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Preparing for APUSH!

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Hey y’all, I’m currently taking APUSH and AP Chem.

I’m very much a science person, and AP Chem is one of the only classes I actually enjoy this year, so I’m not worried about that test at all.

APUSH, on the other hand, is a living hell. Not only do I hate history, but I also got a raw deal and got the worst teacher of the three that teach it at my school.

To sum it up, the first teacher you don’t even have to prepare for the exam. As long as you take the class and do the worksheets he gives you, you pass with a 4 or 5. Literally all of his students except maybe 5 a year get a 4 or 5. The second teacher is similar but you definitely need a refresher by the time the test comes around. 90% of his student pass. My teacher lets us do our own thing. We read the chapter, then take a quiz, then he gives a lecture. Repeat. His quizzes are so easy that you don’t even need to read the chapters, so me being the dumbass I am didn’t read a good chunk of them. I have an A, but that means absolutely nothing. His students historically fail the exam, I’m talking 50% or more.

Basically I’m planning on watching the Crash Course videos, are those helpful? Do they actually let you know the info you need?

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