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Need help in taking right decision regarding H1B application

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Hello guys,

Please bear me with this long paragraph as I want to explain my current situation.

I'm on CPT, I've applied for H1B lottery through multiple employers(consultancies) additional to my current employer to whom I'm working full time.
My H1B lottery did not get picked with my Current employer but got picked through one of the consultancies. So they wanted me to convert onto their payroll and start searching for a C2C project right away. But when I tried searching for their company on myvisajobs website, I could not find it, when enquired I came to know that this company is a sister company of their main consultancy firm and established this year, so that explains why there were no H1B applications from this company in the past years. From what I heard from my friends, the odds of getting an RFE is very high especially this is the first time the company is filing H1B applications (Don't know if this is true or not, but my friend keeps saying that)
The consultancy company also offers another option of applying for H1B as a FUTURE EMPLOYMENT by applying as IN-House Project, where I would require to convert onto their payroll only in the month of October provided my H1B application from this consultancy gets approved (Of course they want me to pay additional $5k if I were to go with In-House project with Future Employment). The only reason I'm considering this option in spite of having to pay 5k is that in the worst case scenario I will still stand a chance to hit the lottery of my current employer in the Second round (if there is going to be one like last year).
So my question is, in the worst case scenario where my H1B application through the consultancy (future  employment, in house project) gets an RFE or rejected and if I hit the second lottery of my current employer, I can apply for H1b with my employer right? I just wanted to confirm as this implies total two H1B applications will be sent to USCIS, the FIRST being with the consultancy for future employment and the SECOND being with my current employer but after the second lottery results were out and assuming I got picked in the lottery for my current employer application. 
Or please suggest what you think would be an ideal choice for a person in my current situation. Any response would be much appreciated. PLEASE HELP GUYS AS I HAVE BEEN ON DILEMMA FOR ALMOST 40 DAYS NOW AND THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT
Thank you in advance.

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