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Need Help On Green Card Eligibility


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How to know whether an university is accredited or not? Is there any website to check the eligibility for EB2?

For EB2 should we have Major in the same field of our current employment? I am working as soft engg, but i did masters in electrical. Am i eligible for EB2 category?

Please help me dudes.....

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if u did masters in US file gc in eb2....
or even if u have 6-7 years experience without master degree in US u r eligilble for gc....
ur employer will file ur gc anyways so he knows everything well more than u dont worry...all the best

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accredation may or maynot affect gc process may be u will end up with queries...some how ...attorney will take care of that if u r from decent univ's else...if ur school is accredited no probs at all..

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Hi Chandu...
US lo MS cheyyadam kadu... which univeristy annadi important.. Is it accredited or not!!! recent ga enthesinaa universities lantivi aite serious queries (RFE) padathai... future lo problems vastai.
if you have MS degree from ABET accredited college, and if you have genuine experience,, no problems in applying GC. Mee employer GC ki apply chestanu ante...avi anni valle chusukuntaru... you don't have to worry.

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