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    Elections ki 1 month mundu ochi hadavidi chesina pulkas ke confident undi...KTR ki entha undali...
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    It is dirty because our parents never taught us to about cleanliness, they never taught us about littering, they taught us about religion, caste
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    Ee parishat politics life long untane untai .. just ignore them and ask yourself what are my duties as husband and son to my parents and stock to ur duties.. rest just ignore.. even if you try hard to get everyone on good terms they will be new issues... so just ignore
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    Evariki em podhu gaani nuvvu bakara avuthav ra illiterate DB Octopus
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    Nagma ni chudataniki vachinremo
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    already pulkas ki rod dhimpadu aa pichodu evado thelidu ani...... ipudu ee video tho already dhimpina rod ni bayataki theesi dhaniki kaaram poosi malla dhanaa dhan dhimputunnadu..... papam ra pulkas jaalestundi mimmalni choosthe
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    nenu emirates lo turka gunta ni goka anduru full sleep lo unnapudu vachi nannu leapu back ki tesukonipoyindhi u have special meal ani back ki pothey akkda small room loki tesukoni velli naa samy ranga japak japak payal bhaajey fasak
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    endi vaa US lo untunnav basic english sentence kooda form cheyyadam raadha...
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    @afdb_sai @afdb_sai_ Are you guys OK with the comments posted by @psycopk about India? parliament ni brothel house antadu, India ni labour country antadu, istamochinattu boothulu use chestadu. Ee db ni granted ga teesukunnadu. Idi ilaage continue ayithe mee iddaroo kalisi chemma chekka aadukovali ide db lo along with some kattappas. So nee gooddu kosam chepthunna, bad decisions teesukoku!!!!
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    what other yellow langas said(Chonia langa lo doorina yellow army)
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    nani gadi wife ki dupe la undi
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    fans deserted him braaah no one supports him politically unlike kulgajji yellow slaves no one blindly supports (like they support bali gaadu pappu gaadu)
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    Pettukoni chesaada pettukokunda chesaada survey
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    India should really subsidize the EV program and encourage more EV vehicles & Charging stations to move away from Petrol. Instead of blaming each other (political parties) they can incentive in great deal.
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    Dear Melissa, We regret to inform you that your offer with Deloitte is now void. Deloitte constantly performs background checks on the candidates to whom we make employment offer. After seeing you post, our recruitment team have come to a conclusion that Deloitte would go lick-armpit once you are onboard, which is a risk that Deloitte is not willing to take now or anytime in the future. We are happy to provide this reference to any of your future potential employers. Sincerely, Deloitte Recruitment.
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    planning to enter movies as hero.. 4 yrs stardom taravata active folitics anta