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    vote for note case gurinchi, cbn national channels ki ichina interview chusinava? waat i yam saying you have folice i have folice laaga veedu kuda covering ichunkuntunnadu.
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    nenu generally DB lo ilanti relationship threads ki replies ivvanu... but akkum bakkum I know you as a DB member and I like your posts in many cases andhuke neeku respond avthunna... It couldnt be intentional and probably they didnt mean any malice when they gave that sweet to your daughter... just move on... generally india lo chala mandhi konchem atu itu ga unna pattinchukoru unless they know for sure its spoiled and cant be eaten... adi typical mentality... US vachaka chala mandhi maree ekkuva soft aipoi konchem different ga anipinchina trash lo estharu... its no big deal and dont lose a good friend if you have no other issues with them... Kavalante cheppu vallaki.. konchem theda ga unnapudu ivvakandi pillalki its not safe for them ani... chances are nothing will happen to your kid even if she eats because thats how majority of us grew up... eating mud and other rubbish.. US lo konchem ekkuva soft ga penchuthunnaru janalu pillalni.. but neeku doubt unte pillalki pettodhu ani cheppu no need to cut them out
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    Nuvu chepina age range lo pellikani vaunlces vunaru okena
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    Talk to guys and see. nachithe chesko. job lo uncertainity visa issues eppudu untay. the older you grow and wiser you become, it will be hard to accept a fool as your husband marry a fool when you are still a fool and celebrate April fool every year together forever
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    US lo lanzala vyaparaaalu India lo Delhi level lo case mafi la kosam state lo pakkanolla ni badnaam seyyatam kosam lanzala vyaparaaalu Thu daridrapu bathukulu Yellow 🐕s are a shame to Telugu society
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    3k & 2K anta sale offer nadusthundi ani chepthunnatuunaru
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    Falinchina CBN Vyoham...eedukuntu veladiga taralivastunna nile crocodiles..ikkade shaswata nivasam erparchu kune tattu erpatlu
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    heheheehehehe..... very funny..... think once about lakhs of Andhrites living peacefully in Hyd....its not the other way arounf my friend...very few telanganites live in Andhra when compared to Andhrites living in AP. poi, pani susuko ra 'mundakor' izzat do aur izzat lo...
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    D. Suresh Babu has gone from being a film producer, distributor, and exhibitor, to a farmer! Talking about his latest venture, he says, “Last year, I suffered from bad health because of the chemicals in the vegetables, milk and other food items I was consuming. So I decided to start my own farm on some land I had on the outskirts of the city. I purchased 30 cows, and named the farm Happy Cows.” Not surprisingly, the producer was not well-versed in the nuances of farming when he first embarked on this journey. “Initially, I would call some of my cousins for help,” he says. Now, he’s one proud farmer. “I have the best milk in town. Once I started feeding my cows organic food and pure water, I started getting the best milk. I want to sell it for Rs 150 per litre, but people at home laugh at me and say that no one will buy it,” Suresh Babu reveals. Having got a hang of things, he wants to venture into the production of dairy products like ghee as well. “Anything that is produced without the use of chemicals is good. The ghee that is made of the milk from my farm is pure. And I want to sell it. Not to make money, but to show people the difference between pure and impure products. I am growing organic vegetables too,” he says. And he wants to extend his philosophy to his studio as well. “I want to make my studio completely organic and eco-friendly. We attempted it a while ago, but we failed. Now, we are going to try it once again,” he says, adding, “Whenever I ask my staff for water, they get me a plastic water bottle. So I have bought a few steel bottles and asked them to use those. At least I can prevent the use of plastic in my studio,” Suresh Babu says. The producer also hopes to inspire those around him to make such small but significant changes in their lives. “When I started this, I knew that people would say that I’d left the movies to venture into farming. But this small thing that I’m doing may inspire my friends, and others, to follow suit,” he says.
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    Anna mee amoolyamaina opinions tho paina tag chesina thread lo mee darshanam ivvandi please. @precious_smeagol bro FYI
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    PMS lo unnav anukunta ...2 days aghu ee thoughts ravvu
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    aavulaki yamuna malasri sanghavi ani perulu petti paalu pithukutunnadanta
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    Neeku ft vasthe nee husband ki vere chota unte? Tiruguthu untaru. Appudu let's say you want to move so you quit your job? Appudanna dependent e. Nee extension deny ayithe? Or FT lo ninnu layoff chesthe? Anni permutations and combinations vesukoku. Trust me after some years all these are not important if you have a good life partner. You guys will work as a team according to the situations. Chesuko manchodni choosi
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    he's bothered by nightmares of dciks.RSS is where they treat such closet homosexualism. the treatment is simple. drink gaumutra daily, and say 'bharat mata ki jai'.
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    pappu gaadi seat chusi lottalu esukuntu vastunaayemo tindamani not edible nai theldu vaatiki next month headlines in National media : Teeramlo veladigaa chachi padina mosallu pulka media : chakachakyamtho crocodiles ni thippikotti daarimallinchina bulli chanakyya pappesh
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    it bcz of upbringing... mana fathers generation, kids meeda pressure ekkuva pettatam at the same time vaallaki values nerpinchakunda rank lu mark lu ani saava dobbithe ilaage untundi. mana grand fathers generation looks decent. they brought up their children with some values, not with pressure, ranks and marks.
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    emi natistunavra Nutan naidu ababababa natavishwaroopam #BiggBossTelugu2
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    Ne “hmm” page lo em jarigindo kuda maku ardam kaledu
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    Birds over action kakapothey. .. 3rd pic lo tree undi kadha....birds ki g balupa ? Ani tom bhayya tweeted.
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    Hyderabad lo kuda dorakani food akkada dorukuntundi. Hyd nunchi vachi dallas lo tinachu. If you want break travel somewhere alone. It will be awesome. Trust me. INDIA ki povadam kanna adi better option.
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    Mithrulandariki pithru dinothsava subhakanshalu.. Nanna anna padamu kanna kammaga undadu venna.. Laxamu vaipu doosukelle baanumu manamaina nanna lanti villu lekapothe dani phalitham sunna... nanna pempakam lo katinathvamu unna aa pempakaaniki kaaranam repati mana bhavishathu ku ayana pade thapana repati manaku nuluvutaddhamu nanna alanti nanna naku devudi kanna minna...
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    Johny, Johny Yes, Papa? Eating sugar? No, papa! Telling lies? No, papa! Open your mouth Ah, ah, ah!
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    Please make sure to take health insurance for your parents in India. This helps a lot when needed. Also push them to do monthly checkups as most of them neglect them a lot. If needed go to india and get this done atleast once.! Spend sometime on their pre existing health or any hereditary health issues, if needed pay good attention on those problems. My Story, my father is 65 years old and never been hospitalized or in hospital for a day. He used toa very active life used to walk at least 5kms until my btech days but due to age he limited his walking habits and mostly reliable upon using his bike or car. We started building a home and from the last 12 mons he has been taking care of each and everything stressing a lot. This is the kind of background. Two weeks back, he got little fever and all of a sudden he become so week. He thought its a sun stroke and took some medicine. After two days he was not able to breathe and got admitted to local hospital, the doctor checked basic stuff and thought he got some lung infection and kept him in hospital for four days by giving daily some dose of antibiotics. Also he got high levels of sugar so he gave some insulin shots to keep those levels down. Discharged after four days assuming everything was good. The next day his feet become black and they swelled so immediately he was admitted at Ramesh Hospitals and they diagnosed that he got a slient heart stoke two weeks back and due to high sugar levels he doesnt feel that pain. They told his Left ventrical muscle was completely damages and because of that he was not able to breahte. Because of inabilty to pump enough blood his lungs got infected and he got sepsis. Also on the day when he got admitted his platlet count was 55k vs 3lakhs and White blood count was 33k vs 4k. His kidney got damaged a bit beacuse of being diabetic for so long and there is a block somewhere at his feet that caused his feet black and now the cells are mostly dead. He has been in ICU for a week and still fighting to recover. Even though i told him to go for routine checkups he never listened to me and he always thinks that he was healthy. Our family has heart issues which is hereditary and he didnt even think about it. Doctors told they need to ampute both his feet as the cells are dead because of no or less blood supply and they have been trying to give antibiotics to clear the lung infection and sepsis which showed only a little progress. He has been kept on ventilator support from last three days and daily this hospital charges 50 to 75k depends upon the medicine and treatement they do. I dont know how many days it will take for him to recover and even after recovery he needs to deal with all these issues going fwd. I wish and hope he will be back and give us a chance to serve him better for all the negligence that we are responsible for his present health condition. Please dont make these kind of mistakes and try to think about our parents for their better life in the last phase of their life. All these H1bs, US life etc are nothing when it comes to our parents health and happiness which i realized lately after a big jolt.
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    Lol cinema topic tho comparison aina ABN vadu call nduku cut chestadu...akkada vadiki kavalsina bhajana a kada caller chesindi....cbn ni thidutoo call cheste call cut iddi kani...
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    Some people have highlights in their lives . Messi ‘s life it self is a highlight .
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    yes maa inti eduru gaa unde aunty acchu sakeela laa undedi
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    Andhrafriends lo Puuka city posts eskora puukandhrapradesh pulka gaa...inko state capital city tho mee puukandrapradesh puukas ki em pani? @boeing747 puuka...inko state ni langa state annappudu mee state ni puuka state anadam lo thappuledhu...
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    ntr gadu 70 yella vayasulo pakkodi pellaniki baaga nyayam chesadu ga
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    ట్రంప్‌ను దైవంగా పూజిస్తున్న తెలంగాణ యువకుడు జనగామ టౌన్‌: మారుమూల గ్రామంలో ఉన్న ఓ యువకుడు అమెరికా అధ్యక్షుడు డొనాల్డ్‌ ట్రంప్‌ను తన ఆరాధ్య దైవంగా పూజిస్తున్నాడు. ఈ విషయాన్ని ట్విటర్‌లో తెలుసుకున్న ట్రంప్‌ అందులోనే ఆ యువకుడికి సందేశాన్నిచ్చారు. వివరాల్లోకి వెళ్తే.. జనగామ జిల్లా బచ్చన్నపేట మండలం కొన్నే గ్రామానికి చెందిన బుస్సా కృష్ణ అనే యువకుడు పదో తరగతి చదివి సొంతూరులోనే వ్యవసాయం చేసుకుంటున్నాడు . గత ఏడాది కాలంగా ట్రంప్‌ చిత్రపటాన్ని తన ఇంట్లోనే పెట్టుకొని పూజలు చేస్తున్నాడు. అంతేకాకుండా తన చేతివేలికి గాయం చేసుకొని ట్రంప్‌ చిత్ర పటానికి రక్తాభిషేకం చేయడం విశేషం. ఈ క్రమంలో ట్రంప్‌ను ఆరాధిస్తున్న ఛాయాచిత్రాలను, వీడియోల క్లిప్పింగ్‌లను అతని స్నేహితులు ఫేస్‌బుక్‌, ట్విటర్‌లో అప్‌లోడ్‌ చేశారు. ఈ సమాచారాన్ని ట్రంప్‌ ట్విటర్‌ ద్వారా తెలుసుకున్నారు. దీంతో ఈ నెల 19న ట్విట్టర్‌లో ట్రంప్‌ తన సందేశాన్ని పంపించారు. కోట్లాది మంది భారతీయుల్లో క్రిష్‌ తన ప్రాణ స్నేహితుడని పేర్కొన్నారు. అతన్ని త్వరలోనే కలుస్తానని ట్రంప్‌ సందేశం ఇచ్చారు. తనకు ట్రంప్‌ అంటే ఎనలేని ఇష్టమని కృష్ణ తెలిపారు. ఆయనలోని చురుకుదనం, ముక్కుసూటితనం తనను ఆకట్టుకునేలా చేసిందని పేర్కొన్నాడు. ట్రంప్‌ త్వరలోనే తనను కలుస్తాననడం ఆనందాన్నిస్తోందని యువకుడు చెబుతున్నాడు.
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    #PulkaAlert #OnceAPulkaAlwaysAPulka #Katappas
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    lol. what originality man? people don't have one particular character. They react to circumstances, and circumstances can change their attitudes. If people have one character, I'm going to declare all of db as completely unworthy of being decent people. but even I know its only one aspect of their personality that they show here. same in big boss. big boss is stupid show, because it doesn't test all skills of the contestants, except the skill of who can be the greatest circus monkey. what kind of originality do you expect from a human being, who's prodded to suck up to his viewers? instead put a diverse bunch of people together (engineers, doctors, carpenters, shamans, etc), and let them opt out of the show voluntarily. There you can see some originality. Right now, big boss is just full of fake entertainers. Even the ones you think are original, are faking it.Thaat's their job.
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    3 Months before : 5'11", 160 LBS Morning: oats,milk, baanana & Straberries Afternoon: Brown rice with curry , idly, dosa( instead of rice flour you can use ragi) alantivi snacks : boiled veggies some times, nuts dinner: sometimes roti. sometimes only fruits/veggies(raw) maree lean avthunna ani intlo godava chesthe... annee manesa.. biryanis, sweets, indian snacks heavy ga theeskunna.. Now I am 170 lbs.. oka 10lbs thaggipovali. So maree too much weight leni candidates ki peddha diet plans avasaram ledhu. you can reduce that 10lbs fat in 3 months, konchem aa thokkalo indian snacks and sweets, biryani lu aapesthe
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    Oho Amy garu thelivi theta lu vaduthunnaru anmata...Danyavadamulu Maga garu
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    orini thingari robert. nee bhasha praveenyam tagalada. visthupothini
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    Me manasu ki kshobha kaliginchinanduku pedda mundavadu meeku kshamapana cheppalani nenu nirasana vyaktham chesthunnanu
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    Lakhs of jobs ( ento China babu ki lakh lo enni zeros vuntayo teluso ledho, Stanford lo chepparu ga) Roads Kia motors ( appatlo Microsoft techadu eppudu telkakapothunadu because of modi) Capital city ( forever graphics , ss rajamouli hadavidi etc) Cheppamante chepataru , Ami avaledhu ante modi ivvaledhu antaru Yellow pulkas
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    Finally, Halwa is back. Same old ID, but you will see new levels in crying...
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    40 years in the industry akada....13 districts list kuda sarigga chepakapothey inka CM Kurchi lo kurchini waste... non-andhra nenu chepth avaya, okkokka district ki edi anugunanga vuntadi, etla develop chesthe nayam ani... atlantidi, sitting CM oka 13 districts perlu chepi describe chesthe adi kastha goosebump moment aipoinda ?
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    and thanks to Rajanna who initiated it and constructed flood flow canals
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