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పాపం రూడీ జూలియాని......


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  • Trump has reportedly ordered aides not to pay Rudy Giuliani's legal fees and is also demanding to personally scrutinize all of Giuliani's travel expenses 
  • Giuliani had billed $20,000 per day to aid Trump's quest to challenge election - he failed to stop election certification or prevent Twitter's lifetime ban on the President
  • Insiders say increasingly frustrated Trump is lashing out at his inner circle and the 'self-pitying' president is isolated from all but a few remaining aides, they say 
  • Giuliani's speech calling for 'trial by combat' was also cited in House impeachment but he says it was a Game of Thrones reference
  • Now Trump has to gather his legal team for Senate impeachment trial  and is reportedly courting legal scholar John Eastman for impeachment team


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Just now, r2d2 said:

yes.. it will be an open and shut case.. he can claim insanity and there is no need to prove it either.. he can just show up in and it will be over in a jiffy.. @3$%

No bro he can argue well , saying many theories, which will delay the process, in mean time he can get sympathy from public

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