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Kohli gadiki gudha lo mandi pothu untadhi

Fist paine gadi grudha lo pedathadu

Yes, also not sure if it was planned or it just worked out that way - it was sweet to watch Ashwin solidly defending Llyon away at one end and Vihari taking care of pacers at the other end (for most p

23 minutes ago, dalapathi said:

Yeah, good innings. Windies first 3 overs 3 overs 55/0. Next 3 overs lo 5 wickets padday ^&H

But recovered with Pollard's Innings.. But Kemo Paul over toh dobbindhi match  :(

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4 hours ago, former said:

Mana batsmen t20 laga vachhina vadu vachhinattu kottudu chesthunaru

Iyer gadiki Baga balisindhi ... he need to play good ... Future captain ani talk nadisyhundhi 

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23 hours ago, LazyRohit said:

Inka MI style of batting follow avvali lepothe assam a Ind

5,6,7 strong batting vunte top order ki pressure vundadu 7 kashtame atlease 5,6 strong cheyyali

e love da lo kohli gadu 3 fix I am the best in the world ani kurchunte matches anni 10gipotay

G muskoni vadu 5 ki ravali

Rahul gadu 5 waste fluke lo hit avtadu

1, 2 Rahul/Dhawan openers

3, 4 Iyer/Jadeja - Jaddu gadu jiddu bane adtadu he needs more time

5, 6 king anabade kohli gadu , Hardik

7, 8, 9 Saini/Shardul, Kuldeep, Shami -- lower order batting

10, 11 Chahal, Bumrah  -- Tail enders

Saini or Shardul gadini + Jaddu batting all rounders ga consider cheyyali

Can swap Iyer/Manish/Mayank

but bowlers 6 vundali lepothe enta batting vunna lite

e order ayite Dhawan gadiki pressure vundadu elago atleast Rahul/Iyer/Jaddu confident ga natural game adataru

e kohli gadu out avvagane sardukondi ane mentality povali

Finally Rohit gadini ongopettina selectors e series ongopettaru




experts opinion on this?

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