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    Ne musali modaki avasarama chepu? Edo Hare CBN Hare CBN antu brathikey musaloda
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    Balayya gurincha cheppedhi nuvvu
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    asalu mamulu ga ledhu .Crazy undhi.Goosebumps vasthunnayi.maa buddi daani pic choosthunte ekkada choosina:D. Nenu OA la untadhi em potham kids tho antey maa wife push chesindhi veldam ani.Vellaka worth anipinchindhi. Slogans funny fasak fasak ani..
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    kottina tittina annam pedataru.. valla taram ayyina tarvata neeku food ela ani bada padtaru tappa... vallani nuvvu poshinchali ani evaru korukoru..
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    May goddess Varalakshmi bless women with loving and understanding husbands and men with beautiful and compatible wive's
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    Kevalam pulkanubandham tho CBN ni, TDP paruvu pothunappudu heart ki theeskune nuvvu, vere valla gurunchi neethulu cheppadam comedy ga undhi, aa paina highlight chesindhi cheppe badhulu paatinchochu ga
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    Sare kaani post eyadam aipothe ochi photo theey selfie lu dhigalekapothunnam
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    sump gaadu vachaka kampu chesthunnadu rojukokkatii petti policy. (of course none will materialize since silicon valley nunchi machi support undi H1Bs ki) But nenu cheppochedentantey 1. paisa paisa save chesukondi. 2. dubara kharchu cheyadu. 3. kotta H1s aithey India lo investments start cheyyandi. 4. Stocks lo paisal naa la 10gapettukokandi. End of the day kharma kaali India vellipovalsosthey kaneesam back up ga naina konchem paisal and investments untai.
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    Utter most ki only uppervaste tho uppervaste Agenda una vaallatho ne problem eellaki ala kadhu.. juttu udipothe oka tension food ekkuva thinakapithe oka tensione ekkuva thini motions osthe oka tension motions ki bathroom ki mobile theeskellakapothe pedda tension .. ila kadhedhi eella kastalakanarham
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    Tv9 eppudaithey start aindo appudey ethics common sense anni poyay
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    okalla meedha okallu edavadame single point agenda from what I have seen fake resumes pettey masters ollu crying on H1s from india and H4 eads H1s from india crying to fake masters batch H4 eads crying on H1s about fake batch new GC batch crying on H1s, masters and H4 ead Citizens carying on all the above DIAHF you fcuking cunts
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    nandu gadini direct gaa bathroom lo ki tesukuni veltadhi emo beach... bayta nunchi amit gadu crazy carzy ani eguruta untadu
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    Ninna AP assembly lo CBn e kinda stmts istunte..same paina scene gurtochindi... @psycopk @Android_Halwa @dalapathi =========================================================================== “When I went to Malay-sia during the 90s I was surprised to see six and eight-lane roads for a population of just 2 crore. I thought, why can’t we have such roads for 100 crore population in India. After I returned I shared my thoughts with the then PM Vajpayee who readily agreed to my suggestions and launched the golden quadrilateral project. Such was Vajpayee’s humility that he was always ready to accept proposals and suggestions from others,” he said and added, “I was in Tuni when I got a phone call from Vajpayee informing me that Alexander’s name was being considered for post of the President which I opposed, and then later, I suggested the name of APJ Abdul Kalam. Vajpayee took a day and finalised Kalam. Abdul Kalam also wrote in his book how he got a phone call from me asking him to accept the proposal by Vajpayee on nominating Kalam’s name for the President’s post.”
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    Yeah.. Ilanti moments ki logic undadhu,.. But the amount of fun out of it is what matters... Kaushal wife post lo koda ee pic pettindhi. Insta l ochoosthey more than 10000 likes anta.
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    yes ... you can come first and file a cse for divorce.. if pilla odesnt come in 3 notices.. divorce confirm.. pilla osthey neeku fstival confirm
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    @kittaya @bhaigan @sonybravia @Anta Assamey @Raasko @solman @JAPAN @aithey_enti @TOM_BHAYYA @mustang302 @nellore_peddareddi @hello987 @lifesucksbad @dasara_bullodu @andgurramsays @argadorn @Picha lite and many other endaro mahanubhaavulu... Andariki vandhanaalu... E theddu 1 MILLION views achieve chesindi... Pelchandra tapasuluu....
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    basiggaa neeku anumaanapu rogam undi, nee point of view lo neeku idi betrayal ga anipisithe, vaadi point of view lo nuvvu chesindi kooda betrayal, genuine friends kaavaalante maga vaallalone vethukkonakkarledu, even your parents can be good friends to you, kurrodu evado manchodi laa unnaadu nuvvu reject chesaaka ninnu kelakkundaa silent gaa unnaadu, feel good for that. ika nunchi good friend kaavaali gootlo raayi kaavaali ani vethakku, neeku chethanaithe aaa good friend edo inkokariki nuvve avvu leka pothe light theesuko.
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    If you are a Girl: So you need a shoulder to take all your pain....but when he showers love on you...you feel betrayed. Typical Desi stupid girl. You dont have to feel betrayed, What do you expect you rejected him but he should support you emotionally...Its like saying he should care for me and I dont give a Duck about his Feelings. If you are a Guy: I will Jump from this thread 😀
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    everyone here thinks that their relationship with their parents is more than financial and will be there least priority to bring finances into the relationship.
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    Yes, you can withdraw funds in 2019. But you need to pay taxes .. For example if you have $100,000 in your 401k. First you need to pay penalty 10% to withdraw before 65. So you left with $90,000. Your tax year 2018 tax rate Tax: $11,679.00 Tax as % of Income: 12.98% Tax Bracket: 22% So you left with $78,321 in hand.
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    wife kaallu kooda mokkindhi ivala pooja chesi gods must be crazy in this deadly universe
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    Biryani potlalu and quarter peg mandhu kosam adukku tine low class life gadu, oka aada pilla meeda padi edustha untadu. round the clock. low life dog anukoni vadiley vayya.. he is a a big loser in his entire life.
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    On marriage Youth like us are loosing interest in marriage