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Chicken curry with no garam masala


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Chicken - 1kg

ginger& garlic paste - 2tb

salt - to taste

coriander powder -2/3 tb (depends on your taste)

onions - 2 ( big size)

chili powder - 2/3 (depends on your taste)

turmeric powder -1/2 tb

oil- i don't know exactly but u need a lot around 200 ml i think


1) Wash chicken with 1/2 tb of turmeric powder.

2) add 1-tb of salt, chili powder and coriander powder and mix it well and keep a side for an hour.


1) Chop the 2 onions and if possible (if you have mixer) make paste of the onions.

2) In a deep pan heat the oil

3) when the oil is ready add the remaining 1- tb of ginger & garlic paste and cook it until it turns into gold color.

4) Next add the onion paste and cook it for about 15-20 min on medium flame ( it takes a lot of time for the onion paste to get cooked)

5) Then add the marinated chicken and mix it will, and keep it on medium flame for 15 min

6) Add the remaining 1- tb of coriander powder.

7) Add the remaing 1- tb of salt, chili powder according to your taste.

8) Then stir it well and cook it for another 15- 20 min on very low flame ( so that the chicken pieces get cooked well)

9) At last garnish it with coriander leaves.

this is my own recipe which i tried it over this weekend and it was awesome, b'cause my friend doesn't eat curd, this would be great for the chicken lovers who hate marinating the chicken with curd.

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mee rommate sambar gada..!!! thokkalo curry maa vooru raaa.. kathi chesi pedatha neeku.. i am specialist in chicken cooking.. dancegdb dancegdb

dude y don't you post the recipe then,

ma room lo evaru sambar gadu ledu, ma daggara garam masallu levu memu india nunchi vachi two yrs ayethundhi and maku indian store ki vellali ante nearly 110mi velali, this is what we tried on the resources we have, maku taste baga nachindhi anduke post chesa. there might be some ppl who are like us valla kosam ani post chesa

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