SEVIS Termination

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Hi Friends, can somebody help me on the below issue.

I am currently on my STEM OPT and on a Medical leave in India approved by my Employer. But its almost 4 months 25 days. Ma DSO na SEVIS terminate chesesadhu last week assuming that i am unemployed. Vaadhu check chestaniki ma employer ki call chestey vaadhu call lift cheyaledantha, mail peditey reply kooda ivvaledantha. Nenu call chesi adigitey avunah anni check chesi spam loki vellipoindhi sorry anni 2 days aagi reply itchadhu DSO ki kaani vaadhu appatikey na SEVIS cancel chesesadhu. Inko 6 days lo na 5 months period ayipotandhi. DSO gaadiki proofs pampistantey vaadhu anni stupid reasons istunadhu. vaadhu cheppina prathi reason nenu false anni prove chesthunah  aina vaadhu escape avataniki try chesthunadhu. Kaavalani prolong chestunadhu time ni. what should i do now. 


Please suggest....

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