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spicy chicken fry


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chicken _ 1/2 kg
onions _ 1 (small)(chinna mukkaluga cut cheyalli)
pachimirchi _ 5 (niluvuga chiliga cut cheyali)
cloves _ 3 + 4
cardomons _ 2 + 3
dalchin _ chinna mukka +chinna mukka
tomatoes _1 (small)(chinna mukkalu ga cut cheyalli)
ginger _ index finger antha height antha
garlic _ okkadanilo sagam
kobbari _ 1/2 chippa
curry leaves _1 remma
daniyala powder_ 2spoons
ghee _ 3spoons
chilly power _ thaginantha
salt _ thaginantha
pasupu _ 1/4 spoon

[color=red][b]masala paste[/b][/color]
[color=blue]first ginger , garlic thokallu thi petukovalli and kobari chipalo kobari thisi chinna mukkallu chesukovalli mixy ginelo cloves 4 and cardomons 3 and dalchin chinnamukka, kobari mukkallu vesi baga mixy cheyali with out water and mixy chesaka ginger garlic kuda vesi koncham water vesi malli mixy cheyali mixy chesina tharuvatha danilo 2 spoons of daniya powder vesi malli okasari mixy chesi paste ni pakan vunchukovali.[/color]

[color=red][b]thayaru cheyu vidanam[/b][/color]

[color=blue]chicken ni subaram ga wash chesi vessel lo ki thisukoni 4spoons chilly powder and 2 spoons salt 1/4 spoon pasupu vesi 2 spoons masala paste and 1 glass water vesi vudhikinchukovali chicken lo water lekunda vundhikinchukovali tharuvatha pan lo oil vesi cloves 3 cardomons 3 and dalchin chekka chinna mukka veyali tharuvatha onions chinna makkalu chesukunna vatini danilo veyali and pachi mirchi niluvuga chilikaga koyali avikuda veyalli and avi vegakka tomatoes veyali tomato kuda vesi veginchakka masala paste vesi baga veginchala (light brow )vachedakka danilo curry leaves kuda veyala masala baga vegina tharuvatha vudaka betina chicken vessel lo nundhi thisi vegina masala lo vesi baga deep ga fry cheyali vuppukaram chusukovali saripoyundhi anukunte dani baga deep fry cheyali brow color or light marroon color vachedakka appudu masala baga mukkalaku padathadhi baga roast avuthadhi inka roast ayakka last lo 3 spoons ghee vesi inkosari baga fry chesi dimpali anthe chicken fry ready.[/color]

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[quote author=master123 link=topic=43137.msg388936#msg388936 date=1266695288]
dudes nenu chesanu chala baga vachindhi anduke post vesa  cheers12w
[/quote] congratulations congratulations congratulations

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