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Vitel Global has over 30+ features packed that ride the productivity and expectations of your business communications high. Our hosted Cloud PBX service provides quality and feature rich service at a very affordable price points. Vitel Global will host, manage, and maintain everything for you.All you need is to just focus on your project at hand, the communication part, we have it for you. All our plans are market driven, competitive and ROI based. Avail top end features and facilitate your business with a great communication tool with bonus features your business deserves.

Vitel Global has designed features and has incorporated abilities to improve employee productivity with respect to business communications, With over hundreds of brainstorming sessions, we have fore played the features which are bound to bring results on ground. With the modern technologies integrated with our ideology, now it is easy and inexpensive to install and deploy a robust communications network, which you always wanted to work with Voice and Data Solution guide.

VoIP is a combination of software and hardware architecture that allows calls over the internet data stream based on IP rather than PSTN networks. Most commonly and loosely associated terms with VoIP include, IP Telephony, Broadband phone service, or even Voice over Broadband (VoBB). VoIP technology converts the analog sound signals and converts it into digital packets which travel with the internet stream with special access and rights so as to transfer the data as per the number dialed. There are 3 ways to place a call in VoIP ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) Analog Telephone Adapter is a rudimentary form of VoIP hardware. In its crudest form, this device does the process of converting analog to digital signals, and transmits over an internet connection. IP Phones These look like regular phones but instead use the RJ-45 Ethernet connection directly instead of RJ-11 connectors. This is the most direct form of using VoIP. Computer to Computer If a computer system is equipped with chat microphone, speaker, sound card and an internet connection, with a simple Ethernet/Wireless connection, you can place VoIP calls.
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