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    Appudu you can buy house in bathroom
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    Amrutham Dvitheeyam is a sequel of one of the most popular shows on Telugu Television - AMRUTHAM which aired from 2001 - 2007. The series is set to bring back most of the original star cast namely Harsha Vardhan, Sivannarayana, Vasu Inturi, and Joining the cast are L.B Sriram and Sathya Krishna will premiere as a fortnightly. Written by Gangaraju Gunnam, directed by Sandeep Gunnam and produced by them together under Lightbox Media banner, the series will premiere on ZEE5 on UGADI, 25th March 2020.
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    I grew up in Visakhapatanam, chala prasanthamga untundi, capital oste nasanamayipotundani anukuntunnanu. I don't want the capital in Vizag. Anyone else who thinks similarly?
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    Nannu DB lo @Android_Halwa harassing and ragging chesadu daniki chala mandi encourage chesaru. Naku yevadu support cheyaledu. Kopam tho lawyer daggaraku vella. Online bullying ani case pettamani lawyer ni adiga vadu case details cheppamannadu. Lawyer : cheppu story Me : nannu DB la almsot rafing and daily yedipisthunnadu @Android__Halwa gadu and @Bentonville gadu support daniki Lawyer : tell their names Me : @Android__Halwa and @Bentonville Lawyer : yekkada vuntau ? Notuce pampidham. Me : DB la Lawyer : ye state ? Neneppudu vinaledu ? Me : Virtual world. Lawyer : Ante ? Me : Online disco forum. Valla ID lu @Android__Halwa and @Bentonville Lawyer: notice yevariki pampali ? Me : Valla IP track chepidham ? Lawyer : oho. IP address yevadu isthadu ?
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    2014 gaayam alaantidhi mari
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    beautiful or not... rich or not... yevarni cheskunna parledu... kaani nee jeevitham motham youtube lo pette alanti ammailanu matram cheskoku...
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    So parents lekunda 5-13 India lo unte manchiga ayitharu ani nee opinion...Parents unte vallani chusthu peruguthuaru and family bonding values telusthay...Grand parents ki grand kids ki generation difference untadi...FYI - India lo unte manchiga ayitharu ani anukovadam anedi nee imagination...
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    Nuv matram naa screen shots prapancham motham panchi 10ngu
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    vadu khaali unapudu oka 10 dilgs raaskoni dhaani chuttu cinema theesthadu... avasaram unna lekapoina aa 10 dilgs irakalsindhe cinema lo.. no mercy
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    I’m from seethammadara, vizag and don’t want vizag as Capital
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    Ind meeda edsey m*ndalu ekkada sachaaru ra
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    If physical abuse is possible through internet, you would have been dead by now honey.
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    ayana aa space create seskuntadu - 3v
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    Ne yavva cute couple ah valla husband gorrila lekka anpistundu.
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    Gunta ante telvadha bro ?
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    nenu first lo ilane feel ayyevaadni.. but the gunta is liking this attention so kandaki leni durada kathipeeta ki enduku ani odilesa
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    Everyone needs to be blamed here. Ycp is not strong in its voice. But at least they haven't formed alliance with bjp , Congress like janasena and tdp. Paachipoyina laddulu ani Anna Jana Se na ippudu official gaa forming alliance with bjp.
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    Aina aunty ni manam ee virtual world lo barinchalekapotunnam .... Madhavan 5 yrs ante ...danda vesi dandam pettochu ...aaa @Bentonville kurradiki kaallu kadigi aa water nethi meeda poskovachu ..
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    Package 180k max annadanta left leg tho thannindhi
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    This is that famous thread everyone refers to
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    Sare nee lekka teesukuna 51% 39% + 5% Still jagan Rules in 2019
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    okka craze a na chiraku,headaches, BP, Migranes anni perigay ani talk
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    story veyakamunde pumpkin theif vachesindi kada... emi aunty, naa personals leak chesinapudu ediki poindi ide siggu ?
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    save this page as pdf ani @idibezwada uncle @pm'd
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    ee db lo kuda paytm batch same following ... aa sanjodukulu oka caste ni target chesi abuse chesukunta ... vere vaallu chesaarani sanjaa naatakalu aadatharu .. no difference
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    tabu has a 33.3 % copyrights anta , andhuke lepi10gindu
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    Mem andamga vuntey maa kids kuda andam ga pudathar kada ani DBians yokka point
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    Jagan ki opposition avasaram ledura nayana... Vadu self distructive.. Vadi party members better than a strong opposition...
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    Appude @Migilindi23 thelsindhi anamata Oka visionary
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    Ee sankranthi okkatey kaadhu, dasara, Diwali, next sankranthi winner kuda idhey !!
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    Inka dallas lo sarileru anukunna
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    You can keep both places and will get everything for free of you move back to vizag
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    this is decided by cbn/lokesh as the slogan for TDP for coming 2024 election
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    Well, at least you are trying to drive us towards that the so called TRUTH. I appreciate your efforts.
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    Yes Gauthama Budhha is a Man ...