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    20 yella kindha mee naayina adhe CM kurchi ekkinadante adhi varasathvam.. aa kurchi nuv repu ekkuthunnavante adhi Lakshanam.. adhe CM kurchi repu Nee bidda ekkinadante adhi maa adrustam: @psycopk to @LOKESH
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    isn't it kinda surprising that no girl likes you, then?
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    yaadiki ra ochedi?? bathroom ka??
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    Maa pakkinti uncle ki leka leka oka bidda pudithe vadiki lavada ani peru pettaru Really great asalu lavada unna kooda evaru aaa peru pettukoru kaani aa pilladiki aa peru pettadam purushangam unna prathi okkallu pulakarinchalsina vishayam
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    Mods please pin this thread
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    Janasena parade on Dowleswaram Bridge became a huge success. As per unofficial reports, almost 4 lakh people gathered for this event. It seems janasena leaders were very happy by the response they received in East Godavari district. Last minute tensions: The parade was not without its own twists and turns. In the last minute police served notice to the party and Pawan Kalyan asking them to cancel the event because of security reasons. They noted in the notice they served that, people gathered in much higher numbers than what janasena party mentioned while requesting for permission. However party denied to cancel the event in the last minute and gave an undertaking that they will take responsibility if anything happens. Security measures: Many people had security concerns on this event. Many fans also questioned why Pawan Kalyan is taking such huge risk. Because if any unfortunate incident happens, it will haunt him for his entire Political career. People still remember the unfortunate incident happened during Pushkaras. However, party took utmost care and had arranged hundreds of efficient swimmers, thousands of life jackets and many people working as guardrails. A parade of this kind and this magnitude handled with such an expertise by novice party is appreciated by many in political circles. As per reports, Bunny Vasu and Kamala Durgesh played a key role in handling this event. Show of strength Janasena was able to clearly demonstrate its strength in Godavari districts yet again. Until now, jagans foot march on Rajahmundry Bridge was considered the biggest successful event by political analysts in this area. YSR CP leader Ambati Rambabu, while talking in a TV channel before the parade told that, only ysrcp could conduct event of such high magnitude here. However as per reports, people attended for janasena event were almost double compared to Jagan’s foot march on Rajahmundry Bridge. Even though, media houses are not openly telling this, political leaders could clearly see the show of strength by Janasena. Roaring speech One difference between Chiranjeevi Praja Rajyam party and Pawan Kalyan janasena party is that, in case of Chiranjeevi , people used to come only to see him and many people used to leave the venue some time after having a glimpse of their Matinee Idol. However in case of Pawan Kalyan, people are waiting for his speeches. No doubt Pawan Kalyan is much better speaker compared to his elder brother. He gave a ferocious speech yet again. Even people who don’t like his ideologies or his party becoming successful also agree that his speeches are really good. Pawan Kalyan tried to cover several topics during his speech – right from Panchayat elections to political accountability, sand mafia to Kakinada SEZ, and he focused on clarifying about several allegations his political opponents are making on him like his relationship with BJP. He spared neither Chandra Babu nor Jagan. On CM slogans As always his fans shouted slogans of CM and Pawan Kalyan responded on them saying, even though he is not desperate to become CM like Jagan our Lokesh, fans strong desire will be like a Mantra released into universe and that can really make him CM one day. Media: TV9 , Andhra Jyothi and Sakshi channels did not telecast his parade or his speech. Some people from East Godavari district posted in social media that local cable programs completely stopped during that time in their area and it could be because of political compulsions. Overall Janasena parade was a huge success and set a new benchmark in terms of number of people attending the parade. We will have to wait and see how Pawan Kalyan will use this success to strengthen his party.
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    Stress...!! Sampestadi ie stress.... ameirca la vunna desingallaki vunna tha stress naku telsi duniya la ne highest vundochu
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    Actually these days qualified girls have less tolerance and they have very high temper. They can go to any extent to when their ego is hurt. They are happy with men who can tolerate them to peak. They say words but cant take word that is the problem. 90% of the problem comes from women side .If you are getting married be prepared to become pellam chatu mogudu otherwise your life will be hell. I know feminist will fire me
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    Yes she did.. so what?? Mem dogs 🐕 chepputho kottina kuda siggu raadhu.. porilanu gilludu [email protected] otthudu peddha thope pani lekka feel aitham
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    @psycopk = LB Sriram @solman = MS @jagadambachowdary = ali @RunRaajaRun123 = AVS @trent = Allari Naresh
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    am not Vendetta. all vendetta haters once for all leave me alone
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    PK gaadu 25 seats avete baguntundi.
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    Pk have strong base from uttandhra to guntur much equal to ycp chittor and other balija lo some impression if pk goes alliance with tdp or ycp with less than 50 seats is sucide and why should pk compramisr he wont care who became cm he shoulbe king maker so he will contest as independent party
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    what a lyrics! Nenunnadhi Neelone Aa Nenu Neevele Nadhannadhi Emunnadhi Naalo Neevenaado Malichaavu Ee Raathini Neneenadu Palikaanu Nee Geethini Idhe Naaku Thapamani Idhe Naaku Varamani Idhe Naaku Thapamani Idhe Naaku Varamani Cheppalani Vundhi Gunde Vippalani Vundhi Cheppalani Vundhi Gunde Vippalani Vundhi Pallavinchava Na Gonthulo Pallavi Kava Na Patalo Nee Premaku Kalasanni Nee Poojaku Nilayanni Nee Veenaku Nadhanni Kaana Neninnallu Chesindhi Aradhana Neeku Eenadu Thelipedhi Naa Vedhana Idhe Ninnu Vinamani Idhe Nijam Anamani Cheppalani Vundhi Gunde Vippalani Vundhi
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    one side is dead man. let him also die, then we'll listen.
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    Chinnapudu Oka madam bathroom ki velthe Bayata gadiya lock chesa .. class ki vocchi ... evaru chesaru ante andharu nanne chupincharu inka tharvatha.... manchi body massage 😂
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    deepavali ki red thoka bombs anni pakkinti poyi lo esa aani katchitanga pelthayani valla poyye lechi poyindi.. tharuvatha naadi vachipoyindi lol
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    em chuthey gaanvi ra.... peddha pulka psycopk ni choosi nerchukovali meerantha.... ee matters lo bala di thappu kabatti calm ga unnadu thread lo response iyyakunda.... nuvu nee lavada lo supporting baali gaaniki lol
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    Gurugaru... meeru yellow glasses eppati nunchi pettukuntunnaru? ... after 1983 or 1995 ?