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Chiru doesn't know telugu - PK comments

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Actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan, who has been vouching for the Telugu language and its prominence,  has made sensational comments against Telugu film industry. In a strong criticism against Tollywood and its actors, heroes, Pawan alleged that several actors in the film industry cannot write in Telugu. Pawan stated that let alone writing in Telugu, a lot of actors can't even speak the language properly.

"Many Telugu heroes and actors may know or maynot know speaking in Telugu. But a lot of Telugu actors can't write in Telugu. Telugu language is losing its sheen in the Telugu film industry. The grip over Telugu language is gradually coming down. Our writers don't know Shastras. They don't have mastery, command over our mother tongue. Had we taken inspiration from Pandits like Medasani Mohan garu, many more good films would have been made in Telugu." Pawan said this is what happens when one ignores mother tongue.

"Telugu Cinema Sthayi Boothulaku, Titlaku Padipoyindi," said emotional Pawan Kalyan. It translates into, "The stature of Telugu cinema has boiled down to cuss words, profanity and double entendres."

Pawan Kalyan took a direct jibe at Telugu movie heroes. "A lot of Telugu heroes do work here and do act in Telugu movies. They earn here. But they can't speak Telugu properly and they can't pronounce words properly. As a Telugu hero once, these things pain me. If we don't protect our language and culture, we will not survive," said emotional Pawan Kalyan who attended the Telugu Vaibhavam, a special meet with the pandits of Telugu language held in Tirupati.

Meanwhile, Pawan yet again criticized Jagan administration's decision to make English medium of instruction mandatory. He said the decision should be left to the parents. Pawan said personally he had lost by studying in English medium. Pawan Kalyan said the meaning of the Reorganization of States on linguistic basis proposed by Potti Sriramulu has been changed. Pawan Kalyan reiterated his stand on English medium in public schools. He has appealed to CM Jagan to focus on developing basic infrastructure in schools and providing good environment for students to study well instead of focusing on English medium.

Throwing a satire at CM Jagan, Pawan said, "If English medium is such good, why the people who studied in English medium are also going to jail?" Pawan was referring to CM Jagan and his jail tenure in connection with Disproportionate Assets case and quid pro quo.

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