I Need Employee Relationship Description On Client Letter For Stamping

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vasu123    11



Hi, i am going to canda for my H1B stamping. i have Employer - Vendor - Primevendor - Client.


Primevendor  is project implementer at client location  and they don't give any letters for visas. but client provides the client letter. then Vendor also provides letter


Can you please let me know  this employer - vendor-primevendor- client  relationship discription in client letter also vendor letter . prime vendor wont give letter.


how should be the description on client letter , i mean client knows i am from prime vendor .vendor gives the relation between primevendor and them also with my employer . but primevendor letter missing. so please let me know employee relationship description on client letter


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dotnetrockz    196

dont worry just carry the client letter......and if possible any kind of documents u have from prime vendor....

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