TV9 one more NRI groom story

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On 3/20/2017 at 1:20 PM, ICANWIN said:

ishtam evariki untundi...ishtam ga oka $10 k ivvandi mi own cousin ki without expecting? or temple hundi lo veyandi? ishtam gane no force

Ishtam ga enni yrs kashta jeetam vestadu oka tandri...paisalu ekkuvayipoyi kada? kevelam daughter happiness kosam pelli kadu kabatti istadu

5$ restaurnat lo friend ki bill kattam but crores happy ga ichestara parents having more kids who might be daughters too....sensible ga gunda mida cheyi vesukondi and think you have a daughter for pelli....u will know the answer

i know no one agrees with my argument but thats okay  @3$%

I agree vayya.... 

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12 minutes ago, mixcas said:


@3$% nee  entertainment kosam thread lifted lee

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