H1-B Extension RFE Please Help Speciality Occupation Related

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Evarina  help cheyandi boss please. RFE Vachindi third extension requesting chala documents. Mostly asking to prove that my position at work requires a specialty occupation's level of knowledge in a specific specialty. Edina template kani sample reference document share cheyandi please.

Requesting below-

1) Any evidence you believe will establish that the position qualifies as a speciality occupation.


2) A detailed statement to-

- explain the beneficiary's proposed duties and responsibilities

- Indicate the percentage of time devoted to each duty

- state the educational requirements for these duties.


3)  A copy of a position description or any other documentation that describes the skills required to perform the job offered, the tools needed to perfrom the job, the prodcut to be developed or the services to be provided, the method of payment whether the work to be performed is part of your regular business, the provision of employee benefits, and the tax treatment of the beneficiary by you.



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Just now, buzzme said:

Can someone help me on above post?

ee DB vaallu em chestharu bro, check with attorney who filed this H1B

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