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    afdb ki specail stastus teppistha afdb thathalaku afdb_pension pettistha mi andariki Tom_bhayya homour ni penchabadunu prathi ID ki 2 fake ID's free prathi ID ki oka NSFW gif pm cheyabadunu ratri 12 ki mukyamga godavalu lekunda chudabadunu like cheyyandi nannu nilabettadanikiii\
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    Okadi tho relation untu vere vadiki try chesav ? I am not judging, just think if someone did the same to u...can u accept ? Marriage kuda fix ayyenta close relation lo unnavadu, netho behave chesindanta correct anukuntunav..its a dreamy ...think if u r wife of him and he is doing same to other girl..how do u feel ? Ee story, matured kadu...anduke lot of other guys tried taking advantage of you. Also, I agree lot of guys only think f** and no love. Doing whatever feels good as long as it should not effect others life, always retrospect. Just keep a goal related to ur career and never give up and concentrate on that. It will help u to get rid of these things.
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    Point 1. Pls dont force them to stay in USA. If they want to leave reschedule the ticket immediately. Point 2. Buy them new shoes which fits them not your old shoes. Point 3. If parents are here we know for sure we get nice food with high fat n all, dont force them to cook, eat once a week outside Point 4. Neee location endhi ? congrats for new born
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    Statement : CBn says he is the cause of the Hyd and he devloped and left without any objections after being as CM for divided AP @psycopk as TS guy - Siggu ledha ra nakka ...enni rojulu etla padi esuthav ..sadhichindhi em ledhu ma payana edupu apava As Andhra guy - Manchiga unde income , cpital ni aa edhvalaki ichi vachinav nuvu devudvi samii.... Statement : KCR says there is no confidence in Central and he is ready to be infront and show path as he did for TS As TS guy - Samara nuvu dhooku aa nakka gadini patinchukoku adu em pekaleka gamuna kusundu...bodi gadiki nuve correct mogudivi .. aa pulkas epudyana melukuntaru emo As Andhra Guy - Edu edi eshalu ..edho oksari TS Cm ayindo ledho apude PM seat ki pothadu anta ... edi mukku ki gatiga thadu esi farm house lo katali Statement : Loki babu - By seeing these many people I think in future we can form TDP gov in USA also As TS guy - Orye bewakoof ga me ayya CM ayadu kabti ninu chusthunam lekapothe ninu aa municipality kukkalu kuda dhekavu ...em matladthunavra PillaKova ga Andhra guy - (Inner feeling Edini dhimpandi ra babu Cover cheyeleka chasthunam ) .. Yayy anna ma 5lakhs TDP yodhulatho US midha war chesi akada form chestham meeku ardham kadhu ra langas... Statement : Pk .. Em CBN ni koduku entha corruption chesthundo neeku telsa... neeku telsa ani adguthuna... As TS guy : Adhi gatla adgu kodukoni.. ayina aa pappu gadu speech ee sakaga ivaledu adiki intha scene undha anna As Ap Guy : (Before Today ) : PK ma Anda Dhanda... PK is our left wing and he is main card to win 2014... PK is good person..he wishes only good to people.. He does ask good questions to Bodi (after Today) : Pk ga ni brathuku evadiki telvadhu ra... Ni pellilu pellani chusuko state ni tharuvatha dekochu..enni gundelu bey ma loki babu anataniki. CBN midha inko mata ante.. nuvu fasting cheydam kadhu ..neeku Food , water leni place lo estham. Thasmatha jagrtha... Inkooni coming
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    Bodi ookey sodi 10gi untaadu... Devaansh baagunnaadaa? Rhymes paadu tunnadaa? Meeku ee year endal yetlunnai? Ugaadi ki enti plans? Recording dance pettistannaaraa?
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    for god’s sake , she is just a little gal ... leave her alone ... *** disgusting.. mee kuturru age untadee ra yedhavala lara... tu ...Mihira bastard fixing rate on her ... u should be burnt in hell
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    Take to Vegas and don’t play chudadanki bavundi antaru night time but adite feel avutaru NYC - my parents loved it . Bus tours untay especially Night tour DC Niagara Falls SFO disney land — my parents liked it as kids rides and amazing fireworks in summer Yellow stone Atlantic City Pittsburgh temple can stay a day in Lake Tahoe . Beaches in California / Florida Grand Canyon - skywalk nachachu my parents liked it. Last but not least take to temple every weekend ma parents ki adi best place than trips Where do you live chepte cheppachu . Enjoy your time with parents manaku tesukellali tippali ani untundi but vallaki asalu Manam dabbulu waste chesukokundadani untundi . Spend time with them as much as possible . ..Eat together these small gestures makes them happy than these trips . My parents came last week as well having great time
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    Nuvvu Office ki poyinappudu... intilo bore kottakunda indian channels peetinchu... movies ki tesukellu weekends... work madhyalloo call chesthu unduu intikee... Friday’s gitla wfh cheysee take them to long drive ... explore local temples
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    neeku aids undi ani cheppu
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    It depends on the girl. Individuality lekapothe kashtam. Ayina daughters inherit most of the behavior from moms. My personal opinion.
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    drag and drop .. ni profile pic meeda pattukoni comment box loki laagu antheee [[[ @Selfgoal post post ki click chestha annav cheyyi]
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    kinda symbols nokkithe reputation perigidhi .... ntha aekkkuva perigithe leaderboard lo ee week king la untaru.. ippudu tombahyya unnadu 38
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    Sir, I would like to work for tv9. I am very comfortable in reporting from any location like bathroom kitchen cemetery bedroom sc and tunnels too. Please give me a one chance sir, I will prove my self.
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    Profile kindhaki 40k posts ochinai em labham.. pic veyadanki raatle
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    Daily dB ki ochi oka ganta maa @uttermost Anna tho godava pettukoni disc start chey.. chaalu
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    astrology should be used as some form of forecasting tool aka predictive analytics Shani is very good for imbibing many good qualities in humans such as responsibility and improving your skills, Shani typically provides a window of success for all the aspects that were tested on you use astrology to enhance yourselves, not stop what you are suppose to do some people think shani is negative and stop doing activities waiting for good times, good times do not come in always in good and appealing form, they come through pain as well, once you see through it, you will understand few years laters that it was shani who made you stronger, responsible, increase in intellectual capacity
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    Ee DB lo aada kuthurlu ani kuda chudakunda entha daarunam ga matladaro telusa. Appudu meeru emi cheyyaledhu. Chala vulgar ga thittukuntaru. Avi chusi chusi musalodu ke feel ayyaru ante meeru partiality chupisthunnaru. You better employ more moderators save us from being bullied.
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    Mimmalne uncles anedhi.....retire aipoyi kaaleega kurchuni em matlaadaalo thelika politics gurinchi discuss chestharu chudu..ala undi meeru....gatha vaaram nundi CBN CBN ankuntu mee muthaka gola....DB ki vache young fellows ni bayapetti champthunnaru.....kaasintha cinema, kaasintha masala, kaasintha politics, kasintha genral doubts kaasintha h1b ila ala unde DB ni last one week lo politics tho kampu chesaru....mee musali AP/TG/India politics discussions tho.....epdyna interest ga timepass chedham ani vasthe adhe sollu....antha politics meeda istam aithe konchem USA politics kuda matadochu ga...malli ikkada politics mida potta kosthe okka mukka raadhu..malli prathi vodiki ikkada GC and ikkada Citizenship kaavali....meeku Amaravathi GC Amaravathi citizenship ye correct ra musali sannasullara...!
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    fafam fafa ni maya chessadu antaav
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    @MOD23 @afdb_sai please ban this caste biased mad dog immediately enti vayya ee buthulu
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    Agreed chinnappudu atlas map konnappudu Hyd lekunde dhaanla.. adhe 10th class ochhe time ki.. atlas open cheyagane chinthakaaya ginjalantha akshatalatho unde Hyd ani
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    Dhaniki herpes vosthayemo.. neekem kadhu le
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    I don't think it's for attention, it's a crime they shouldn't forget so easily so that's why she's doing it. Don't find fault with everything she does.
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    veellu em chesina entha chesina, Dump thatha ki edi nachithe adi chestadu anthe kaani veelu chepte cheyadu
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    prathi rumour houwrah express kanna fast ki vellipothundhi mana DB lo ... nu daniki addu katta vesi apalanna
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    orai ni pataha ID;s kuda tisi ikkada cheyyi ra.....
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    @Selfgoal ae one week nilabedithe aemaipothav nuvvu arigipothavaaa
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    Any time is fine sir.. 2016-present (T-News) sr journalist 2013-2016 (V6 news) sr journalist 2011-2013 (TV5) journalist 2008-2011 (Raj News) jr journalist education: 2012 JNTU ECE
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    something not right here, at least they should have blurred the pic of the Girl, Imagine if that is your own sister or relative ? #shameonpaidmedia
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    Ask them how can I answer ? You are generalizing a subject with people . People wrong ayite subject wrong a ? There are many fake priests and astrologers that doesn’t make Vedas and Astrology wrong . There are good and bad people . There are many astrologers who don’t use a penny they get in Astrology and use for charities . Astrologer technically shouldn’t ask money and shouldn’t use that money for self . Manam ivvali as runam to guru. People who follow subject right won’t do it . There are moms who kill kids too we are seeing in news and it’s like you say don’t trust a mother because there are bad mothers . Lokam lo Anni untayi . Subject chadivite asalu em undi and how they are exploiting kuda telustundi . I can’t change your pereception neither want to. Agree to disagree . I haven’t believed in past and started reading books with speculation ended up beliving it after reading many books . This forum is a very bad place to talk about these things where people want to mock than having a intention to see for others perspective. I might have not started at first place so I end .
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    chinnus....case status check cheyataniki My Case Status tool vaadakandi...idi up to date vundadhu andarikee....below dantlo account create cheskondi...idi best...history mottham isthaadu veedu https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/
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    just FYI........ stole is the past tense of steal. Not STOOL. Stool is with a piece of furniture with or without a back support OR it means POOP. I485 tho TOEFL requirements pedithe untadhi okkokkadiki.
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    handicapped emi sadhinchani manama.. leka antha sadhinchina tana??
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    @Android_Halwa anna endee idi nuvvu atta gammuna unte andhrollu rechipotharu ask Separate State for Mosquitoes. Avasaram aithe inko Chary ni ready cheddam
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    nee lekka ne sollu 10guthunnadu kada kaka
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    This is the actual compelte list of MPs protesting in front of parliment K Ram Mohan Naidu, malayadri sriram, Murali Mohan, pandual ravidnra babu Thota Narsimhulu , muttamsetti Srinivas rao,and JC Diwaker Reddy, Galla jayadev, naramalli sivaprasad resigned mp and minister gajipathi raju was not in the protests but prominent meber in central cabinet. Also party vice president itself is cm Ramesh and from velma community. how many of the above are direct relaitves of cbn ? ----±------- Below is the picture of ysrcp and their names "as it is" without dirty corrections like you made. You = @KammaneMaata c/o jagan reddy , caste lover. we know how many belwo are direct realtives of jagan మేకపాటి రాజమోహన్ "రెడ్డి" విజయసాయి"రెడ్డి" వైవీ సుబ్బా"రెడ్డి" మిథున్‌"రెడ్డి" అవినాష్‌"రెడ్డి" ఇప్పుడు కొత్తగా రాజ్యసభకు వెళ్లబోయే వ్యక్తి " వేమిరెడ్డి ప్రభాకర్ "రెడ్డి " @KammaneMaata ane caste picchi ID, neeku dammu vunte, clarity tho reply ivvu. caste perlu tokalu levu kabbati bagaaaaaa try chesav tdp mp surnames tho. adhikooda non mps list ni add chesi, but Pina list as it is ga chudu compared to your animuthyalu ysrcp list. Nee laga inkokadu vachi "doddilo dari" Ani padi caste heckling ID eskoni gajjini chupinchochu. But koncham Anna legitimacy undali criticism lo. Baffon laga chesi, caste nee slang language tho insult chesi, smilies eskunte nalugu rojulayyaka neeke galeez anipistudhi.
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    1. 150 year wait time for GCs if you come in 2017 and graduate in 2019 n get job n gc filed by 2020 2. OPT extension very strict - queries/RFEs more from this year 3. H1 - Lottery 4. H1 - extensions - denials/RFEs --- rejections 5. No guanantee of Full time jobs, as the rules for h1b getting tougher and tougher (trump effect) 6. MAGA ------- main bisket for next few years 7. Even if you get h1 --- problem visiting india when you want to (stamping can be long wait/queries/221gs -- takes weeks to months -- you may get stuck in india). 8. NEED 6 month planning just to visit your home country.. (stamping date booking/documentation etc)...
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    Maa ooru vollu inkaa saana mandi unnaru eeda...andarinee tolukostaa commission istey ani business deal maatladuko baa
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    Paidi ilanti reply lu ichi Kotha pillagallani bayapedthava endi
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    next selfie in theater to make sure its you antaadu emo
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    Anushka and Virat’s Kissing Pic Goes Viral