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    enni anukunna she won life. That's what matters at the end of life.
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    nee thread edi chusina.. ee budoode vachi matladutunadu undi mayya... cant help it..
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    Bro. I want to go back to Hyderabad. Work in an Mnc from Monday to Friday and do the social work on Saturday and Sunday in Warangal. I am planning as below 1. Salary - naaku 80k after taxes 2. My wife May get 80k after taxes 3. Rents okka 1 lakh bellw are the things I am plnnaing 1. city cleaning with the help of student unions - will provide food and refreshments once they are done with the work 2. Provide dumpsters all over the city of Warangal. Will start with pilot project like 3oo dumpsters 3. Cleaning of Moris - drainages please add add your suggestions
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    Boy never forget his lover whom he didn't bumchicked and Girl never forget her lover who bumchicked her. So if you want to secure your love go for bumchick first.
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    ladies mida unna respect telustundi...great Ade lady cheppu kinda padi bratikadu chachedaka ysr gadu...soniamma soniamma anukuntu
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    It's gif Wednesday, office lo Prod issue ani roast chesaru aa kopam ila teerchukuntunna
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    figures atu itu ayina parledhu... JSP ki 30 ravalani me god PK ko pray karta hu
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    mukku mooti shape change aypotaya? face mudurutadi gani
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    TS want to know how she got that color, so he/she wants to go for the same surgery 😂
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    Don't forget to have some Pepto Bismol
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    surgeries cheyincchukundi kada , her lips nose cheeks chala different unay ymc lo veruga unay
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    Side ki untadhi vayya vallaki bend kakunda ... just nilchoni chestharu ... graco lo unnayi ...
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    parents ni diaper change kosam techukunntunnara recentga okalni chusa ,baby poty ki pote amma me manavadu malli niku program pettadu ani aa panulu vallaamma chheyistunnadu
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    Tik tok ne yethunnara baa Ade chetho ETV Jabardasth , Pattas , Dhee , Telugu serials please
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    Vaadni chustene pedda rasika raja laga unnadu
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    its all destined vayya.. lite lelo naa
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    I don’t know how serious you are with your attempts but if you are willing to take a suggestion, then I would like to give one. Education and education people is the biggest challenge that we are facing and if it is implemented properly, the society around you would be a great place. You can clean the drainage canals, install dumpsters and bins all around but what good if these are not being utilized properly ? we need to educate people on using such things. Starting with educating school kids about cleanliness and being responsible will be the most efficient way and it will pay back for sure. It’s slow process but a sure shot successful Process.
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    Vadu sesthe God. Nenu sesthe thappu a....endhi ee padu lokam.
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    PK tho compare chesindhi ante tellade aiuntadi.. infact Russian.
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    wheatish skintone... manchiga makeup vesthadhi... without makeup sudadam kashtame... oka manishi manalni entha premisthunnaranedhi kallallo kanipisthadhi anedhi nijamayithe.... thanu nannu pranam kanna ekkuva preminchinattu.... nijanga foolish ga miss cheskunnanemo anipisthadhi... ☹️