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    India lanti country lo ne life every where and everything possible... we have space for everyone...even animals . Life is every where man...nijalu telsukokunda, Compare chesi takuva cheyakandi India ni... remember, it feeds 1.2 billion people...no nation on earth does it better than we do...
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    pelli kale. ne wife ni pampu chepinchi sampadiddam.
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    Subway lo gas station lo restaurant lo part time appudu paayakaana lu kadigindhi cheppunte Ippudu antha feel ayyevaaru kaadhemo bro
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    Evado mana OPT batch gadu tube marchu ra ante garam patch esi ticket close chesi vuntadu....antha appu Reddy mahima
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    Mee pillodiki e e story cheppu ooriki utharana utharam vachaka hero gaddi peekesadu ani....tell him to publish in school magazine... ala adhi egurukuntu egurukuntu hoa ki vellipodhi....they will understand its ur story and send actual veed to ur house
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    Stress...!! Sampestadi ie stress.... ameirca la vunna desingallaki vunna tha stress naku telsi duniya la ne highest vundochu
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    How many of you lose interest in below things. Celebrating Happy birthdays and wishing friends/family almost every couple of days on whatsapp. Celebrating Festivals. Drinking Beer and Whisky etc, overnight hangouts. Gambling. Sex, relations and responsibilities. Daily routine office work and routine daily schedule, even though if you have some happenings on Wednesdays and weekends. Matter entante, schooling days lo knowledge, life, nature anni KOTHA kabatti time pass aindi. Inter and Engineering lo adolescent age kabatti, movies, ammayilu, mandhu party lu ala ala time pass aindi. Masters lo Part times, America life lo strips, clubs, trips, cars etc etc tho 2 years time pass aindi. Job life lo earnings, buying gold, apts, lands, houses, stocks, investments ila anxiety tho timepass aindi. Next searching for life partner, marraige, KOTHA muripem, gifts, show offs, birthdays, gatherings ila time pass aindi. Kid vachaka break vachi inkoka 2 years time pass aindi. I am 31 now, and from past 2 years i am not finding happiness in anything. Natural ga happiness raavatledu. Eroju dassera, whatsapp open chesthe 20 groups lo 300 messages. Intiki phone chesthe same old fashion lo kotha battalu konukkoni temple ki velli Paalapitta ni chusocharu ani chepparu, next year phone chesina malli ade cheptaru as is ga. Is any one travelling in my boat.? What are you trying to do to overcome this.??
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    Telangana lo ivi chala pedda festivals , ne gajji fuk brain ki atlane anipistadi
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    I posted several times. Copy pasting again. I took religare for my parents . They have plans for pre existing conditions too . The below coverages are not including pre existing Religare Rates: Worldwide 120days 41-60 age gold coverage. Price 50000 USD 11252 rs 1lac USD 13361 rs 3lacs USD 17708 rs 5lacs USD 20740 rs
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    pelli ayyaka dabba/dappu kottalsina avasaram ledu..expect cheyadam stupidity.. you do it for your achievement/satisfaction.. why do you strive for recognition.. home is not a work place
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    E naluguru kalisi nannu target chesaru --CBN. Inka evaranna miglithe vallani kalupuko putin ,trump
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    i dont think so.. the same women were not powerful when Sukanyaa Devi was raped by Rahul Gandhi and entire family is missing today this is just a way to attack BJP as much as they can.. . MJ Akbar has filed lawsuits on these women.. none of these allegations will be proved.. its just hit and run
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    ayyappa is revered as celibate deity, there are hardly 5 temples that dont allow entry for women, here the restriction is confined to 10-50 age how many know there are 8 temple dedicated only for women and not men, this is strategy of vatican to attack the root of hinduism, they already desecrated Tirupati temple as much as they can.. final bastion is ayyappa.. see the attacks are going to increase and spread to all temples the women who are planning to go there are non believers, why are they visiting other than meant to desecrating the temple tradition on the day os SC judgement, political party representing minorities were celebrating, why does the minorities celebrate a judgement that is going to bring equality in majority religion while they dont give the same equality in their religion.. thinks yourselves hindus are the biggest idiots on this planet right now.. they have no clue of history
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    he is a yellow zombie.. dont bother explaining man.. thread esthe aadi moham meeda ummi ellipothe happyga feel avtadu
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    iLLu kali okadu edustuntey suttaku nippu kavalna
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    sudden break esina hand break esina .. venaka vache car certain distance maintain cheyali .. mundhu car aagithey nuvu kuda aagali
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    amane ninnu gudhindhi kabati no issue, aame insurance theeskoni unte aipothunde .. nee details theesukunnapudu aina neku light velagaleda amedi theesukundham ani
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    kallaki pattina yellow shiit tuduchuko gnana bulb automaticga elugutundi
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    Absolute freedom....a perfect example of harmonious civil liberty prevailing in the state...
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    20 yella kindha mee naayina adhe CM kurchi ekkinadante adhi varasathvam.. aa kurchi nuv repu ekkuthunnavante adhi Lakshanam.. adhe CM kurchi repu Nee bidda ekkinadante adhi maa adrustam: @psycopk to @LOKESH
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    Gurugaru... meeru yellow glasses eppati nunchi pettukuntunnaru? ... after 1983 or 1995 ?