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4 Deadly Facebook Ad Mistakes You Should Not Do

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With the rise of Facebook, Facebook Advertising became a reliable paid traffic source. It is unreality that runningsuccessful campaign at first time, even though we hope it do.

In fact, we will fail often and fail a lot before we can succeed. The critical key of Facebook Ad is attitude and thought. No matter what stage you are in, evaluate hesitantly, suffer a lot or eke out. Here are 4 deadly Facebook Ad mistakes may help you to think how to launch Facebook Ad.

Facebook Ad Mistake One: Insufficient Ad Test


It seems that when we have no direction for running ad, even under budgeted, it would be limited to test the performance of ad. Most of people prefer saving expense of ad or try to keep running ad smoothly under the situation. Most of them couldn’t boost ROI because they do not test any campaigns. The only thing we need to do is find out the way to make money with low cost, like suspend some ineffective ads.

In another word, if you only have one campaign and it failed, we have no way to figure out why it failed and how to adjust it. We will lose an opportunity to optimize. More valued information will be collected through testing and thinking. For instance, find out:

The characteristic or behavior of targeting audience


Attractive or impressive words


Image designed with high engagement


In addition, do not forget test landing page which is a main factor effect performance of ad. Don't just focus on the setting of Facebook campaign, but a lot of problems are on the website. (Landing page include showcase page, event page or form.)

Facebook Ad Mistake Two:  Choose Wrong Types of Ad


Different types of ad have all kinds of objective and operation model. We should know what goal we would like to achieve to choose appropriate type. For example, if we want to get more website traffic, we should select “Send people to your website” but not “Boost your posts”. It does not mean“Boost post” can’t drive traffic to our website. It is more effective if we use same objective.

Facebook Ad Mistake Three: Too Much Ad in Same Ad Set


It is not easy to get benefit from Facebook Ad setting, so we usually test it. But if you put 10 Ads in one ad set, it may not be a good way to perform. The ads in one ad set don’t have any option to control average exposure, instead of competing with each other. Sometimes, the most exposed ad is not the most profitable one, but the one which pay in the lowest cost. Some of them may never be got enough exposure; it is insufficient to do test. Do not put many ads in same ad set under budgeted. Testing partial with small mount will be better.

Facebook Ad Mistake Four:  Care Yourself Morn than Customer


The mistake many marketers made is always promoting product or content. When they found out bad feedback or less reach, they realized that they need pay for advertising to get more impression.

We would find that campaign is no longer like a pool of stagnant water, and cost will be reduced after testing, investigating, analyzing audience’s interest and need. But if we do not have put customers in the first place, they will do not care you and realize how important are you.

Facebook Ad is a great marketing tool.It is a good opportunity with challenging. Different decisions will lead to different results. Hope it could be helpful.


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