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attunity req.


#Attunity lead roles and responsibilities:

-          Lead should be able to consolidate all the jobs running on different versions of Attunity.

-          Plan and group replication jobs based on types of source/functions on its own dedicated servers

-          Migrate tactical jobs to offshore team

  • Like – support and maintenance
  • Implement best practices for them to follow.

-          Stand up Attunity Replication Monitoring and Alert mechanism.

-          Should understand the inner workings of different types of DB to ensure Attunity is being used in optimal fashion.

-          The lead should also be able to understand the new gen databases like Casandra, Hbase and Hive on Hadoop. Some of the Responsibilities will include

  • Working closely with DB modelers and Dev teams to manage and support the columnar database/s
  • Manage Database health from capacity and performance perspective.
  • Understand and provide needed directions in Meta Data/Data Lineage tool settings in Hadoop



Location is for either NJ or MN



Preferred GreenCard and US Citizen

H1, L2 are also good


Please pm me




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