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Main Advantages of 5G to Everyday Life


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5G rollout in India will bring a series of changes and improvements in industry, agriculture, healthcare and daily life. Digital industry experts reveal the main benefits of new generation mobile networks.


5G Connectivity Brings User Experience to a New Level

The fifth generation of technology standards for mobile networks is a widely discussed topic in the public space, social networks and industry forums. But how does it change our lives in a pragmatic way – does it really have the potential to improve our experience in an everyday context or is it just a matter of higher internet speeds?


A recent report lists some of the tangible benefits that 5G will bring to Indian economy and society. The managing director of Samsung’s R&D institute in Bengaluru explains the way a better mobile connectivity will bridge some inequalities between urban and rural Indians, provide growth to our industry and deliver innovative services with its incredibly low latency (response times).


5G deployment in India will improve the way we work, live and consume, communicate and play casino games online through Internet-of-Things applications (IoT), digital sensors, Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR and AR) and much more. The nationwide initiative Digital India, established and promoted strongly by Centre, is expected to bring the desi digital economy to be worth a $ 1 trillion in 4 years’ time.


Examples of 5G Applications and Use Cases in India

To get a feeling of some actual advantages and real-world applications of 5G, we can divide them by economic or social potential.


Improvements in education via remote-learning opportunities is one of the first examples of 5G benefits that come to mind, having the potential to truly reward India’s huge young population. The 5G digital revolution can help bridge the gap between urban and rural learners by introducing interactive virtual class rooms, easy access to study content, better engagement and much better connectivity in students’ and teachers’ devices.


Fifth generation internet connectivity will also usher in an age of reliable healthcare. Remote access points will connect us to medical professionals available elsewhere, tele-consultation will help fill the gaps in local services and second opinions. Without the need to battle traffic or overcome personal mobility difficulties, Indians will be able to use telehealth services to report their status and receive opinions through wearable devices and IoT sensors that would enable quality diagnostics and - hopefully, soon - even treatment and surgeries.


India’s agriculture and industry will also get a boost by 5G deployment. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to improve productivity and, especially, the efficiency of resource distribution. Smart sensors will help farmers consult real-time soil and crops status, humidity and temperature, making informed decisions and reacting on time.


The upcoming smart factory revolution is defined as Industry 4.0, enabled by the sharing of equipment and computing resources between facilities. Remote production capacities will distribute tasks better and real-time location and connectivity will improve overall productivity. The 5G factories of the future will ultimately make the workers’ tasks a little easier and the quality monitoring a lot more efficient.


Smart cities and smart homes will become “the new normal”, as applications, sensors and smartphones become cheaper. 5G connectivity will allow these devices to talk to each other and automate execution of daily routines. This will improve user experience even in simple daily tasks such as grocery lists and the optimisation of our electricity use.


Smart city grids and metering systems will enhance traffic management safety procedures and waste disposal systems. Cities will use real-time 5G connectivity to ensure uninterrupted electricity and water services, prompt incident management and better urban maintenance.


Online entertainment options are already exploding, and with 5G connectivity we will experience interactive gaming and media from the convenience or our homes. Lag-free gaming and cloud services will match any Playstation or Xbox console reliability, while online streaming content and Over-the-Top (OTT) shows will instantly bring Indians the proper local language version or their favourite global hits at the touch of a screen.


The introduction of 5G technology in India has the potential to create many business opportunities and drive the growth of the country’s IT sector. The next digital revolution will, most importantly, provide new services to the nation and improve user experience in ways we only thought possible in movies.


Press release by: Indian Clicks, LLC


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