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Bill Gates: Vaccine conspiracies targeting Dr. Fauci and me are ‘unfortunate’ and hurt public trust

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Bill Gates worries that anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories targeting him and Dr. Anthony Fauci may erode public trust as companies work on possible Covid-19 vaccines.

In a CNBC interview, the billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder called the false claims "unfortunate."

Gates said he has not spoken to Fauci about the false claims because "neither he and I know how to stop that."

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Bill gates Grand pa Federal Reserve Governor ga retire ayadu seattle la. Valla amma IBM exec board. Valla family purvatharalu testhe ardam ayiddi entha mandiki school drop out genius kid ani biscuit esarano. Evaran federal contracts ela work avtayo telusa?

Teluste Oka government existing heavy bidder ni pakkana petti kotha pilla bacha gadnki huge contract iyali ante rare. aa rarity lo babu inka rare, motham us systems microsoft ki ibm nundi move ayina contract DOS to kottindi apde marchipoyara?

e stories create chese vallu pedda creative kuda kadu endukante janalki ade kavali. Fast forward 30 years, Mark zuckerberg gadu vachadu school drop out ani , venakala DARPA already lifelog ani okati chesindi ani danni motham world live ki babu story ni use chesi techindi ani ante manam vintama? masala kavali ga, hero heroine lekunte mudha digadu ga.

Bill gates babu eugenics board head ga chesadu. Board inspiration evaro telsa? Margaret Sanger. 

Margaret Sanger inka evarevarki favorite o telusa? Hillary clinton. 

Margaret sanger life achievement ento telusa? big money/corporate ni use chesi medical industry to chemicals identify chesi selective ga diseases ni release cheyadam particular communities la, selective ga fertility rates ni negative cheyadam lanti panulu lo experts. aame rasina letter undi chudu web lo, colored people ni lepeyadanki earth nundi clear cut ga define cheskunaru goals! Look it up and you will be shocked. (Bill gates polio vaccine valla india lo enta mandi kids ki side effects vachi life spoil ayindo chudandi, antenduku mana AP lo babu gates dostana background enti? Babu manam iddam, manaki iddaru ane policy ni push chesadu, enduku ankuntunaru? AP lo fertility rates padinay enduku ankuntunaru? Georgia guide stones ani unay, poyi sadvandi, ardam ayiddi)

aame inka evari favorite Robert Byrd gadiki, aade KKK racist gadu. aadne Hillary tana political life pitamaha anindi, ayina kani manollu egeskoni poyi oodigam chestunaru ga democrats ki 

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