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    Malli maname tickets koni show full cheyali
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    Pulkas brain poorthiga 10gipoindi.. They have become antisocial and antinational.. Edanna island loki tolesi veellandarini KammaDesam ani dani peru petti AP ni ee gajji batch nunchi vimukthi kalpinchandi please...
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    Anna gari goppathanam Enugu peda antha aithe eeda soopinchindhi kaki rettantha bro
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    Jagan anna kattalsindhey cm ayyaka no funds ani pisco uncle briefed
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    That’s the problem ankul .. you don’t follow but you criticize with out knowing facts.
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    Annagariki pilot seat isthe .... flight ni intiki 10gkelevadu
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    if incase ide nijamyithe pawanal saar fans ki kooda abswer chesukoledu..after elections ,majority lekapoyi,key role vasthe cheppalemu kaani ippudu vunna situation lo ithe saahasame ani cheppal pawanaal saar ki.. already prp tho oka bad experience vund,ipudu ila ani nenu anukonu..
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    If i fight, shout loud and throw stones on ur house, will u leave it nd give it to me ?
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    tip #1 Leave cheppals at home instead of leaving before entering theaters.. otherwise fellow slaves will steal them
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    literal ga theeskunnaru slaves DESAM word ni
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    though I dont agree about what he feels about sons' careers and assets(he doesnt have a right to talk about how they should earn/spend their assets), this is exactly how a true NTR fan should think like.. mana db lo unnaru sankara jaathi banisa kukkalu..
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    Em cheyalo alochista kangaru padi edo okati cheyanu bro
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    XYZ February 21, 2019 Well If this Happens, I dont Know exact numbers but My Guess is 1. At least 30K spouses will lost their Jobs and at the same time at least 15k houses will be listed for SALE . 2. 30K spouses will stop sending their kids to DAY care centers, expensive Kids activities, stop choosing manual labor services , will STOP going out fro restaurants, travel trips etc.. 3. At least 20K vehicles will be listed for SALE 4. All most all above couple are fed up with their lives, so at least 10k will move back to their Home. Note: This is not the END OF LIFE, Every one can live happily where ever they are.
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    2009 lo chala mandi unde vallu ikkada seniors.. neutral batch.. after 2014 elections or so.. evaro valla reald ids and details vesesaru... lolli enduku le ani... vere DB pettukunnar... @dalapathi is owner cum proprietor cum manager cum damager...
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    bro nadella bhaskar rao bathroom ni annagaru use chesina scene unda?
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    ante adi equal to 10+ kada manaki. with GC go for 130K as it's bay area.
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    goosebumps scene # 1: Annagaru flight lo unnarani telisi pilot lechi tana seat istadanta..