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How to control frustration


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I stayed at my cousin’s place and none of the doors inside could be locked. Absolutely no privacy and her kid would come unannounced when I was in meetings  He also chewed my usb stick and

Exactly matter vadilesi avesham lo manam anna matlani pattukoni sadistaru 

With frosting or without 

1 hour ago, PilliBeta said:

I don't fight with the cat that sleeps for 23 hours. I fight with the one that hisses at me for no reason. 

Tsundere crush: Be hostile to those they like deep down.

May be it is expressing love by being angry. The other cat is sleeping so you are the target.


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1 hour ago, Ellen said:

Chesko tondarga ...andulo noob gallani tidtu, kaalchi parestunte untadi. Any combat games work to be honest. 



Anthe antava ra battu... ventane nercheaukundam ayuthe 

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1 hour ago, raaajaaa said:

divorce ichi padeyi baa godavalu ennalu e kastalu

asale biden vachaka h1b poragallaki india lo market kuda bane perigindi

Haha anthe pedda godavalu avvaledu bro... but frustration 

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On 11/10/2020 at 5:01 PM, LadiesTailor said:

How yeah how ? Ee pandemic valla pichekuthundi... vadilte godava ayyettu Vundi... how to control frustration vaaa...

DB lo pelli kaani peddalu andaru randi vachi mee amoolyamina salahalu ivvandi 😜😜😜

Look at this gif Lol gif 🤣 - Discussions - Andhrafriends.com

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