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Gc-Perm Question


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  I just started my GC (Labor) process. My lawyers has asked me to submit all the employment letters from my opt/cpt period. I was unemployed for almost six months on my OPT and have requested one of my professor if I can update in my university's self report that I am doing voluntary research under him to avoid 3 months unemployment period rule. He agreed then and Now he said no to furnishing a letter to attest this. Can I just proceed with my GC process without mentioning this detail? 


  I heard that we can apply for GC(Labor) without mentioning any opt experience. Is that true?





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All depends on how u r employer is initiating...ask u r employer if the advertisement he runs has masters or masters plus experience or bachelors plus experience. If it has only masters then no need, else its mandatory.

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Hi All,


  Thanks for responding..the following is my break down:


 Sep 2012 - Jun 2013 (employed for one month in a company and was unemployed for almost an year..univ lo international students self report cheyali..so maa proff daggara voluntary research chesthunnatlu oka 6 months ki update chesanu..for which I cannot obtain a letter now)..which probably got updated to USCIS

Jul 2013 - sep 2014 : OPT extension 

oct 2014 - current 


 The above two periods current employer ke chesthunna..with valid tax returns and employment letters..


  so my employer has advised me not to include any experience of my OPT and just mention the current employment which is from Jul 2013. They are going to apply in EB2. Does this cause any trouble because I am not sure if they request for employment letters from my OPT period?


I really appreciate your help on this!

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