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Jagan Wants Defected TDP MLAs To Quit Posts?

Anta Assamey

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Anta Assamey
Jagan Wants Defected TDP MLAs To Quit Posts?

YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy is said to be toying with the idea of asking the defected Telugu Desam Party legislators to resign from their assembly memberships and seek fresh mandate from the people.

According to the speculations doing rounds in a section of media, Jagan has come up with this idea to further decimate the Telugu Desam Party and prove that it doesn’t have any mandate from the people. Since the YSRC is in the ruling, it will naturally have the advantage in the by-elections.

At present, at least four TDP MLAs – Vallabhaneni Vamsi from Gannavaram, Karanam Balaram from Chirala, Maddali Giridhar from Guntur (West) and Vasupalli Ganesh from Visakhapatnam (South) – have defected to the YSRC but have not resigned from their assembly seats.

But the fact that they are still technically with the TDP has always been pinching the YSRC leadership.

If these defected MLAs resign from their seats and get elected on YSRC tickets, it will give total confidence to Jagan and further strengthen the party.

Especially, the chief minister wants complete endorsement from the people in the constituencies which fall in the Amravati capital area and its surroundings to establish that his three capitals’ plan has their support.

Though the YSRC has won the local body elections in these constituencies, it doesn’t completely reflect the people’s mandate.

Therefore, a victory for the YSRC in Gannavaram, Guntur (West) and Chirala, which are in the proximity of Amaravati, would be a morale booster for Jagan. So will be the win in Visakhapatnam (South).

If the resignation of Visakhapatnam (north) MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao, who quit the assembly membership for Visakhapatnam Steel Plant cause, is also accepted, it will further strengthen the YSRC.

Ganta has already declared that he won’t contest the by-elections and so, it would be easy for the YSRC to win the seat.

Once YSRC wins these seats in the by-elections, Jagan would have the legitimacy to form the three capitals.

It will also send a message to the TDP legislators that they would have to quit their party before defecting to the YSRC.

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Ippatlo elections levu...

elago Maa Telangana la Etela  atmagouravam Rajendra seat vundi...Edo time pass kosam..

atlane ie TDP ollu kuda resign chesthe, panilo pani ida kuda elections pedithe...jara time pass aina aitadi..

elections lekapothey Babu garu intla kelli bayataki ostaledu assalu...Naa lantodiki content dorkutaledu

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