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    ee banisa bathukulu marava? mee athmagourvanni thakattupedatharendukuraa? manushullani preminchandi gani pujinchakandi..murkullara?
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    Finished masters got job through consultancy, same old fake pakodi style. Client is Health Care in Jacksonville. Applied OPT ext, got RFE client supported and rfe cleared. applied H1 in Apr 2014, premium processing got 2 rfes cleared by Lords grace. My Manager is Telugu, during Thanksgiving party drinking he asked me if I am willing to take FT. I said yes and explained my situation about fakes and bachelors and masters in non IT. He still send email for HR for FT after thanksgiving holidays. after all approvals, client filed H1 transfer in premium and H1 approved in 3 Days no rfe. today is my first day as FT, Thank You Lord Jesus and Happy Holidays Everyone. Please pardon my English, I am telugu medium till 10th.
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    First night antaru gaani but most of them don't do chex ani vinna........... is this true???
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    http://freepdfpost.blogspot.com, http://www.freebookspot.com/ http://4ebooks.org/ http://www.free-ebooks.net/ http://manybooks.net/ http://www.getfreeebooks.com/ http://freecomputerbooks.com/ http://www.freetechbooks.com/ http://www.scribd.com/ http://www.globusz.com/ http://knowfree.net/ http://www.onlinefreeebooks.net/ http://www.memoware.com/ http://www.zillr.org/
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    MBA made more sense in the days corporate structure controlled everything, when hierarchy meant everything at the corporate level. It still might be the case for the most part, but in this digital age you don't have to necessarily be an outstanding people manager to climb up the corporate ladder even if your only aspiration is to stay in the corporate rat race. In today's day and age, there's a chance for you to however be still successful and independent without being another rat in the corporate rat-race. And you don't have to be a corporate bitch to have a decent lifestyle.
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    PK meedaki Mahesh kathi gadini odilav.. Kammolla meeda oka song compose cheyinchi, online lo vadili, divide and rule chedamanukontunav.. aa vidoe choosthe telustundhu entha tailored ga undho. youtube lo YOYO tv lo nee lanjesh kathalu. .dhayiram ga edurukoleni M leni lambdi ga... nuvvu enni prayathnalu chesina CM kalveu, ee Janma lo kaavu.. neeku two options either Jail or pavurala gutta
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    Pitta retta esinattu undhi
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    Bongu emi kadu its waste lot of sodium and preservatives !!! Health kosam tindamu anikunte ganaka stop cheseyi !!! Oats are good only if they are steel cut and organic!
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    ఏ మాత్రం బుద్ది లేదు వేదవల్కి. H1B పై ఇంత రచ్చ జరుగుతుంటే ఏ మాత్రం సెన్స్ లేదు . ఆ చిల్లర పనులు మాత్రం మారటం లేదు . ఈ tumbri గాళ్ళు ఏ దేశానికి ఉపయోగం లేదు, ఉపయోగ పడక పోయిన పర్లేదు గని పరువు తీయకండ్రా వెధవల్లారా !! ఈ మాటలు అన్ని ఫ్యాన్స్ వాళ్ళకి చెందుతాయి. ఈ ఒక్కొక్క కాఫ్ఫా గాళ్లనీ ఇలా చేయాలి
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    Thatha 1st year anniversary ki edo Pedda reform a plan chestunnadu... Ledantey speech lo cheppukodaniki pedda achievements emi undavu... easy targets h1, h4 , GCs
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    Nenu edo Obama ko Trump ko vote veddam ani open chesa..lopala story vere undi...youtube videos lekka
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    GC process improve avuthadi.. ledantey ee clog ilaane undi... kothollaki GC kadu kada H1 kuda radu... its better they make some reforms.. ofcourse kondaru effect avvochu but long term lo andariki help avuthadi...
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    eedevadu pake accent.. varam nundi doddiki poni facial expressions tho chiraak dobbistunnadu.... endi eedi lolli.. eediki mana @appireddy ki emaina link unda??
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    dates current ayithe Adjustment of status and Advanced Parole petkoni ravochu... but aa process ilane untunda change avuthunda anedi ippudu not sure... motham change avvochu...
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    Unfortunately there is no way to expedite the administrative process.. all you can do is wait for a response from them... if no much issues.. you should get response sometime next week or end of Jan coz most of the employees are still on vacation. It also depends on whether the officer who requested Admin process is back to work or on vacation.
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    Erripu gallu veti gurinchi leftists sappudu cheyaru,ekada hindutva news untunda ani chetha erinatlu erutharu vethiki vethiki
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    @pentaya bro... halwa uncle cheppinattu... GC backlogs valla wait times are huge and too many H1 applications each year . Elagu chala mandi kotha vallu every year ostunnaru kabatti... h1 extensions ni 6 years ki limit cheyyalani DHS plan chestundi. Moreover H1 antey GC ki step laga ayindi .. it is not being used by the companies for its core purpose ani DHS n USCIS feeling..so restrictions pedtunnaru Inkonni months lo rule pass chestarani viswasaneeya vargala samacharam. h1 extensions aapithey automatic H4 pothadi.. separate ga H4 EAD aapalsina avasaram ledu ani planning... 2 birds 1 shot annattu...
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    అప్పుడే ట్రంప్‌ ఉంటే..? అప్పుడే ట్రంప్‌ ఉంటే... సుందర్‌ పిచాయ్‌, సత్యనాదెళ్ల పేర్లు వినేవాళ్లం కాదు అంటున్నారు. ఇన్నాళ్ళూ అమెరికా సరళీకృత వీసా విధానాలను అవలంబించింది. ముఖ్యంగా సాఫ్ట్‌వేర్‌, ఇతర తయారీ రంగాలకు సంబంధింనంతవరకూ ఎలాంటి ఆంక్షలూ విధించలేదు. దీని వల్లే సుందర్‌ పిచాయ్‌, సత్య నాదెళ్ళ, ఇంద్రా నూయి, ఎడోబ్‌ ఛీఫ్‌ శంతను నారాయణ్‌, మాస్టర్‌ కార్డ్‌ సీఈఓ అజయ్‌ పాల్‌ సింగ్‌ బంగా, నెట్‌ఏప్‌ సీఈఓ జార్జ్‌ కురియన్‌, హర్మాన్‌ ఇంటర్నేషనల్‌ సీఈఓ దినేష్‌ పాలీవాల్‌, గ్లోబల్‌ ఫౌండ్రీస్‌ సీఈఓ సంజయ్‌ ఝా ఇన్నేళ్ళూ ఏ ఇబ్బందులూ లేకుండా ఉండగలిగారు.. అందరికీ గ్రీన్‌కార్డులు కూడా వచ్చాయి. ఈ ఆంక్షలు ఓ పదేళ్ళ కిందట వచ్చి ఉండుంటే- వీరంతా కూడా ఇపుడు వెనక్కి తిరిగి రావల్సిన పరిస్థితి ఉండేది. appuday trump untey endi ra pichi naayaala... Trump gadu lolli start chesindey penta ekkuvayindani kada.. appatlo intha penta ledu... its not Trump against Indians.. its Government against visa exploitation.. nothing to do with Indians ... ee lamdeekelu andariki Indians ni anatam chulakana aypoyindi.. aa @KumarUncle saale gadu start chesadu idantha...
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    Anu Emmanuel local pori.. danni gelikithey katakataala paalu chestadi.. foreigners tho bumchik is safe n best...
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    eedevado full investigation cheshnattunnadu.. One H1B results in hundreds more H1B and their spouses as they get into management jobs, kick all Americans to the curb, and takeover everything. Then they go whine and cry to a clueless congress how they can’t find enough Americans, which of course is a total lie. This is how silent mass colonization of USA is taking place right under our eyes. India and a China have been getting away with this for 20 years while most Americans do not even realize what is being done to them. It’s time to shut down this foreign looting racket now.
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    True... Only Desi santha ekkuvaga undey areas lo ney issues untaay... motham desis vallanay market change ayyentha scene ledu... H1 non Imms are very less % ...
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    Go for it, you live life once, it's only a matter of time before you see everything in the rearview mirror on your way to the destination. If you want something really bad, just get it, but remember one thing, you'll need to work you rear end off to keep your dreams alive. There is a difference in buying a "house" and making a "home", a home is where you come to and leave the worldly worries at the doorstep, it is the place you cherish the most and keep the closest ones to your heart, make memories that are yours and only yours to keep. A "home" can be an apartment or a 3 bed room, older construction that gives you shelter from anyone and anything when you want to tune off. Don't ask what I did or do for living, it doesn't really matter, you'll need to decipher between suggestion, opinions and advices. What really matters in this case for you is - Do you want a house (5000+ sq ft, 15 mins to work with a proposed new interstate near to the subdivision, schools 10/10/10 and that boast sending 99% kids to ivy leagues, 3 car garage, basement with a wet bar, TANA approved, Olympic swimming pool, east facing lot) or make a home that doesn't break your bank and you can rent it out when things go south, hopefully you'll not fall to peer pressure cycles. Hope everything works out for you, cheers !
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    sachipothunnam ra babu..scroll cheyyaleka.
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    hi mama...pani mradda leda mama niku
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    appi reddy telivaina mestri anduke already jumped. Unna paisal tho jump aipodam better mestri gallu
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    nuvv inka India poley @jbourne vuncle??? appudeppudo BitCoin $100 unna rojullo India going.. Airport lo unna ani post eshnav??
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    pani lenattundi...kada.. chesede week ki 5 days andulo malli Monday , Friday ilaa uppar meetings petkoni government paisal waste chestunnara.... undu nee pani chepta...
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    adey bro.. oche aa koddi hard earned paisalni pillala kosam savings cheyyataniki nana armpits licking finding ways to save penny fighting with family members, cutting blood relationships ani meaning... already @k2s approved...
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    dude ekada I took major portion of my investments in all the coins and dumped in 2 coins which are doing utterly bad....I know in the long run it will pull off ani so you have to wait and give it sometime.....edi kakunda bittrex lo oka glitch valla and part of my mistake I lost money.....remember whatever you kept in crypto investment may go to 0$ tomorrow so embrace this fact and invest....once you have invested - take a seat, sit back, relax and enjoy the slow moving car crash
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    Sagam DB ki heart attack osthadi man... alaanti posts chesavantey... only H4 EAD terminated revoked deported esthene dbians yappies
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    Cinema Hit aa aithey/?? Re-Re launch avasaram ledaaa Snake arjuna ki?
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    Aa tweet chudagane .. oa anipinchindi... Y should I only suffer... anii chinna saadism
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    asalu aame twitter feed ni follow avthunna ninnu 10gaali mundhu em pani leda vaa???
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    @afdb_sai @nanibabu @MOD23 Ee madhya panikochhe threads lo bitcoins okati .. jera traffic b increase authundhi mee dB ki.. so mana telugu ppl ki ekkuva reach avvudhhi ilaantivi pin chesthe .. jera pin cheyandi idhi .. anni threads lo gelakam inka
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    telugu prekshakulu chesukunna punyam , manaki PK lanti hero undadam , ABN/TV9 lanti channels undadam ....
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    Both are equally good broda. Java unte jobs chala dorukutai pay ekkuva undadhu kabote manchi experience vachedaka..hadoop etc kuda annav kabatti options ekkuva untai (nuv java and big data renditiki apply cheste)..UI kuda market equally good undi naku telisi angular nerchukunte
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    Pls, pls stay away from assholes like Trivikram, and all that kind of dangerous merit batch. do films with narayana murthy. I'm serious. I can't understand how you can speak communism and be friends with an uppercaste asshole like Trivikram, who if one watches his movies, is clear that he's one the worst profiteering assholes in TFI. not that others are better. fcuking idiot. if you want to be friends with 3v, and that batch, stop talking about leftism, asshole. don't denigrate great leftists by rubbing shoulders with profiteers. and don't charge $30 for your fcuking movie, asshole. be the anticapitalist you claim to be. fcuking idiot. How much did you pay the lightboy in your film? what a faker, PK you are.
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    Here are the factors that you need to consider before taking any site: 1) Dimensions of the plot....make sure it more closer to a square 2) Width of the road facing..... it has ti be minimum 33ft as per CRDA norms to get approvals for construction 3) plot facing 4) cross bits tisukovadhu 5) link documents anni unaya 6) Is there any habituate in that area..whats the scope of development down the line
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    One of the best punches in recent days...😂😂😂
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    Endi bhayya e arachakam.. bayalu meeda vesukunte vesukundi.. ila vesukunnanu ani world moththaniki foto pettindi chudu .. akkada nachchindi maa Reddy adapaduchu..inkaa emi emi chupisthundo emitoo..
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    i learned this lesson long time back.. i bought nvda stock for 27 and sold for 40..boom next month 100..aa next close to 200 stop trading and keep holding..
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    konni Indian stores lo ammutaru ...even you can get it from dollar tree
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    same company lo manager or above position lo one year out side USA work chesi undali
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    nuvvu admin vi ani telusu ... kani andari ID lu enduku stalk chestunnav man?? naa yaaldi DB la security lekunda poyindi..