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    Simple terms lo.. ok shopping site application teskundam. intakmundu mottam site code oke applicaiton lo package chesi deploy cheseveru. (monolithic arch) like shopping cart, payment processing, shipping info etc anni oke dantlo ayyedi. edaina bug fix cheyali oka component ki ante, you had to redeploy the whole package again. to avoid such cumbersome things to redeploy unchanged code also, a monolithic code ni multiple components ga seggeregate chestaru. this concept is called microservices. traditional way of deployment lo a components anni multiple servers meeda deploy cheyalsi vachedi, kaani containerisation (docker is one of the platform) valla u can deploy all containers and runn the whole applicaiton on single instance. but still have the ease of redeploying only that small component rather than huge one. Kubernetes, docker swarm avanni next level one where u can run multiple docker containers in on Kubernetes cluster or docker swarm...
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    already post chesaa, 1990s rojulu kaadu ivi, media ante abn,etv,sakshi ane rojulu poyinaayi
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    Pillalu, Don'ts : 1. Don't talk loudly in local language in office lifts 2. Don't stare at other people in office 3. Don't talk in local language before other language people 4. Don't be late to meetings 5. Don't be rude 6. Don't grab more than one item if freebies are offered 7. Don't act like the world will end if you don't get the freebie 8. Be respectful , never criticize someone publicly , it will spoil your relationship with them and will make it much harder to work with them everyday 9. reply all with a thank you email , send only to that person if needed. Do's 1. Use deodorant 2. Copy your manager in important emails 3. Train and delegate work if you have any new joiners in team , helps you grow to the next level 4. Show initiative , if you don't opportunities will rarely knock your door 5. If you are not learning anything new in your role for at least 1 month , then it means that you need to up skill 6. If you have to say anything negative , talk to them privately (start with a positive , Ex: I liked what you did with x etc...) 7. Compliment people , believe me , this works wonders 8. Act like a team , don't say he said , she said when you are representing your team to customers 9. If you want to bring a problem to your manager , also be prepared to answer on what the possible solutions are , never go to them with topics where there the solutions are not feasible 10. Utilize company provide training , Don't abuse but use it as needed to improve your certs , skills . You know , if properly used this is like an added reward to your salary. Now , start the disco , come on gusa gusa
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    ani anukuntunna.miru kuda agree chesthe . kinda comment petti like kottandi. Please vote for me
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    Who questioned cbn when he said hodha tho origedhenti? who quotioned cbn when he agreed to package over scs? who quotioned when cbn said hodha sanjeevana? who quotioned cbn when he said hodha ante jail ke? who quotioned when he took no of u-turns and became u-turn ankul ? state future ki related scs ne avasaram ledhannappude ap janam xxcare anukunnaru.. muslim resevartions ki tg ppl endhuku worry avvale? just answer
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    Watching @PawanKalyan reminds me of a young Bala Saheb Thackeray in the best of his demeanour,determination and also his extraordinary and exemplary vision
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    paaaye 32 kotla investment on deeksha paaaye
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    Anni rods and kukka rods cheppi kuda avg annavante nuvvu ma mega abhimanive
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    Evaru aa frnd mega baanisaa?
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    Media tho pettukunnadu charithra lo baagu padaleedhu.. bad time started for PK! He’s a gone case.
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    Thandri lanti mama ni vennupotu podichi vaani chavu ki karanam ainoniki roju poojalu chestav... Thandri chachina taruvatha okka edupu edavakunda timepass chesina kodukula movies ki poyi thodalu kodatav....kani pakkanollu matram neethi niyamalatho undali antav ...#pulkaslogic
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    Not Talking about which Political side it is.. aa baasha aa anchors kattu bottu.. TRP la kosam vemparladani vidhaanam gurunchi..
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    Agreed. etv news 30min 9pm vi baguntayi
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    Can’t comment on political aspect but I like the statement “if I cannot defend the honor of my mother I better die ..”
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    Chinnu ga endi ee racha...Brahmotsavam ki kuda ilage tega elevation icharu, chivariki rod padindi...
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    If you look around every hero says the same thing man, ledu ee cinema la sakaga cheyale mundu cinema la mast chesna ani antara anaru kada
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    Its fine nothing wrong dani valla india ki vache nastam emi ledu
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    deep ga velthe pedda kadha kani simple ga aite mana congress, cpi,cpm and usa lo democrats left wing bro.....BJP, ikkada republicans right wing bro...liberals and conservatives ki vaste...world lo most of the muslims and hindus conservatives..oka paddathulu untai like niyamalu adhi family life kani, technology vadatam kani and regional feeling race feeling kuda untai vati valla...telangana movement kosam poradina andaru conservatives kavachu, desam janda mida abhimanam lanti vi lekapote kula pichi edaina conservative ye inka vatilo levels and etha close to Centrist (between liberal and democrats)..Centrists ante France president Macron lekka..vadu centrist but slightly liberal biased...liberals ante inka alantivem undav..open borders, minorities ekkuva imporatnce ivvali and kids life vallu chuskuntaru manam ekkuva interfere avvadhu ane dani nunchi pellayyaka open relationships,pellani pakaknoditho padukopettatam,incest daka edaina kavachu...idi kuda levels batti inka
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    Same here abba manatho inkodu vunte vache anadame veru appa
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    Okokka dbaina please report the videos of sensible thumnails
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    journalist sai ani youtube lo videos untaai, analysis baguntundhi.
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    Andhariki aadhi lu simhadrilu padav ga bujjjaaa
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    Sooskoni baa... maree ekkuva taaginaa mallee Ghantasala casette yestaaru
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    entha cheppi em laabham, aa chekka CBN single point agenda unnollaki em cheppina waste..better not to reply and leave him alone
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    Enduku istadu NCM ki support ? NCM emaina baap jagir uh ? Third front...adoka attempt...inka 1 year vundi...daniki niku emi clarity kavalno ardam aitaledu...third front ki, kerela lo anti-BJP front ki chala difference vundi, adi ardam aithe ie post veyavu
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    that's nasty language infront of media don't encourage this
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    Asalu veellu cheppevi nijam ani ela telsu ?? .... not supporting jeevitha or anyone here .. but if media is posting some news ... they should validate the authenticity... unfortunately that is not been done ... fake news spread chesthe bokka lo vestham ani rule ravaali... appudu kadu Ee news channels aagav.... special status Polavaram pakkana pettesi.... Ee ranku evvaralu vestunnaru roju anthaaa.... and vallu matlade bhasha 🙏🙏🙏... prime time lo kids kuda chustaru tv ... veellaki konchem kuda responsibility ledu ...
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    No i aint. R u that lathkor labor ?
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    padukunna padmanabha simha ni mallee lepoddu
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    naaku nachina vishyam kaadu.....AP situation also no different to TN, infact far worse in terms of dalit unity. Madiga vote banks behind Pulkas and Mala for jaffas... its been a case for long time. Even churches lo koodaa choodu....ee difference chaalaa untadi.
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    తెలుగువారు ఈ సినిమాని ఆదరించకపోతే , మనలోని తెలుగుతనం చచ్ఛిపోయినట్టే!
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    Keerthi papa deserves a lot of respect . Intha baga chesthadhanukole
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    Madhavi Latha is a beautiful woman. her telugu seems a little off, but its cute.
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    Russia help a? Powerful than that bro!
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    eyyanokadu 3-4 months ki oka sari sound chesthuntadu
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    weekends cricket...weekdays beating hard ..
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    let me know if any one need job support for Android
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    Maa @kittaya gaadu cheppadugaa Java anneetlo untadi ani