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Social work is her top priority and I support her

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2 minutes ago, Daaarling said:




Sex is her priority, will you marry her dkc bawa?

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15 minutes ago, ARYA said:

i like both fafas sanchita urmila :P 

I like sanchita,, she is gorgeous and hot 

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Flu strain with 'human pandemic potential' found in China
Scientists and health officials are concerned about a new strain of influenza recently discovered in pigs that has the potential to infect humans. According to researchers, a number of workers from Chinese abattoirs and the swine industry exhibited signs of infection.
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On 6/30/2020 at 11:00 AM, SatishSallu said:

20000 crores matter anta kada.. 


20000 Crores aa?j&*

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