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Thaatha's response to 2nd impeachment...


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same tone tho election campaign chesunte bumper majority vachedi...even with same Pandemic handling, still he would have won easily......ah noti dhoola tho self destruct chesukunnadu.

Damage control kosam trying but may be its too late...

30 minutes ago, akkum_bakkum said:

Lol, president of senate is VP kamalakka....so 51-50. Ippudu cheppu evariki majority?

they need 2/3rd majority to impeach... again this is one week stand and gone case....Dems are causing more damage doing this in the initial days of presidency

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22 minutes ago, Piracy Raja said:

impeach cheydanki 51 votes saripovu gaa, adhi telyada neeku @3$%

1. he is already impeached

2. Senate lo jarigedi Trial to convict & remove him from office.. it requires a 2/3 of those present.. if all hundred are present it will be 67.. what if some senators skip? that number will change..

3. Whether or not he is convicted.. Trump will carry the badge of  (dis)honor : "TWICE IMPEACHED"

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