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    Biased Biggboss in season 2: 1. When Kaushal is in Captaincy Task - No Physical Task / Housemates Decides who will be their captain , even best player is decided by HMs 2. Sunaina wrote letters on paper with pen / Babu wrote on tissue papers - Ignored 3. Nominating Kaushal for entire season by giving silly tasks to geetha 4. Amit got 2 weeks extension card by kamal season for silly reason of learning telugu 5. Race to final - Day 1: Task properties can be damaged Day 2: No property tasks shud be damaged / no physical 6. Roll can hide in shelf in color glass task but not in eggs task 7. Nutain Naidu eliminated despite higher number of votes 8. Tanish only gets always cakes , etc 9. samrat allowed to attend court 10. No voting details shown like tamil biggboss 11. Most promos are against kaushal and tanish was never warned against his foul language 12. Allowed tanish to do physical attack with deepti in paint and car task but warned kaushal 13. geetha and nandu got almost 25mins where as others just 10mins. 14. When others are in nominations they can play direct ticket to final car task , but not Kaushal There are many more , this season is most biased ...if kaushal is not awarded title , then it will be complete disaster
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    Poorna.. those eyes are mesmerizing..
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    Crypto world lo malli pandaga vathavaranam chusthama?? 90% ppl lost lot due to crypto
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    maaku nammakam ledayya
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    Nu ikkada kabatti bayata ide mata anteee Ide mata anteee Just here just here @sonybravia morige kukka aeppudu karavadhu.. Galli vallu clg vallu Ntha mandhi chetha thannulu tintadu
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    Arey bigg boss niku dandam pedata ra aa child artist gadu matladetapudu sub titles veyi ra... notlo Bigg Boss di emaina pettukunada ra okka mukka ardam kaadu
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    Extension appudu telsudhhi edhi cool o 😬
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    No no egg em kaadu eat with the yolk, don't worry about cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol doesn't contribute to overall body cholesterol levels, so no worries there.
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    Copy pasted prev post of mine. Things to do in Honolulu : (Atleast i felt worth ) Atlantis Adventures Hawaii. This is Submarine adventure. They have dinner option too. Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial Downtown Hawaii Hotels in Honolulu: Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel Honolulu, HI. - Liked this one. Tikis Grill and bar is inside this hotel and there is live music here every evening . Heard this is famous in Honolulu. New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel Lived in both and i felt very good. Tours: Roberts Hawaii has tours by island. I went to 3 islands using roberts hawaii. Their tour includes flight tickets from Honolulu to islands and will pick and drop off from airport/hotel. I lived in Honolulu so planned this way but may be u can live in island and plan . https://www.robertshawaii.com/ I personally felt Volcano tour was best tour . Kauai and big island are best. Helicopter Rides: Maverick vadi helicopter rides unnayi starting around 400$. Awesome and worth it. I was there for 9 days . Plan according to your schedule. Hope it helps.
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    Beach intlo - gelichina fridge chusthe maa Kaushal ye gurthosthaadu... Long Fasaaak for next 10years.....
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    evarni choosav nayana... worst untaru vallu.. maybe you are talking about US born ones.. similar to our ABCDs
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    Also say thanks to other HM's... Vaallu antha daddhi ga aadakapoyi untey kuda intha elevation vachedi kaadhu.. 😉
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    Oka so called b-grade actor oka serials actor oka Gang lo Ekkado unde anamakudaina actor .. stardom unna Hero ke byooomb laga10ge stage ki pothadani evvadu oohinchi undadu.. Ee trash batch tho kadhu finals Nani gadu Cow gadiki pettina Cow gade gelichettunnadu
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    vaallu paid kaadu kada....D36 clear ga pay chesi vachindi....anduke daaniki nominations lo unna prathi saari money bokka ani daani yedupu....mamulu ga votes vese vaallani paid army ani rechagottaru...anduke modalayyindi janalu multiple accounts tho votes veyatam...
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    Aadhar Digital copy net lo print tesko. That's more than enough, nenu ade chupincha domestic travel appudu, but with lamination ante. I dont know what u r facing in ur life now...but time will change everything...just try to be happy..if not just do that makes u happy 😀
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    nenu gay bruh
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    magic figure 11111 chese daka vundam ani anukunna kaani konni anivarya karanalavalla ellipotunna hopefully i dont come back again
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    enduku papam akka kotha warads nerchukuntundii