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Anti S386 gajji kukkas

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still crying same kada. eeroju nidra pattadu batch ki 

Rey anti s386 picchi kukka saleem feku @JambaKrantu inka poyi engili metukulu tinu nee $30 contracting qa job ki antha kanna em dorkadu labor lk ga 

8 hours ago, Rushabhi said:

Congress lo pass avvali Trump sign cheyyali Inka chala undi ga

congress lo pass avvatam easy prev version ee 80-20 iyyindi idi piccha lite.

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5 hours ago, Rendu said:

Sorry vuncle... I don't belong to h-1 / opt or cpt vuncle... I got my card secured. I'm just here check what world is up to...




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8 hours ago, tom brady said:

Btw why anti for this bill? Desi batch ki manchide ga...

salim feku gajji kukka ki vadu tappa evvaru bagu padakudadu ANkLP4W.gif

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6 minutes ago, DesiPokiri said:

eppudu edusthune untav edhoka reason and topic tho.. Eepatiki BP sugar vacchi mid life crisis tho unnava uncle?


Just now, RRRBheem said:

salim feku gajji kukka @JambaKrantu vuccha poskoni fake ids tho roaming gaa lol

papam jamba vuncle ni adukuntunaru kada

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12 minutes ago, Rushabhi said:

normal time ok ippudu 18th lopala avvalantaga

hope for the best aunty! just require one lame duck session in the congress. 

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