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Deadly snake produces 36 babies while being rescued from man's bathroom

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Triggering shock and surprise, a hatchling Russell's viper gave birth to 36 young ones while being rescued from a house on the outskirts of Coimbatore on Saturday.

Sources said one Manoharan, a resident of Kovilmedu Thilagar Nagar locality in Coimbagore, noticed a 4-ft Russell’s viper in his bathroom when he went in to have a shower on Saturday morning.

He panicked and ran out but managed to close the bathroom door and its outlet pipe, to make sure that the snake does not escape from the bathroom. He immediately informed a local snake catcher Murali.

Murali rushed to the spot and rescued the venomous snake, but during the rescue operation, he noticed its oversized belly, which made him suspect the snake was carrying young ones. Confirming his doubt, the snake also remained calm while he carried it.

Vipers are viviparous snakes, meaning they don't lay eggs but give birth to babies.

On dropping it inside the rescue bag the snake began to give birth to young ones. Murali left the bag on the floor without disturbing the snake further.

After a couple of hours when Murali opened the bag he was shocked to see a whole bunch of baby snakes inside. The young ones' venom will be more toxic, Murali said.

Upon counting them, Murali confirmed 36 snakelets and claimed that he would release them close to the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve forest area for a safer habitat.



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3 minutes ago, Anta Assamey said:

Meet up lo Link veyyi .... Nenu poi chaduvukunta...tenor.gif?itemid=8412189

A thread follow avu kaka...mazaa vastadi.

Imaginations ki sky is the limit ani prove chesinaru..

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1 hour ago, mettastar said:

Snakes gudlu pedathayi anukunna .. direct birth kuda isthaya konni .. good to know

Few snakes no eggs direct babies

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