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Sai Akhila Muppala responsible for Pranay Puchakayala death in Canada. Papam


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What a loser! He dragged names of her exs who must be already leading happy normal lives with their spouse... what a pain to those spouses and other family members involved... extremely unwarranted...

asalu sensitive, weak hearted gallu brathike battakatte rojulu kaavu ivi . . his fate . . . . idhi kakapothe deni kante 10 times good looking, properties unna ammayi dhorukuthadi, pothanu ante dh

Anthe le kaka, iyalrepu manchi ki pothe mana sanchi potadi..  

5 hours ago, Zindagi247 said:

Its her fault..abatement of suicide. 

Vadu oka 3 months ke torture chupiichadu. Asal domestic violence case vesi lopala mupichi undalsindi psycho gadni. 

Asal vaddu ra babu lyt teesko ani andaru cheptunna kuda vinaledu. Mails lo neat ga rasindi. You're being physical and abusive. This won't work ani. Aina sare edo okati chesi bazaar ki iduddam ani decide ayyadu. 


Intha plan chesi chavche badalu raat gayi baat gayi anukunta pola. 

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