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How To Make Pulihora Tamarind Rice ?


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Recepice seems to be good, let me try it today in home and tell u the feedback

i actually love pulihora which we get in temples, will i get the same taste if i do like this

let me try and tell u the feedback


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Chintapandu 250g
Pasupu 1 Table Spoon
Pachchimirapakayalu 6
Endu Mirapakayalu 6
Jeelakara 1 Table Spoon
Avalu 1 Table Spoon
Verusenga Pappulu Guppedu
Senaga Pappu 1/2 Guppedu
Minapappu 1/2 Guppedu
Karivepaaku 5 Remmalu
Kaju Mee Istam
Nimmakaya ½ Badda
Inguva ½ Table Spoon( Tappakunda)
Miriyala Powder ½ Table Spoon (Garukugaaa)
Dhanoo Pulihora Sreshtam [ Avalu(1 Table Spoon) + Jeelakara(1 Table Spoon) + Menthulu(1/2 Table Spoon),Daniyalu( ½ Table Spoon) Veyinchi chesina powder]. (Tappakunda)
Chintapandu nanabetti gujjunu teeyandi.
Banali lo oil poosi, verusenga pappu, senaga pappu, minapappu, kaju lanu doraga veyinchi pakkana pettandi.
Endu mirapakayalu, pachchi mirapakayalu kooda oil lo veyinchi pakkana pettandi.
Ade oil lo avalu, jeelakara vesi vegina taruvata karivepaku veyandi (poortiga vegakudadu), pasupu, inguva vesi taruvata chintapandu gujju vesi baga vudikinchandi( oil paiki televaraku).
Vandi challarchina(goru vechchni) Annam tho vudikinchina chintapandu gujju, nimmakaya nu vittanam padakunda pindi kalapandi(meeku nachchinata pullaga).
Taruvata veyinchina pachchi mirapakayalu, endu mirapakayalu, pulihora sreshtam, miriyala powder vesi kalapandi.
Veyinchina verusenaga, senga, minapa pappu, kaju lanu kalipi ginnelo vesi bigutuga mootha pettandi.
30 Mins taruvata vaddinchandi.
Challenge Chestunnanu……….,Adbhutamaina ruchini meeru aswadinchagalaru.

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