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Top 10 Facebook Marketing Problems Make You Understand Why It Does Not Work


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Marketers and publishers alike have promoted on Facebook which need a lot energy and money. But it seems that does not work. Is it means every company should make Facebook marketing strategy?

they choose to do marketing on Facebook without thinking first, and lacking in thought why do that and how?No, I don’t think so. What I said is not mean I hate Facebook, Conversely, I spent a lot of time on Facebook. I have often heard that many people said that they want to get more conversion on Facebook or are beginning to do so,

AdSeeData summarizes top 10 marketing problems you need to think before promoting on Facebook.

#1. Does your target activate on Facebook?

But suppose your target is 60 to 80 years old, but buyers are their children, the answer will be different again. It doesn't matter. It is difficult to make decision now. You can think more through the following questions.
Is it worth your put time and energy on Facebook? I think the answer should be vividly portrayed.
If your target is 60 to 80 years old, are they activating on Facebook?

#2. Does your target often use Facebook?

Are they have finished online shopping through Facebook? I'm not saying that the old won't use Facebook or shopping online, just because each group has different habits, so you need to do research.
If your target is business owner who is 60 years old, maybe they have a Facebook account, which used to contact their children and grandchildren, but how long are they log in Facebook?

#3. Do you really want to run business Fan Page well?

Facebook or other social media platforms are built on the interpersonal communication, and if you are only interested in making money on Facebook, you will failure in the future.

That is why we often see some accounts have been stolen and used to add people to some strange group, does it work? Of course, CVR must be low, and it will be hard to build long term career.

#4. Do you have time to run your business?

Although there are a lot of Internet marketing tools can help you to save time, but using your brain to make performance is better than dreaming.
get any conversion.can’tI have to tell you directly, if you do not update any content, or lack perseverance, you
If you simply create a Fan page or community, and then look forward to them will bring you money, I can only say that this is a dream.

#5. Do you just want to get conversion immediately?

This is about the process to pass information, give the value and build trust. You need time to implement and do this, unless you are ready to take good hype.
Facebook marketing is not an immediate marketing strategy (unless you're looking to focus on advertising), you can’t get customers directly by creating Fan page or community.

#6.Would you like to advertise on Facebook?

Seriously, Facebook reach has been less than before, even if you have a lot of fans. If you don’t have any budget can be used for advertising, only to come up limited effect, even you would have been very hard.

#7. Does your product can be sold on Facebook?

If your product or service will not be able to sell on the Facebook (such as health care), you have to make your product exposure, or recommend products of others for profit.

#8. Do you have clear goals to run Fan Page?

Or for what...?????
Do you want to be an expert in particular field?
Do you want to be famous?
Do you want to have more regular customers?
Do you want to have more customers?
Every Facebook marketing strategy should have ROI. Whether you choose to invest time, money, or both, you should think how to get returns. For the problem is...What kind of returns do you want?

#9. What value you could provide to your target?

It is important to have goals and direction, but you also need to have another additional target, which provides valuable content to your target. If you would like to have more customers, please ask yourself, what can you do to attract their attention? How can you win the trust of them?

#10. Do you only want to sell product?

nd purchase your product. Here are some Fan Page always has been selling products which is posted on time line. How does that feel? It is not wrong to sale on Facebook, but if you just do this, selling products there is no wrong, but if you just do it, you’ll be counterproductive. The question is how to effectively promote sales? As above mentioned, you need provide value to target first;they will trust you a

Through thinking the above problems, does Facebook marketing work for you? I can't tell you the answer, but in fact. It is long-term strategy to do Facebook marketing and it need time to prove it. If you would like to advertise on Facebook, I will suggest that using AdSeeData, which is an excellent creative tool helps marketers spy on competitors' FB creative, audience. Like Age; Interest; Gender; Location or Behavior and so on. 

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