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    paapam bandla the VP...adiki ee rakam ga ina M and A pamilies dates vastai emo ani hole deggara cbn la waiting
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    Oka pori poraadu love cheskunaru pori maa intlo nadavadu , chal saalu teey mana yavvaram bandh seddaam ani break up chesindi,,, pori married one Andhra guy, poraadu oka 2years depression lo undi , chivariki oka arranged marriage cheskunnadu oka Andhra girl ni Twist enti ante that pori marriage cheskunna andhra guy and poraadu marriage cheskunna andhra girl are Siblings ippudu vaadi lover vaadiki chelli varasa autundi, vaademo thu deenamma jeevitham antunnadu pelliki 10 days munde telisindi ee matter, anduke em cheyaleka marriage cheskunnadu Okappudu chitha kaarthe kukkalaga thriginollaki all of sudden gaa relation change ayipoyindi Veedu gaaa andhra pori tho matladali ani chustunte she is avoiding him anta
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    Nicely done. When supporting for HR 392 and attending townhalls, DC offices almost every office asks the same. You keep saying million+ people are in backlog where are they? Ted Cruz office staff aithe direct gaa anestaru - you guys are not supportive among yourselves, about that ani. But we have been to that office many times.
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    Depends on the type of companies. A desi contracting shop will definitely prefer since they can easily get them on board and in case of contract suspension they ca get rid of them easily with minimum costs involved. However real FTE offer chese companies they will prefer EAD on Day 1. If they are aware of how they got the EAD (in this case H4) they have been showing a lot of hesitation because of the fact that their employee's immigration status is dependent on the spouse's status which the company will not be able to sponsor/control/decide if they wish to. EAD raagane recommendation tho edo contract lo ki toosese experience lekunda job chese vaallaki strict aithe I am happy. Nijam gaa worth undi, H1B sponsorship leka work cheyyaleka potunte I feel bad for those folks since this is a fantastic opportunity. For example, maa inti daggara Starbucks lo oka ammayi Barista gaa working. She is H4 EAD. Now she cannot work if this is gone, alage local banks lo I saw few tellers. They dont make loads of money but for them they have a purpose for their time and dont feel useless. Enta sepatiki nenu chese chetta panulaki competetioon perigindi andukani idi teeseyyali ane lolli tappa, nijam gaa use avutunna vaalla paristiti enti ani anukoru.
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    (2018) Total H1b Transfer, Extension, New petition - 109,242 Approved - 38,255 Denied - 5687 RFE - 14,142 In Application received mode - 26,950 Transferred - 3087 RFE Response received - 21,121 http://www.worktheme.com/#/welcome18
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    P2v convert.. VMware vcenter converter use cheyi. https://www.vmware.com/ca/products/converter.html
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    Status tracker is very inaccurate. Naa transfer approve ayyi 2 months ayyindi. inka update avvaledu
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    don't worry man naku almost 15-20 days pattindi we received your bongu boshanam ani nothing to worry
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    pattukunna kooda bokkalo veyyaru evarini. mostly out of court settlements and company ni ban sestharu. manollu next day kotha LLC open sestharu. and the story continues.
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    ippudu Bill Gates ki pedtaada topi? ...."CBN master plan to rob Mr. Gates" ani title pettiunte baagunedi
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    16% share holder ani cheppadu... few months ago...
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    Janalu ilanti interviews kuda chustunaru ante baboye goppollu
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    the best I could say is that calling an academic, racist is bullshit. philosophers are supposed to explore all aspects of human nature, including metaphysical, and they'll definitely make uncomfortable observations. One can call them racist/sexist or whatever ist, if they try to propagate their opinions, especially picking up fights with commoners, and not fellow academicians. Also the entire western philosophical construct cannot be racist. As the article itself points out, several western philosophers admit Indian philosophy influence on their work. I don't understand the point of this article. Indian Philosophy is probably the greatest gift to humankind from India. And western world acknowledges this. Its Indian society that doesn't appreciate Indian philosophy.
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    Andhariki Anni ichhi aayana maathram kattubattalatho amaravati ki vellipoyaadu.. @ARYA @dalapathi @Picha lite
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    God is with PK don't worry
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    Amaravathi ni dallas chese panilo unnadu.. I will move to amaravathi after 5 years.
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    Telugu jaathi ki Mouse ni parichayam sesindi kooda CBN ee man CBN
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    Kummi 10gadu Akhil babu esari nandi enduko rado chustam
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    Bongu potharu Oka 1 mnth kuda undaleru india climate and pollution ki.
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    rain/bad light won the first day of the Test
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    chala matches jathakalu, sub caste lu, naku nacchaka, nenu nacchaka.. india ki move avtha future lo anadam valla, past relation valla poyayi.. kontha mandhi ammailu bagane unna chala weird questions adigevaru.. virgin e na ? gf tho em levaaa..? US lo undi nuvvu bumchicks cheyyaledhu ante nammala ? ankuntu.. 2 r 3 months ammai tho travel ayyaka set kadhu ani kuda drop ayipoyam mutual understanding tho. oka stage lo patha pori ye better ankunna.. but sudden ga oka ammai life loki vocchindhi.. chudagane nacchindhi.. valla parents kuda chala baga matladaru.. oka sontha koduku tho ela matladtharo ala.. jathakalu kuda kalisayi.. ammai nenu kuda matladkunnam.. engagement date ankune time lo ..ammai thatha dhigadu.. aayana astrologer anta.. 25 ganalu kalisayi maku.. musalodocchi edho pulla pettadu.. gunalu 14 kalusthayi ani. pelli cheskokudadhu ani.. nenu assal ivevi nammanu.. ma nana kuda annadu 35 kalisina vallu kuda divorce theeskuntunnaru.. manushulaki compatibility match avvali. stars dhi kadhu ani
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    Mee opt gaalaki minimum 90k salary isthe gaani h1b ivvaru.... Okali meedha edisthe meeku adhe gathi padutundhi that is karma
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    Being a civil engineer I studied how to design pipeline, hence I'm using same knowledge to design CI CD pipeline
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    Prasanna, jury member for 2014 Nandi awards, clarified on @TV9Telugu. "Legend is a movie with Social cause. Manam was a movie that is far from reality on rebirths". Also claims Legend ran for 1170 days and so the award.
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    asalu vadiki intha scene iyyadame meeru chesina thappu.. You should have lodged a complaint in the nearest PD by now..Enduku wait chesthunaro ardam kaledu
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    Telangana 5 list lo top maa Appi anna win kooda confirm
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    movee rools lo undi fans watch it
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    A person who is really genuine wouldn't belittle anyone. He would have empathy and will understand whether it is job or in any aspect of life. Nachaka pote silent untaru belittle ayite cheyaru. Period.
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    I m thinking she has job ...at least status maintain cheyali kada. I dont care about her personal life man but nene thope andaru vedhavalu ane feeling to the BS she post here is irritating. Nothing to be ashamed even if we dont have job but Job interview ki cab lo velli interview cheyanu ani cehppanu i have 5 offers on OPT. OPT market is better than GC and Citizen antu posts chustene chirak.
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    Edho oka roju lokesh Babu maakendhuku minister avvaledha ani ediche rojosthundhi mee gulabhi dhalaaniki
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    May be andhuke ee pane pakodi news create chesaru anukunta Desi Baana Potta Batta uncles
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    I agree with ur last sentence... do u know why he did dharna and the reason for it...... maybe if you see the movie that will answer most of ur questions......
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    Oorlo vallandarito compare cheskuni intlo racha cheyyakunda unte chalu .. adi unte enni salaries unna panikiravu
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    Neeku income enta imp anedi mee family situafion ni batti untundi ..adi mee aasalu aasayala meeda depend ayyi untundi .. do some introspection and decide. House wife sampadincharu ani rule em ledu .. emanna interest unte cheskovachu singing claasses dance classes some catering .. at the very least baby sitting if need be. House wife ga unte prob anedi wrong impression .. if u need income just ask how far is she willing to do some hard work to support the family. Ledu nenu em cheyya shopping chesi intlo kurchuni tv serials chusta ante adi mee istam. Jobs ante bayatakelli IT job ee kadu .. responsibility teliste chalu everything else is optional. Adi unte atleast eadn cheyyakapoyina spend cheyyakunda save chestaru ..which will help for ur savings.
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    ikkada MS chesi nana sankalu naaki job patti loan clear cheskuni pelli ki ready aithe india lo istam ochinattu affairlu pettukuni em teliyanattu bakara gadni pelli cheskuni day 1 nunchi luxurylu, triplu, lavadalu anukuntu donga mundalu
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    Okadiki pani cheste andariki cheyyalani emi ledu...Try regularly it may work.
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    idhi fake ra bhai social coin vaadi concept copy kotti........veedu investors dabbu tengesi, ippudu mee information ila dengestunnadu.......bitcointalk lo ee coin meeda thread delete chesi thengaru
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    Employee employer relationship right to control availablity of speciality occupation
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    Experts 2$ above antunaru December lo ee coin ki ado big news vundi anta
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    personal choice.. there is no RIGHT way
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    intlo pappu saaru ki baita biryani ki saala tedu untadi...pappu saaru tho biryani taste expect sestunaav nuvvu.