , also be prepared to answer on what the possible solutions are , never go to them with topics where there the solutions are not feasible 10. Utilize company provide training , Don't abuse but use it as needed to improve your certs , skills . You know , if properly used this is like an added reward to your salary. Now , start the disco , come on gusa gusa
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    TV9 gadi script ayy untadi
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    ani anukuntunna.miru kuda agree chesthe . kinda comment petti like kottandi. Please vote for me
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    ind pak test match.. 1999 anukunta complete one man show.. 17 runs to win 4 wkts daggara backpain valla lofted shot tho out aipoyadu.. india lost that game.. sachin was in tears MoM pickup ki kuda raledu.. speaks volumes about him and his passion
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    the role model for two generations
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    HBD to Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
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    @SilentStriker @Kontekurradu @aakathaai @johnubhai_01 @nallaberrry
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    Can the darker clouds reduce the glory of magnanimous sun? Can the new moon night question the existence of moon? Don’t let your failures define you. You are bigger than your problems and stronger than your fears Rise like a morning sun after the darker stormy night And shine like a full moon among the twinkling stars
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    brother vallu vellu cheppindi nammodhu brother. TDP antha neethiga nijaayithiga inka ye party ledu undadhu undabodhu kooda. shortly details pamputhaam brother. antha varaku thoka jadisthe maa balayya jhuloom aadisthadu jaagratha.
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    mimmalni niraashaparacham. ee saari thitte boothulu international level lo trump ki cheruthayi. monna balayya tho thittisthe delhi lo kalakalam chelaregindi, ippudu ee saari maa Lokesh babu ki ivvabothunnam script ni. Trump will shake this time. Jai AP Jai CBN. maaku meme saati, choosthu urukom evvarini
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    Lol asalu adhi deeksha ani evadanna antaada.. aina evadi dapppu aadu kottukuntunnadu kaani kalisi poye alochanal lev.. so don’t expect scs ankul
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    yes, you can apply for just h4 ead and for new h4 if you didnt apply along with your spouse h1b. it will take 3 months if just h4-ead application
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    +sri reddy - kathimahesh +or- thamanna
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    Okari Amma Ni thittu publicity kosam Ani suggestion sesina vaadiki nuvvu suffort. Grow up man. RGV crossed all limits.
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    Anni rods and kukka rods cheppi kuda avg annavante nuvvu ma mega abhimanive
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    Evaru aa frnd mega baanisaa?
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    Media tho pettukunnadu charithra lo baagu padaleedhu.. bad time started for PK! He’s a gone case.
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    Chandrababu is the sree reddy for ETV news
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    Agreed. etv news 30min 9pm vi baguntayi
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    Chinnu ga endi ee racha...Brahmotsavam ki kuda ilage tega elevation icharu, chivariki rod padindi...
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    Its fine nothing wrong dani valla india ki vache nastam emi ledu
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    deep ga velthe pedda kadha kani simple ga aite mana congress, cpi,cpm and usa lo democrats left wing bro.....BJP, ikkada republicans right wing bro...liberals and conservatives ki vaste...world lo most of the muslims and hindus conservatives..oka paddathulu untai like niyamalu adhi family life kani, technology vadatam kani and regional feeling race feeling kuda untai vati valla...telangana movement kosam poradina andaru conservatives kavachu, desam janda mida abhimanam lanti vi lekapote kula pichi edaina conservative ye inka vatilo levels and etha close to Centrist (between liberal and democrats)..Centrists ante France president Macron lekka..vadu centrist but slightly liberal biased...liberals ante inka alantivem undav..open borders, minorities ekkuva imporatnce ivvali and kids life vallu chuskuntaru manam ekkuva interfere avvadhu ane dani nunchi pellayyaka open relationships,pellani pakaknoditho padukopettatam,incest daka edaina kavachu...idi kuda levels batti inka
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    ame chesindantha chesi ippudu em telvanattu tvki ekkindi antunnaruga... mana lives ki compare cheddam.... okasari Sri reddy = average employee working for mesthri people who she slept for opportunities = Mesthri film industry = mana clients sleeping/taking money for chances = pake ressuummes, mata sahayalu, storeslo panicheyadalu ippudu mesthri dabbulu teesukoni eh okatlu cheyakapothe manam vadini em cheddam ante andaru edo oka salaha istaru kani... appudu anni chesav ippudu show enduku antara... ame sleeping enduku manchiga edo oka job chesukovachu kada antunnaru... mari manam kuda India lo legal ga edo oka job chesukovachuga... just a thought... tappu unte lite teesukondi...
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    Ground level la movement baaga vundi...slowly as elections get closer, lot of jumping jeelanis will get ready... but for now, it’s advantage YSRCP. Sympathy and movement rendu bagane workout chestundu
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    entha cheppi em laabham, aa chekka CBN single point agenda unnollaki em cheppina waste..better not to reply and leave him alone
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    Who questioned cbn when he said hodha tho origedhenti? who quotioned cbn when he agreed to package over scs? who quotioned when cbn said hodha sanjeevana? who quotioned cbn when he said hodha ante jail ke? who quotioned when he took no of u-turns and became u-turn ankul ? state future ki related scs ne avasaram ledhannappude ap janam xxcare anukunnaru.. muslim resevartions ki tg ppl endhuku worry avvale? just answer