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UNNJ Court Notice


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 prastuta vidyarthulaki court notice lu vachayani talk.. 

naaku telisina varaku 2 vidyartulanu valla office la daggaranundi teesukelli anni backgroundu check lu chesi pampincharu..

contact immigrattionn lawyerrs ani valle chepparanta...

meeku or mee friendss lo evarikaina notice lu vaste, pleasee aa noticelo emundo replyy here..

poorvapu vidyarthulaki ante inthakamundu aa kalasala lo chadivi ippudu h4, h1 lo unnavallaku kooda vastunnayani talkk, idi nijamena?

it's all a flop sting operation.. they tried this not to deport students and not to arrest those brokers.. They did this to catch atankavaadulu coming from different countries using the student visa and they failed horribly.. all 1076 students were clean as per director of homeland security .. at some point they have to call it off and they did 2 days ago.. 

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