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    I saw their love story, She is soo matured lady...and respectful in her words... Bayata andham em undi lawda lodhi...Light banjesta antha okatte... She has a Good Heart, respectful and a very Hard working Lady... Not like Ballaya Babu....
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    Good for you, But in my experience, most Hindu hating AsHoles fall back on generic reply like yours when stats start coming in.
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    jyothi silent killer ayna kooda I am happy with what she did today...cunning couple advantage use cheskoni iddaroo save cheskuntunnaru...HMs okkallaki ledu vallani adige dammu including nag raj... varun gadi vakra buddhi bayata padindi ivala...he couldn't argue how her wife is better than jyothi...pellam anduke support chestunna ani cheppadu...he couldn't take her getting nominated....
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    husband wife ni thevkodadu ...... i think this is first time ,....... they should bring divorcees to see if they patch up for game or fight .......... wife and husband ki definite advantage...... if 5 finalists are there ...... they have 40% chance of winning against 20% chance for other contestants
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    Jail ki velli vachina vaadi chethilo chithu chithu gaa vodipoyina baboriki eppudu Siggu vasthadi Mari. Lol . @Migilindi23
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    Sarigga matladata vedhava veshalu veyaku..vado pm nuvvu bakth...vadu ichina okka promise sarigga cheyaledu...swatch Bharat annadu ekkada vundo teliyadu..vade India ni highest pollution country ga chestunnadu..first Delhi lo pollution tagginchamanu..vachi Tamilnadu lo votes kosam chetha vethanavasaram ledu..akkada cleaning vallu vachi clean chestaru..orike rss lo vere social media ads ikkada post cheyaku..vadu ela pm ayyado evadu social media lo India Motham vadi dabba kotti famous chesi vadedo Gujarat lo devudila chupinchi publicity chesaru...i m one of the victim for the same before 2014..economy chudu okasari..business ne nakinchestunnadu..make in india annadu but he purchases everything from other countries..
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    Ok I will answer you. Let me tell you this my dad died in accident in when I was in 9th class, when I was in 10th class my mother could not even afford school ofcourse relatives were there but help was limited. The point I am telling here, a women with out husband( or strong men support ) is treated very badly in society. Many bad men in society will try to take advantage of such women, they are treated badly. I know it personally how mom was being treated in society . Society looks such women very badly. I dont want go in much details , if I put with specific cases whats happening society then your blood will boil... I knew it bcoz I have seen it . Just imagine.. how we feel if some one ask our mother to come and sleep if she goes any govt office ( let it municipal office, revenue office , banks). @Prada_lover said correctly. Its very difficult , such women need to play a smart step. Patience is factor, and this patience is weapon of harassing people. i.e that is women patience (weakness) is bad mens power to torture them. Yes she needs financial support but its not easy, if she is educated she can find job depending on the location where she is living. She has to play smart. Just like sindu sharma a daughter in law judge collected all evidences(videos) of in laws harassment. Step 1) Take a help of people i.e right people who dont take side , these people should also be powerfull( has good command in family or society) .Some cases If I have seen, some good police will call to police station to talk and tell them firstly nicely and then I will warn indirectly. Basically a good counselling is needed for both parties. Step 2) If Step 1) fails after specific time its the legal terms.. to get separated.. Step 2) Is very painful its not just for women, its for men , i mean to say separation is painful spot which stays in heart for life long those who are honest. We see many being cheated by girls.. and such men who loved honestly will suffer alot. Luckily society never harasses men but society people (some people) will harass for women for sure.. For any women these standing on their own feet is very important irrespective of financial status. If you come across any such women if your friends.. just support them , i.e morally, boost their confidence... Lastly guys dont make fun such topics requesting for help , A small moral boost can save a life.I know personally some people who commit suicide . A small phone call conversation can boost their confidence. Let it be women or men.Just try to help.
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    ne anandham thagaleyya...mundhu aa snake varun and cunning vithika ni pampadra..jyothi ni taruvatha chusukovachu....inni rojulu vundhi ga...inko 3 weeks opika pattu...but i dont want to see varun and vithika in top 5 .....
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    Did u ever travel out of south India? Telugu states lo RTc India lone best service provider..bus mileage and bus service maintenance lo..naa old friend valla nanna bus depot manager..manam vadesina taruvatha Tamilnadu and vere states vallu konukkuntaru...prapamcham lo ekkada accidents jaragava? Accidents ki suicides ki relation enti? Vallaki vache salaries ki brathakatam kastam...intha nundi 25 Paisa alantivi migilevi..ippudu Avi kuda peddaga levu...
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    Areyyy inka recordla gola aapeyyandra denemma jeevitham NTR ANR era ne better anipisthundira babu vaallu quality of movies theesevaallu content ki kadhanaaniki viluva iche vaallu. Ippudu telugu cinema ni commercial stats tho santha chesi denkaaru
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    It depends on how well he copies Hollywood flicks this time around
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    Me too bro.. I will be with lungi and paragon slippers
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    My Dad's words: 1) RTC is in loss because of Govt Taxes, Petrol Prices - they didnt change ticket prices from 3-4 years 2) Private Travels are run by Govt MLA's or their binamies 3) Nobody is trying to use tech in Buses are their schedules - nobody is caring for RTC - no good directors to make RTC profitable 4) RTC is powerful and employees know this and they are not caring about these dismissal orders - This is not that easy to remove employees in one night - all other political parties are supporting and they are trying to influence central govt - BJP is looking for this chance and I am talking on behalf of all my dad's friend - I know how much they are suffering to take care of their families in this IT world of hyderabad
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    Ee aunty ki nenu subscribe avvale.
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    Lol u turn cheyani politician okadini chupinchu Jaggu u turn on tg lol 😂 Jaggu gadney nammaru bayapadey cbn picha lite vallaki
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    Ilanti uturns dora gaadu roju ki moodu theedukuntadu. Inka jagga gaadu assalu direction ee ledhu dabbulu thintam..kontha panchipettatam thappa. Inka vaadiki u turn yendhi. ivanni only chandrababu ke vuntai.. endukante aayana maatake value, ayyanaki oka direction oka policy anevi untai,
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    Srimukhi okati opukovali she is hyperactive from day1 okaroju kuda energy levels down undavu
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    Add Mamatha Benarjee, arvind kejriwal, imran khan.....to the list..
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    baa na bday ki idhi chalu baa
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    I won't say CBN contribution to Hyderabad is zero. He is one of the factor among hundreds of other factors which Hyderabad already had. But he lost my support with his 24X7 self dabba and insulting statements like Hyderabad was nothing before him. And neither did CBN started in IT in Hyderabad. My cousins were already working in many companies in sec bad much before babori Hi-Tech city. Satyam was already big in Hyderabad much before Babori Hi-Tech city.
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    Vaa a uncle ekkada DB lo vunte hurt aithadu kaka
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    90% of tellola roads are clean bec they have some ethics. Manollu entha sepatiki nakem vachindhi antaru thats why our roads,trains, buses are diry. Telolla train lo cameras lekpoyina bathrooms neat vuntayi manadagara ala kadu. Yenthina leki jathi baa manadhi compared to them, may ne kenya africa kante just better.
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    bull sh1t conspiracy theories veskochi edo pudingi laga feel ayyav...i exposed ur sh1t ..iga moosko
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    I think this thread has a point.. Even I too observed something, if a muslim mob attacks some hindu then media will not name the religion of culprits & victims but if a muslim is attacked by hindu mob media will say 'a muslim attacked by hindus' ! This is the trend which is actually helping BJP in India as ppl r getting frustrated with these things and voting for BJP. Also for TDP followers, I am in AP at the moment and the only way for survival of TDP or its followers is to boot lick BJP thats it ! No other way around till 2024
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    yes if right man aythe konchem alaka vathina bed meeda chinna start chesi rapa rapa ladistadu
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    Adhedho Oka 30-50L ante Pakistan pejanikam kuda India Ki vocchestharu Modi Ji ...
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    First lo vepakaayanta undedi taruvatha velakayantha ayyindi
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    vey bro Mahesh ki guddu every vote counts We want to end PVVR drama company Plzz save Mageshaaa vote for him
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    left ki right ki main theda undi brother. left aims for democracy. for every person to have a stake. right has the view that the strongest will rise at the cost of weakest. indulo endhi best oo nuvvu cheppuko. ofcourse in reality, the lines between left and right are blurred, but ideologically right wing is a psycho murderous one.
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    Chudali brother antha openness boldness movie lo pedathada Ani...his batch mates gurinchi entha correct ga chepthado chudali...
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    Dora emi seyaledu inkaa campus ki against ga tayaru ayadu, one of the best in the country a campus buildings etc heritage hopefully university Peru long run lo untadi
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    $20 tijuana ass is famous . Use promo code Tom bhayya