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    @psycopk 1 line agenda.. CBN ni pogadali... CBN inka pogadali ... CBN ni inka inka pogadali... endhuku chepu...emyana secretariat lo post istha anada...
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    Eeedi 4 inch dyick tho nalla daaani bodduni kooda satisfy cheyyaledu lite teesko ts
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    Hi, ninna ee points edo post lo esanu, pedda traction raledu ani malli ikada seperate ga posting Wrong pellam oste my dear friends ila untundi life. 1.Friends thagutharu 2.Career meeda interest podi 3. cinemalu eku chustav kanisam silence untadi ani 4. mandhu ekku thaguthav 5. avi thagi health issues 6. aapudami chustav apalevu 7. Final ga untav ante untav , poina parledu ankuntav.
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    asalu veturi garu, sirivennela gaaru raase paatalu loni sahityam sarigga ardham chesukunte chaala meaningful ga untay. ippudu chaala rare. malli cycle eppudu reset avuthundo, malli goppa lyric writers eppudu vasthaaro ?
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    post ki ne reply ki emanna sambandam unda muttonbiryan ani tidutunna ne gorre logic to edavadame
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    check this guys....video not supporting for me https://www.c-span.org/video/?441042-1/senate-debates-daca-border-security&live
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    Tension emi undadhu kaka until you get 35 years and realize you still struggling to know where to settle. Kids koncham pedda ayyaka you realize you are not only screwing your life but their's by letting them get good education but you don't have a status to support them. After master's everyone thinks it's not big deal. Age will tell you this indeed is a big deal.
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    Love da gallu vallu matram copy rights konakunda free makes chesi, vadi daggara veedi daggara scripts kottesi rotta movies teesi $30 per ticket 10gocha..??
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    Mind your words man. At least give respect for his age.
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    Nee creativity ni kakulu 10ga. layoff ani edvochu ga.
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    @afdb_sai @nanibabu @MOD23 Ee madhya panikochhe threads lo bitcoins okati .. jera traffic b increase authundhi mee dB ki.. so mana telugu ppl ki ekkuva reach avvudhhi ilaantivi pin chesthe .. jera pin cheyandi idhi .. anni threads lo gelakam inka
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    Enti samaja bcom lo physics la vunav? Pythos is 20 yers back language not 2
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    Leydhu , alantii pannullu cheysinaa walkanee adda road medha nilabette Nu.de ga , eam balisee aa panichesaroo avee oo kathi tho narakaleee, appudu migstha wallaki alantee alochanalluu kuda ravuu. Ee punishment ey court oo legal cheytey Inka bavuntundee
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    I would suggest RADO , TAGHeuer and Rolex guys dream come true gifts!!
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    oh ok..i thought may be thats y u wanted to divorce ur gf..
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    NTR bomma petukuni, CBN ki jai jai kottetodu,. banchan gurinchi matladudu... Modern day slave....blinded by cult..
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    avu ra pulkas...20 mins speech ke statues anta...sanmanalu anta...satkaralu anta...siggu leda ra meeku itla slavery cheyanika ? poni a 20 mins speech tho emaina elagapetinara ante, sustune vunnam kada... mee bratukulu inthe...manollu eragateesaru ehe ani fichakayalni kosukovadame thapa..ada ayedi emi ledu...
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    @psycopk kaka papam pareshan la vunadu....vadevado english la 20 mins speech ichevaraki, vunna fichakaya kuda kosukuni, last few days nundi hangover la vundi , ipude bayataki vachinadu....ragane eenadu paper la print mistake news article sadivi...light ga re-grow ayina fichakayalni ni kuda kosukuni mari orlutundu... CBN intla pani chesetonvi, nikenduku vaya inkokani gurinchi....nee banchan bratuku dukan bandh chey first, atarvata inkokadi gurinchi chusdu le...
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    nidra lo anthe feel radu..nijamga pettunte ochedi
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    Us lo aithe telugu vaallu telugulo matladaru kondaru adento vintha
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    This reform covers whole lot of points which will be surprise to many if this is passed (most likely it will pass) Republican Bill: Covers all points from POTUS https://www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Secure and Succeed Act of 2018.pdf Removal of additional benefits for Green Card holders until becoming Citizens. Every Alien must report the address changes no later than 10 days. Port of entry has full powers for extreme vetting including social media profiles Collect fingerprints up on exiting the country Electronic Passport screening and biometric matching Visa Interview & screening Democrats Bill: Only want to address border and DACA. Leaving DV and Chain as is. This is bad, we don't even get 25k reallocation from DV as proposed by Grassley and we literally stay at same status as of today and wait decades for GC. Trump wants to support his 4 pillar proposal unless or otherwise he threatens to veto the Grassley bill. Senate voting beings 10:30 AM EST on the proposed bill and it need to have 60 votes to be come a legislation and so far none of the bills getting senate majority support and it is anticipated that Immigration debate is going to be a mega flop. Apart from these two bills there are other bills that were introduced by different senators and none of them appear to get any support. We have to see what changes it brings to help Indian community in any way. Any minor changes in the negotiations may help us tremendously, like bringing Merit based, or removing country cap or removing spouses from counting towards GC, we don't really know what holds true. Update 1: Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., meanwhile, accused Trump on the Senate floor of trying to spike the deal. “Why? Because it isn’t 100 percent of what the president wants on immigration? That’s not how our democracy works – you don’t get 100% of what you want in a democracy,” he said. “Maybe in a dictatorship.” Trump, however, appeared to be pushing lawmakers to find an alternative compromise -- urging them to consider a system of “Merit Based Immigration.” Update 2: Senate rejected Trump's Immigration plan. None of the bills secured 60 votes to win. Trump's plan got the least votes out of all proposals. To summarize, they shot down Merit based immigration for now (maybe added in final bill) to make us continue to be slaves and make our consultancy owners richer and richer.
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    Chepta 1.Friends thagutharu 2.Career meeda interest podi 3. cinemalu eku chustav kanisam silence untadi ani 4. mandhu ekku thaguthav 5. avi thagi health issues 6. aapudami chustav apalevu 7. Final ga untav ante untav , poina parledu ankuntav.
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    Nuvvoka kaama pishachi vi..
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    e plus minus alochinche iddaru 36 ki vacharu inka alochisthe 46 ki malli post vesthav emo
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    Love aa arranged aa? They may have to think about family planning as soon as marriage
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    virginity test kuda cheyinchukoni pampamani adugudham ankuntunna.. endhukante NO endhuku chepthantunnav ani intlo asking... so elago cheskom.. annee adigi.. vallu kuda hurt ayyela chesi .. apudu inkoti chustha
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    drainage daggaraki velli kampu kavali ani adugutunnav
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    Google lo search for "Immigration news". CNN is pro dems so they don't want to talk immigration because they are clearly losing the battle, in fact very bad hit. And, most of the immigration deals are happening behind closed doors it seems as per many news outlets, so very limited info and evari istam vachinattu vallu writing, if you look at the initial URL from NY Times, CNN, they keep on updating the news. We are just following their statements. Anything we discuss here is not final until it made it to legislation. Only hoping hoping hoping for best.
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    India elli.. Desi roomates kosam search chesinattu undhi akkadantha desi le gaa
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    Somerset princeton inka chala unai bayya motam desi galle
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    Thanks mama ! Affairs lantive chadavataniki , chudataniki bavuntai ( movies lo ) but real life lo ayitey , u will be guilty as hell
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    They are already forcing DACA kids to join their Military in one on other way to keep up with their temp status until they get GC
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    But there is no bill that favors Indian community. Merit based was advertised until last min and it was removed all of sudden, extreme lobbying kakpaothe enti idi. This is the last hope that any debate on immigration can benefit us. In at least near future, until Trump leaves office we don't get for sure i.e 12 years in total (8 Obama + 4 trump), in case next Trump comes to power, add another 4 years. This is a mental torture many of us experiencing without any published contents officially. We are still happy with it.
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    Don't get me wrong, until we experience any of the hardships we wouldn't know the heat bro. I'm talking on behalf of all of us, this is not worth to wait decades to get GC, while other friends of yours went to Aus, Canada get PR in 1/4 of time. At least they know what they are doing. Imagine if POE decided to send you back. You have nothing but lose all the money you invested in your home. And, if you lose a job in your current city, you want to travel, then you see the pain. You already left your parents and relative and came too far, now you want to travel away from your wife and kids (if any) because you are forced to have status in H1. How long is a good time for you to say it's ok to wait? Your prime life is wasted in this political mess. This is your last hope that things get fixed for Indians, which is screwed. Maybe I am not looking positive side, I only see when I have assurance from country where I live.
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    Commute to either Seattle or Bellevue during office hours is at least an hour .. And minimum price for a new home with 2000 sq ft is 750k$ plus..
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    Hatch gadu discuss chesadu debate bane support vundi sit tight guys good days ahead PS:Pani madda leni -ve fellas vachi madda gudavandi
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    Well said brother.... ikkada andaru international school ani saava 10gutunnaru kani.... normal school lo chadivi ntha mandi life lo success avvaledu... present unna IAS/IPS andaru international school lo chadivina valla.... moreover international school lo chadivithey chinnapati nunchey brands ani, level maintain cheyadam, prestige ani.. etc ila chalaney alavaatu ayyi asalu normal life ki adjust kaleru.. idi just naa opinion. Andaru ilaney untarani nenu cheppatledu but most of them.... naku telisina oka example ... oka couple unnaru.. wife and husband working... vala babu international school lo 5th standard chaduvutunnadu... vallaki creta car undi.. Aa babu valla classmates deggara high range cars unnayi like audi, bmw... ee pillodemo avg student ... recent ga valla dad tho enti daddy ee cheap car , manchiga audi oo bmw car oo teesukovalsindi ani annadu.. valla father edo cheppi aa discussion close chesesadu.. but tarvatha aayana chala feel ayyadu.. mother and father iddaru kasta padithey aa stage lo unnaru but valla pillodi thinking matram super rich ga unnayi... so medium range school lo veyadam better... Infact baaga balisina vallu international school lo chadivinchachu kani middle class & upper middle class vallu kastapadi sampadinchina money antha ila international school paina pettadam sari kadu ani naa feeling....
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    fost froof no...welcome back @HariTeja @Roca
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    thelusukoni feel avdam thapthe use em ledu. mindsets matters.Not being rude but she will be better without u.
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    Evvadinaina ponile anukovachi kaani vaadini maatram ala anukokoodadu. Piece of junk vaadu.
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    History Repeat aa.. ante malli jail ki pothada
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    Igo tamizha thambi... ie Payal singh..lauda anni idisey, repu poddugala Murthy law firm ki phone chey...$200 appoint for 20 mins...valla succession teesuko.. vallaku anastasia ani oka ex-dso present f-1 specialist vuntadi...baaga cheyi tirigina candidate... you could get benefit of MTR but process with proper law firm...
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    nice congos..entha cost ?
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    Archana last week varaku pakka untadi Last week lo 5 mandi untaru - HariTeja, Archana, Shiva Balaji, Prince, Deeksha
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    nee id enti ala undi ?
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    see this situation is pending to happen since quite some time. innaallu innellu oka society ane chakram lo irukkupoyaaru aada ladies in india. so adi motham kattalu thenchukundi ippudu. they want to come out of the so called forced living in box surrounded by useless rules This change is good in some way. Lets all appreciate that.
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    arey rowdy pellow, ade kada TS tolded clearly. pleasure kavali ante akkada kaadu go else somewhere