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Official: Big boss 4 - 15 weeks - done- Abhi won and Akhil Runner up but sohel got big gifts

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This is how it is going to be solved this weekend : Nag: Sohel, say to Ariyana Sohel: Okay sir , Ariyana. Ikkada (pointing at heart) chala pain ga vundi Ra. ( Cry a little, so, Nag won't t

4 minutes ago, bhaigan said:

Exactly, ede starting nunchi cheppa. tasks chesthe ne nee true behavior bayataki vasthadi. Abhi tasks cheyadu very safest player and pakka schemer in the house



Ala em vundadhu godavalaki dhuram vunde vallu kuda vuntaru abhi gadu aa type ucha vaniki mehboob ni chuste 

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1 hour ago, ZoomNaidu said:

@bhaigan - endhi ee Athiyana ice tho kotti tasks ichaaru chesaanu ani build up isthundhi. 

naaku mathaab gaadi help avasaeam ledhu annadhi malli ee roju mathaab gaani help adigindhi 😂😂

Adi appudu idi ippudu.. 2 secs mundu cheppina natale twist chesidhi...

Ee athiyana tho matladalemu guru

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2 hours ago, bhaigan said:

Abhijit matala mantrikudu, matala tho ne maya chesthadu , chuse viewers ni maya chesthadu and house lo unna contestants ni kuda maya chesthadu

AR tho challenge chesadu "nenu physical task chesi chupistha annadu" cut chesthe aa immunity task lo first vellipoyindi Abhijit ae, Nagarjuna caught him red handedly and abhijit ni nanaga nilchopettadu anadari mundu, appudu emo political tokka tholu ani cover drive lu kottukunnadu 

ede Abhijit monal gurinchi "camel walk" ani body shame chesthu back bitching chesadu , again nagarjuna caught him red handedly and nanga nilcho pettadu , appudu kuda same cover drives, rajasthan and camel ani edo edo cheppi cover chesadu, Nagarjuna Abhijit ni red handed ga pattukunna prathi sari PR teams egesukuntu vachesthai "Abhi ni target chesina Nag ni" thumbnails okati

Abhijit biggest sucess is thana matala tho akhil ni sanka nakipinchadu, okappudu akhil and abhijit ki pachi gaddi vesthe baggu manedhi, also abhijit ki akhil ante bayam nominations appudu it was clearly visible , Abhijit oka group form chesi dominate chesthunapudu akhil opposite group ni lead chesthu abhijit ni nanga nilcho petti undalsindi, atlantidi eppudu ayithe akhil abhijit group lo join ayyado that is biggest victory for abhijit only

Abhijit is safest player in the house, thana comfort zone nunchi bayataki radu, okavela comfort zone nunchi bayataki vasthe red handed  ga dorikipothadu ani baga telusu. Basically Abhijit is a schemer , thana group tho andari meeda scheme chesthune untadu

Ariyana AR trap lo padakunda undi unte ee patiki ame graph baga peaks lo undi undedi, my humble request Sohel and Avinash abhijit matalaki mosa povadhu ane chepthanu

lets see how coming weeks will be

@kittaya @mustang302 @Pappu_Packitmaar throw your views also

For suppose Abhi ki title vasthe... BB ni edaina cheyyachu annatu untadhi

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