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    @vendettaa after @Android_Halwa controversy
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    @Android_Halwa @Android__Halwa
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    Monnane Netflix account sharing lo tisukunte friend gadu 5 dollars ivakapothe pwd marcha debbaki transfer chesadu
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    Babu breifed me. What I am saying is voice is not mine .. no no.. what I am saying is how can they tap my phone.. what I am saying is you have fower I have fower .. you have police I have police.. What I am saying is your son have IT and Panchayat minister my son has IT and Panchayat... what I am saying is we want Special status .. no Pacakge is better .. no no .. we want special status. what I am saying is I suggested modi to do demonitization.. no no .. what I am saying is demonitization is tuglak task. what I am saying is Election Commission is indipendent body can transfer police (2009) no no .. what I am saying is police cannot be transferred by EC how can they do it. what I am saying is congress is desh drohi.. no no democratic compulsion. what I am saying is we can work with TRS of they agree for betterment of state.. no no TRS is andhra drohi. what I am saying is ... Nenu gunta nakkani inka nanu namuthunaru ante mee kana yedavalu undaru.
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    Nuvventha laagithe antha laagutharu. Do not feed the trolls
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    Oka ID ochi Amy ni abuse chesthu tidtha unte. Aa Id ni Amy ni tag chesi gif eyyadam lo fun kaadu sadism kanipisthundi. Respect people man. Entha anonymous forum aithe maatram, istam vachinattuga cheyyadamena?
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    tacobell fan


    DB lo bane untayi cheppataniki vinataniki. Real ga execute chesi cheppamanu entha mandiki balls unnayo to stay on their words and not ruin their relationships.