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One caste is becaming xtain caste in telugu states slowly

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Ys vimala reddy

There are 1000's of reddy preachers now in ap... How come this happend!!!? From 2004-09 golden age for conversions.... Ysr through brother anil kumar and sharmila converted max reddies from kadapa, kurnool, 40% are converted.... Now their target is Telangana so starting a party there.... 

Reddi bros Be like kishan reddy and bhanu prakash reddy

In hindu u will be reddy, xtian u will be cheddy for me, no offence


Not like reddy pastors and singers below

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deception is part of the package, Teddy tag to prove to others Teddys to convert and prosper rather than living in Evil Hindu religion

You might have already watched Esther Dhanraj and Mary Iyer jis videos on the modus operandi of these missionaries.    to be realistic we are on the losing side. CM is hand in glove with the mi

adhenti jalaganna ki mana swamulora dheevenalu vunnayi kadha. Ninne kadhaa aayanni vishnu murthy annaru mana ramana deekshith reddy

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