flight tickets to India

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[quote author=Lee_King link=topic=34321.msg855076#msg855076 date=1278890285]
uk vi levvaa

Hello ..ee agent naku machi deals icchadu emirates lo ....

you can contact him @ 408-657-3053 ..thery also do UK

vellu emirates,lufthansa and american airlines chestharu ... try at him you may get a good deal...

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[quote name='cupidhearts83' timestamp='1263862675' post='231617']
vega travels....
PH: (559) 477 – 4858...contact jyoti or syed.....

based in Calif nd also Hyd.....me vallu evaranna akkada unte...they can directly pay for the ticket in INR.....for ur flight to india.......

veedu awesome deals ichadu...naku...and also to most of my friends....jus give a try......all da best....

very nice...nenu third time india ki veltunnu....all time i contcted joyti from vega travels...they give good deals ...contact them anf you wont be dissapointed ..cheers

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[quote name='rk' timestamp='1263865367' post='231856']
mama i know one travel agent from yzag who can provide best deals especially for yzag travellers. Feel free to contact him...........

Travel Agency: Skyzone Travels
Name: Johnson
Ph No: 0091-9246615506 & 0091-9246615507

Njoy mamalu ^^" ^^" ^^" ^^" ^^" ^^" ^^" ^^"


Nuvvu Rachaa Bhaayaa . Vizag Friends veedi daggare kontaru Baagaa cheap :)

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[quote name='PMR aka OM' timestamp='1281243098' post='872434']
Babu Andaru Tappuga nukovadhu kani cheptunna.
ikkadi nundi velley vallu evarina kani online lo manchi Standard website lo https chusi konukondi otherwise oka well established agent daggara using card konandi ..
Never ever pay money in cash to buy a airline ticket.................
That is not at all safe...
Always try to use your own card tp buy the ticket from airlines direct agents..

Naku telisina chala mandhi frnds ala tickets kosam cash ichii chala suffer ayyaru............

thankyou Bhayya , Eppudu ardam ayindi nuvvu Legend endulo , nenu celebrity enduko . I suffured from buying ticket with cash . Nenu paid cash to a caucasian :D

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Air Tickets India
712 Kailash Building
26 KG Marg,
Connaught Place
Delhi- 110001
[email protected]

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