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Db vaunty malli "D" application anta


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2012 nundi vintunna... about that vunty... Kathalu Kathalu chepthunnaru...   8 Yrs varaku ... y cant we let her live her life kaka 

apandehes...let her live... DB vadili vellipoindi kada....even if she is roaming in other id .... leave it. enduku okari life gurinchi matladatam.

B town lo talk. Inka matrimonial threads shuru emo.  

12 hours ago, kidney said:

Questions adigi drag cheyyanu kaani... Hope u r gud now

All extra ordinary bro. India life actually unna bayalakanna chala  bagundhi 

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12 hours ago, Rebel_Uncle said:

Asalu.emindhi bro how did she destroyed you 

destroy ledhu tokka ledhu. just cry lady and unnecessary threads lo ki pull chesthadi to play her victim card.

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Odileyyandi man papam. Theeskunte theeskuntadhi ayithe manaki poyedhem undhi. Evadi life valla ishtam.. ala divorce theeskoni society ni , parents ni edhurkune dhairyam ame ki undhi. Mana sister eh alanti situation lo unte ila comment chesthama?

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