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    inkendi nuvvu replace chesi holder lo plug guchu...
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    Indian buffet unapudu chinese buffet undadha ..... Alagey idhi kuda
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    ee emotion ikkadidhi kaadhu
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    Ilanti jobs gurinchi okasari Appi Reddy emannado telusa? The relationship between a mestri and coolie should be like fish and fisherman but not like fish and water ani! Ardamaite fte vethukko, ardamkakapote 70-30 discuss cheddam! please confirm mestris @Quickgun_murugan and @BeerBob123
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    movie is getting unanimous Blockbuster reviews from both critics and chapathi audience. career turning point for Shahid Kapoor. veltunara evaraina ?.. meanwhile na reddy friend okadu bollywood lo kuda ma reddy lu gattiga kottaru.. 2019 year of Reddys anta .. nee yavaaaa @Veeraveera
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    Rey pichi fooka ika eerojuki chaalu velli vango
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    Pisco thaatha, futureofandhra, and AndhraneedSCS will still remain as Loyal Kattappa's.
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    user id @samaja_varagamana password : [email protected]
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    Next host nara chandra babu naidu Caption nuv big boss show host entayyaa
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    At least a couple of reasons. When was the last time any party got a majority on its own in Indian parliament? 1984, right after Indira's assassination. From 1989 till 2014, for 25 years, it was all alliances, governments lasting 11 days to 17 months: remember C. Chandrasekhar, VP Singh, IK Gujral, Deve Gowda, Vajapayee first term. After Vajpayee's second term, regional parties realized that it was good to be part of alliance to loot whatever they can. Look at any politician in the world from the West to the East. They have kids, they secure favors for their kids. In the States, politicians get $30M book deals after they leave the office. Their kids get jobs every one else covet; get admitted to top schools. Politicians get millions for sh1tty speeches they give everywhere in the world. In India, every politician wants his son/daughter to follow his footsteps: Scindias, Pilots, abdullahs, Deoras, Thakerays, NTR, KCR, Pawars, Karunanidhi, Devegowdas, etc. Modi is an exception to the kind of politicians we see in the West and the East. That's why he is 'admired'. And of course, the English media, Indian Secularists, Western academics and intellectuals have some thing else to say: Godhra, Saffron, etc.
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    Milk mysorepak la unte okie na 😂
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    Mari he is single and ready to mingle ani neku ela telustundi.. something fishey between u too
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    My happiness is in India...and to live in India, I need money... Preparing ground to go back to India...inkoka 5-8 years padtademo but eventually, My heart and soul is in India..I have my memories there, I have my people there, my school friends...people I know..places I have spent and things I did... This constitutes my happiness...and USA lo vunna kuda naku pedda nastam emi raledu, bagane vunna...I spend my time qualitatively, small family and group of friends, a happy job to do and lifestyle keeps me busy...eventually getting rewarded in $$'s and its what I need now.. entha nachachepukunna, enduko manasu oppukuntaledu jeevithantham ikade vundanika...
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    Exactly! Picha lite ivvi...gas station lo work chesetappudu ilanti junkie and stupids masth vastaru..go back to ur country anukunta..nenu Can u book me a flight ticket? or I want to but I want to help welfare losers like you by paying taxes or inka evo evo anevadini..lol You or your wife shouldn’t think much about this TS...state vidipoina kani indake evado e Andhra gallu labor na kodukulu ani okadu annadu..inkodu e TG vallu matta gallu annadu...India lo and India nunchi antha dooram vachi kuda ikkada manollu ila matladagalaga lenidi..alanti edavalu walmart lo tagalatam normal! Chill
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    the list of directors,heroes,producers who ** Actress 1)k .raghavendra rao is used casting more than anyone else in Telugu Film industry list of actress ** by Raghavendra rao director jayasudha,jayapradha,sridevi,vijayashanthi,meena,ramya krishna,nagma,sneha,shilpa shetty,padmini. he f**d sneha multiplie times during shooting of sri ramdas and pandurangam movie. raghavendra rao ** sneha in doggy style .sneha drank cum of him 1) jayasudha ni raghavendra rao vunchukunnadu 16 films chesadu jayapradha ** random ni 4 films direct chesadu Sridevi ** for many years 2nd keep after jayasudha keep for while raghavendra rao ** vijaya shanti during shooting of his 10 films direct chesadu ** padmini kolhapure for 1 date 2 films films direct chesadu k.raghavendrarao ** roja for a small period of time during 3 films direct chesadu 13 films direct chesadu vunchukunnadu ramya krishna is raghavendra rao keep vumudughatee raghavendra rao ramya krishna ni vunchukunnnadu for 7 years. K. Raghavendra rao ** NAgma during shooting of his 4 films K. Raghavendra rao ** Shilpa shetty for 1 night during his1 FILM with her K. Raghavendra rao ** Sneha for many times as she will come for money Huma quereshi ** by Anurag khashyap for giving chance in 1st film during shooting Gangs of priyanka chopra had been ** like a slave by Abbas and mastan by turns during midnight during shooting kajal agarwal ** by ram charan for giving chance in his 4 films Meena is keep of prabhudeva for some time Prabhudeva ** MEENA during shooting days of his 2 films with her serial actress who go to booking with clients for one night karuna bhusan suhasini Ram charan ** Rakul preet Singh for giving chance in his 3 films Eesah rebba ** by Krishna had saved candles in 12:00 midnight in hotel Salman khan ** shilpa sheey it is a bitter truth s Actress found in Tollywood chicago sex scandal pranitha, regina top actress hamsa nandini , anusuya(victimD ), pragya jaiswal Regina Cassandra ———————————————————————————————- sneha also gone to ** with high profile clients Meena was ** by many directors list is as follows 1) ** by joshi director in her first movie 2)Meena was ** by Kasthuri raja director Tamil movie director 3) Meena was ** by Kranthi kumar director 4)Meena was ** by Kovelamudi bapaiah director 5) Meena was ** by Kovelamudi Raghavendra rao director intresting thing : Meena was ** director was ** by both father in law and son is law they are k raghavendra rao and k bapaiah 6) Meena was ** by EVV satyanarayana rao directoR end of meena 1) 1)Simran was ** by Muppalaneni shiva 2)Simran was ** by Vasanth Director 3) )Simran was ** by Sawan Kumar Tak vote as many as possible 4)simran ** by director of daddy movie dasari narayana rao sex stories dasari ** ** jayapradha and roja కామెంట్ సెక్షన్ లో కామెంట్ చేయడం మాత్రం మరచిపోకండి.
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    Kalla munde pulka party avirayipotunte pulkala lopala enta badhapadtunnaro.. Enta avedana chendutunnaro.. 🤣🤣🤣
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    nee thread open cheytame ekuva.. malli nuvu ichan names vetukovala... asa ki haddu undali chinu..
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    I agree with you 100%.. AOL.. the breathing exercises are good up to some extent.. but they take it to the extremes.. the talking gurus are crap.. edutivaadiki cheppetanduke neethulu vuntaayi.. self help is best help.. I get stress relief by doing gardening.. playing Tennis.. reading a book etc..
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    Tom-bhayya dates tesko for paurohityam..