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    Oh my god how much more can you fake you langa CBN ni Uturn antaavu but nee antha U turn theeskunevaalu evvaru leru. U turn Halwa.
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    Vaddu..kavalante Hindi chakde inkosaari chusuko..a Vijay gadi over Action ki sachipotav..
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    Dear Brother Pawan Kalyan: Your wisdom is dead. There is only the impending disaster that awaits you. The wisdom of life, erudition, goodness of the heart, kindness and compassion… you have abandoned all of these qualities which you once possessed and have now become a scheming, manipulating, lying, hate-mongering, bungler. You have become the very disease, to cure which we have entered public life. Despite my reluctance you’ve drawn me into being the party’s Politburo member, the highest decision making body of the party. I was the first General Secretary of the party when we started in 2014. As a friend I stood by you for 12 years and dialogued with you, streamlined your thought, and brought a cohesive order to the realisation of your dream of a party. With all that we did and shared over so many years, it is very sad that I have to write this harsh indictment of you. I created the party ideology and constitution, built a formidable body of ideas, gave you confidence when you were in conflicting situations, readily stood by you in good and bad and provided you a reflexive self-awareness which calmed you, elevated you and strengthened you. When we started the party, our politics was about principles, now ‘your’ politics has become a poisonous pursuit of power, a shameless bunch of lies, pursued for your personal vanity. You have become a gloating narcissist blinded by arrogance and false pride. By raising the religious card, you have shown yourself to be a moral vacuum who is provoking dangerous anger and hate merely because of jealousy. To those who have loved and respected you, you have shown only disdain and contempt. You have become an odious man who will destroy anyone who comes near you to help and assist you. Your self-loathing makes you hate everyone and turn against everyone. Starting with your duplicitous and devious manipulation of PVP in 2014, until now, your long list of lies, manipulations, obnoxious and repulsive schemes towards your colleagues and rivals alike have exposed you completely. Your speeches are laced with lies, vulgar language & ugly sentiments. You are a weak man who can never be virtuous. From a good man you have changed into a dishonest and conspiratorial man. What kind of a leader are you? You ambushed and hacked our own soldiers Until the elections in 2019 you have been able to play an elaborate game of deception with your own party colleagues. It became clear in April/May 2019 that you never were about principles. You have turned colleague against colleague by behaving like a snake with your own people. You lay in wait and ambushed and hacked our own people so that they don’t become successful leaders. Not because they were unworthy but precisely because they were worthy of becoming leaders. In this manner, you have achieved a dubious distinction of having more number of people who dislike you within our own party than in the opposition or allied parties. No one escapes Karma You can escape everything but not the consequences of your own actions. Someone will soon perfect the very same weapons you are using and use them against you. This ‘someone’ will be from the people who work closely with you now. Karma will come back to you. Poisoning the public During the election time, you tried unsuccessfully to poison the minds of people and instigate one group against another in the two states. You are continuing your venomous streak even now, only more intensely. You used party platform as your personal stage to settle non-existent personal scores unrelated to the party or the public. You continue to deliver vulgar, toxic speeches and indulge in grudgematches against personal enemies which has nothing to do with politics of the state or party or the public. Leaders are products of conflict. Not advocates of it. A conflict throws up leaders but those who create and advocate conflicts between various sections of the public are not leaders. They are troubler makers. You want to somehow injure the incumbent CM because of your hate for him and for that purpose you want to create a conflict between religious groups and regions of AP. These conflicts don’t exist, you are creating them. The incumbent government received an unprecedented mandate The incumbent government and their leader have received an unprecedented mandate to govern and represent people of AP for 5 years. Not for 100 days or 200 days but for 5 years. Your selfappointed role of the opposition leader is a mockery of the democratic process and exhibits the signs of a rogue. People have decided that you shall not enter the legislative assembly, therefore your power over the political process is self-appointed and not bona fide. You have no respect for the people whose mandate we seek. Despite being rejected as a leader you continue to abuse and pervert the democratic right to expression, right to protest and right to seek public office. You have vulgarised politics instead of cleansing them. You are a danger to society and should never be allowed to occupy public office. Your craving for power is destructive, irrational and reckless. If you don’t change, the amount of damage you will create in the years to come in the Andhra polity will be immense. People will pay a big price if they don’t see the warning signs. Your hubris will destroy not only you but everyone associated with you What happened to Ravana, despite so many powers he still coveted what he could not have. The fact that he cannot have another man’s wife made him ignore the thousands of women he already had and went after Rama’s wife only because she was not to be had. How could someone elude me, ‘the great Ravana’ he thought and blinded by his desire to possess her he destroyed himself, his family and the entire golden Lanka. That is the fate of all those who have vain covetousness and narcissism as their guiding emotion. Why are you perverting the political discourse? Your behaviour has become a disgrace to the ideals we created. When will you realise the difference between personal indulgence and sense of duty & responsibility? Our party ideals state that we will do politics without religious or caste or regional discrimination. Our ideals state that “we will not even raise religious or caste differences”; but that is exactly what you are doing all the time. You are a hypocrite, a pretentious non-leader and a poisonous snake. Your ideas are the latest quotations you read, your life is a mimicry of others’ thoughts. You have no firm basis for your thoughts and will change to whatever is advantageous to you at the moment. Your latest love for Telugu is fake. Your love of Hindu Dharma is fake and you know you have repeatedly broken Dharma with impunity. Your advocacy of Hinduism is merely a result of your personal hate for CM Jagan Mohan Reddy – it is not genuine. You have deviously tried to portray the current government’s proposal of “Replacement of Telugu Medium of instruction” as the “Removal of Telugu Language & Culture”, displaying how your judgement is impaired by your narcissism. A 4000 year great language, culture and one of the oldest surviving religions of the world is not in desperate need of a hateful politician’s protection. It is sad that one has to write this to a dear friend and brother. It shows how deep you have fallen into the abyss. Try to look into yourself, not into the bottomless abyss. Redeem yourself for life is precious and we must place our life at the service of others. If you have any self-respect turn back and retrace your steps to where you started and why. Be kind and show love for people. Don’t hate people so much just because they differ with you. Within you was a beautiful human being, who you seem to have left far behind. Shed your ambitions for power and serve people selflessly. You had within you a spirit of goodness which you have extinguished for the sake of political power. You have forgotten who you are. Beseech the God of your choice for wisdom, kindness and love which you formerly possessed. If you look closely there still might be a spark of that goodness left in you, which once pervaded your heart. Raju Ravitej
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    Zip open chesi choostaru...hlaf chopped aithe not hindu .... Full chopped aithe @whatsapp aka @Nityananda batch
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    nee nacchinidi cheyyi vayya...lavada lo samajam...untadi potadi... there is nothing good or bad or ethical or unethical...just don't do illegal stuff ante
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    to be fair I slide with halwa more than others on this topic... he always says this is "payback time" for all the insults andhra people spewed on TG and its culture for decades... he is absolutely right in that aspect and believe me I have zero affiliation to TG... ipudu andharu G mooskuni untunnaru gathi leka ... lekapothe maamul kathal dengevallu kaadhu any average andhra person about TG
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    nbk every movie is his previous movie kada samara nuvve ila chepte ela cheppu
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    When you are young you are not exposed to the Harsh realities of the social norms.... Everything looks Bright and postive ....Every frnd looks the Best one and ready to spend as much as time you have and you will go to any extent to help them etc. Once you realise that ppl are like in the last dialogue of Prasthanam Movie "Avasaraala Kosam Daarrull thokke paatraley tappa" Neeku Once most ppl are fake and their real intensions are diff anedi ardam avthe ....Matladalane Mooddduuu Uthsaaahammmm Armpit naakipoddi
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    Lokesham Saar Davos lo minus degrees weather lo Thana skills tho vedi puttinchaadu andariki Jalaganna ala seyyagalada Ani pulkas asking.
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    Uncle very cooperative with Police aayudhaalu laakunenduku didn't try porabaatuna kinda padipothe 2-3 times teesi tudichi police laku given back...
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    Good Question ..... Naaku gurthu vunanta varaku em anukoledu ... Adento ippudu kuda anukovatledu .... Face as it comes and excel in it ante..
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    Tannutha, asalu evad start chesadu and enduku start chesadu annadi na question
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    ae nuvu nee panchati... @Athadu007 evadanna vachi gelikithe uske ghand mein bomboo lagana kani nuvendi vaa, endi ie edupu ? laudala basthi kotlata...oka 4 ID's esi, valla mida ediche badulu, ave 4 id's la mida keyboard pratapam supiyyu, niku vunna frustration motham teerchuko...aadu okati ante nuvu naalugu anu.. aaj ki tariq mein aisie shapanardalu panikiraavu...aithe athkoor lekapothey ghanathkor....look at DB aunty..take insipration..entha mandi tittina, tuduchukuni ida ida ne tirgutadi....
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    This kind of stunts are started by Sr NTR. same type lo execute chesthe CM aipothara?
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    Demonetisation, 370 article, surgical strike, NRC etc. So many historic decisions. No religious riots under its rule. I am not fan of BJP but I really feel this is the best government till date.
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    Meeku suggest chesina jyotishulu, pinda pradaanam cheyyalani cheppara? Every year Mahalaya Amavasya apudu pitru tarpanaalu pettadam better. temples lo poojari ni adiigthe chepthaaru. Atlaage Vishnu temples like Gaya ki vellinapudu kudirithe pinda daanam chesthe manchidi. Meeku Nashik/Traybakeshwar chepparu kabatti akadiki velli akadi purohitulani adigithe vaaley process chepthaaru
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    Chusava @Kool_SRG ee anayayam, nalugu ante Mari nalugu vote lu vesaru, IST vallu ante chulakana.
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    Ledhu direct MS bro ..sorry intermediate pass avali ani theliyadhu apatlo
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    Guest House maintain cheyadam MS students ki training, accomodation ivvali...
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    He 10geyra piccha phook troll.
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    Mee yabba praja samasyala gurinchi kaneesam 50% of the total time spend chesthunnaarrraa veedhi kukkallaaga nuv [email protected] ante kaadu nuvve [email protected] ane type lo thittukodam Thappa thuuu maararu ee naayaallu
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    ee case lo nenu ammai ni china chupu chusta.. she is stuck with such a loser ani... lol funny..
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    Aunty stalked Halwa...made an attempt to come to my place too....was very scary...chala bhayam esindi..
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    They have a big team bro like IV. IV ki tech support but veellaki manolla support kuda undi like consultancies and Attorneys. They have support from china , Irish , Iran and some other country groups and attorneys. Enka ame evaru ante one of the lobbyists for legal forums. Vallaki dabbulu ekkadivi endi bro valla funds manolla funds kanna ekkuva. But they have secret groups they don't have any spies for leaking screens shots like IV telegram. Finally she is from Irland.
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    constitution applicable for indian citizens only once again repeating for pseudo -illiterates (what a word)
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    father has just 2000cr aasthi sister and brother are earning 100cr in hyderabad and bangalore recent ga sister ki vonila function kosam just 50cr spent. I got pissed. my wife got pissed. my wife brother's wife got pissed. same time, my ex called me. she said she saw me in Singapore this weekend. she is still my love, so we planned to meed in Sydney this Saturday. not sure where will end up my friends all are just doing regular day jobs at google, microsoft and amazon. I want them to settle. one of my friend is looking to move to London, he just has mba and working in mumbai. Can't help him because of his wife's brother's sister-in law is not allowing to move. after all these, still can't figure out what to do tomorrow evening
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    alaantivi evadu disclose cheyyadu kaka... Anyhow that clearly shows that guy married the lady just for money/looks.. almost 99% of arranged marriages are based on looks... tarvatha anni ave sardukupothay ani oka over confidence....
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    The sad reality is that Owaisi can actually speak in his mother tongue in parliament and every one listens with rapt attention. But none of our MPs can speak in their mother tongue there. How the fk is this our country ?
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    Ok jail ki vellu ramudi vachhi save chestadu
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    I faced wife spur..
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    We need Bikinis in RRR
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    Eddaru kavalanipistunda ? Ma nayiney. Elanti threads vesi bhayapettak .
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    Brotheru....Mari antha ga samarthinchadam avasarama....opposition lo unnappudu ycp ollu chesina Pani ni ippudu tdp ollu chesthundru...enthaina both parties are highly knowledgeable ya....okkokkadu nenantey nenu Ani poti padi oulagallu aithundru...
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    QA - Quality Assurance BA - Business Analyst ... Ee renditiki brain vadalsina avasaram ledu ... And Ladies (H4EAD) chala mandi vunnaru ani telling ... Avi chestu edo chesinattu feeling ani ardam ...
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    Jagan is like a husband who rafed his wife. His wife made allegations and he went to jail, but he got a bail because his wife cannot prove that he rafed her, so the case is prolonged for years to come and he is continuously beating his wife everyday.
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