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Sardaar Gabbar Singh Inside Talk


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Power Star Pawan Kalyan much awaited film ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ is getting ready to hit the big screens on April, 8th as Ugadi (Telugu New Year). The film has completed its censor formalities on yesterday which was passed with ‘U/A’ certificate without any cuts. The censor members who watched the film praised for high-octane action scenes that are expected to give bone-chilling experience.

Here is the exclusive Inside talk of this high anticipated film….

According to film Nagar talk…the film starts with describing the history of the village Rattanpur which was ruled by Kings Dynasty, A ruthless feudal Lord Bhyrav Singh (Sharad Kelkar) trying to destroy the homes in the village with his goon and political power for  mining where Rattanpur king Mukesh Rishi was helpless to go against Sharad Kelkar. On request of Rattanpur king Mukesh Rishi, Government higher officials in Police department who is the support of  king transfers ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’ (Pawan Kalyan) to Rattanpur on giving promotion to him as CI. Pawan Kalyan behaves like normal police officer where some comedy scenes may entertain, Pawan fell in love with Kajal without knowing as she is Rattanpur kingdoms one and only legal heir. Until the first half ends, it was not revealed as Kajal is Rattanpur princess. The first half of the film ends with a clash between villain Sharad Kelkar and Pawan Kalyan where Sharad Kelkar challenges Pawan that he will remove Pawan’s job within 72 hours. By using his (Sharad Kelkar) political power, he removes Pawan Kalyan from his job.

Tanikella Bharani will be seen as higher official to Pawan Kalyan who supports villain Sharad Kelkar, after losing job Pawan Kalyan bluffed Tanikella Bharani that he will join hands with Sharad Kelkar and supports his illegal activities if he gets his job back. Pawan managed to bluff them as he supports Sharad Kelkar and he destroys all Sharad Kelkar illegal activities silently. Finally Sardar Gabbar Singh destroys the rule of badiee Sharad Kelkar in Rattanpur and makes Rattanpur people to live their lives happily and as usual Pawan marries his reel love life Rattanpur princess Kajal. Comedy king Brahmanandam will be seen as Kajal’s uncle who sells the Guns and Rao Ramesh will be seen as assistant to Kajal who helps her in supporting her in feeding village through their kingdoms trust by selling their kingdom’s valuable monuments.

Overall film's fight episodes are very well-conceived and meticulously executed, thus making Sardaar a good action film that action-lovers should look out for. Except the fight sequences and little bit of comedy sequences, director Bobby may fail to live the exceptions of Power Star fans of delivering blockbuster hit. On the whole, it is going to be an average to above average film, hell lot of gun sounds can be heard in theaters where music and BGM are okay. Director used a lot of different unique and stylish guns in the film. It’s no doubt that Pawan fans will make the film to get good openings but it will be million dollar question for the films long run.

Let us cross the fingers till April, 8th for exact review from filmgoer’s of this much-awaited film ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh”. 

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