90% iit failed students are from SC,ST,BC. Descrimnation antunna liberal

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1 hour ago, uttermost said:

enduku? neeku teliyatledha ela respond avvali ani.

artham ayye laa cheptha choodu. merit cannot be measured. because 'merit' according to whom?Exam is just one of the ways to try and identify talent.

daanni ekkuva serious ga teeskoni vaagatam aapandi. go live your life.

WTO poyi FTA vache dam dam dam, 

FTA poyi Exams vache dam dam dam


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On 11/25/2017 at 3:32 PM, Batman_fan said:

nu burraki inka edi ekkala, nenu simple ga chepta chodu

ma village lo 2 castes -  upper caste and lower caste (backward caste). Village is divided into 2 parts. Main part is where all upper caste including my family live. Gudem (separated by pond) is where all lower caste people live. Daily, lower caste people including their kids come to our houses/farms and work as servants. Some families allow the kids to go to schools and other won't because people think they are born servants and have to live like that for the rest of their life. Deal is to have full family of lower caste work for upper caste. If anyone misses the work, lower caste family won't get paid. It has been like that since last 4 generations in my village. So kids in the lower caste families didn't attend any school. They are 5 generations behind. 

I didn't realize this until one fine day when gudem people and me played cricket match and one of the gudem guy called me "rey". My relative saw it and made a huge deal. My family didn't. That's when I realized whats going on. 

same manam ikkada Mestris daggar software job laga...i m from upper caste

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On 11/27/2017 at 1:29 AM, uttermost said:

ayna salaried corporate drones tho vaadinchatam naadhi buddi takkuva. 

merit undhi ani brahma lo brathakandi. meeku lekuntey kastam jeeraninchukovatam truth ni.

Satya Nadella kuda salaried employee kada ra nayana.. nee bokka lo argument prakaram emaina invent cheste thappa brathakadam waste... 

nee comments chustene ardam aithundi peddam saleem feku gadivani...

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