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H1B Transfer (Cap Exempt) from India

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Hello DB Members,

I have been following this DB from last 10 years since my MS days. I used to enjoy all the posts in this DB, but never posted a topic a before. This is my first post in the DB. I did MS in 2010 and worked in non-it for 5+ years. Due to downturn in Oil&Gas, and massive layoffs in the industry, I had to find an IT employer for H1B Transfer. I found one from Georgia and he did my filing using a support staff from India. By mistake, they filed as I was presented outside the US. Hence got the H1B approval for Business Analyst with consular processing. With no other options, I left the US and came to India to attend the H1B interview. Kismat was not good, got the 221G and the employer not responded properly and eventually after waiting for 3 months, he has revoked my H1B visa as an employer. This all happened in the year 2016.

Back to 2020, Currently working as a Data Scientist for a Boston based firm in Hyderabad, India. It's a small company, can't file H1B's, only visiting visas for small term project implementations to the employees. I have been into this Machine Learning/AI Field from last 4 years. I am looking for an employer who could transfer my H1B (3 years left) and gives me an opportunity to work in the US.

Please help me out.

Thanks in Advance

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cheyachhu kaani chaala risks. h1 dabbulu teesukuntaru ee consultancies. and malli visa ravali. and ikkadiki vachhaka, project techhukuni, malli amendment veyyali. 

mastu karchu ayitadi. if you are still interested, cheppu, send me a dm and i will connect with a consultancy. 

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